Engine note of a Non R/T Non SRT Dodge challenger ` 170kmph

Hey folks,

Another day, another car. I might or might not have shared the fact that my colleague in a senior level owns a Dodge Challenger. It’s a base version; ie non R/T , non SRT which is sad. This time again I hold my mobile phone, to get a quick video just to show you how quick this car is. If you ask me I would never think of buying this car cos seriously, it’s not my type of car. But the engine sound is quite impressive.

The spec goes like this

Engine displacement : 3.5L

No of cylinders : 6 (v-shape)

Max power : 305 hp at 6350 rpm

Max torque : 363 N-m (approx) 

Type : coupe (2 seater) 

This is one of the beautiful muscle cars to be made. Once I was tailgated by one of those challenger’s, and I must say it filled up the whole of my IRVM.

Attaching couple of pics of the car, (PC: Google)


download (1)

download (2)


Here is the video, in which I am able to take it to a 170 kmph but the car is capable of doing quite more and with ease it can do a 200 +. I think I need to get a phone dock or a phone holder cos the video is embarrassingly shaky.

One of my close friend who happened to see this video asked me what the point of this video was? And I was unable to answer him. Neither does it focus on revving the engine effectively, nor does it touch the top speed. He was right, I must admit. I forgot the purpose of shooting this video, and I just became more greedy. But nonetheless, here it is.

Your criticisms, comments & suggestions are most welcome.






13 thoughts on “Engine note of a Non R/T Non SRT Dodge challenger ` 170kmph”

    1. That corny line was kewl 😛 Hehe..

      You can go as fast as you want on a straight, but whatever you do slow down on a turn… Seriously scary!!!

      Hope you get to drive one of those cars 🙂

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