Referring to these two posts from Jithin and Sweety, let me add a picture of my writing in mother tongue. It has easily been 2 decades that I haven’t written in Malayalam. Since I was raised away from Kerala, I knew nothing about reading and writing in my mother tongue. I learnt the language with the help of a tutor who teaches in small school in Kerala when I was there for a vacation in my childhood. He taught me the basics over a week, then it took me ages to learn the language. Still I cannot read quickly as the natives, nor can I write well. The best thing about Malayalam is that even when you know to read, you still won’t be able to write without plenty practice.




The above words mean, ‘Malayalam is a scary language.’ Yes it is 😛

I don’t even know if I have got it right, but I did get help of an online editor so that I don’t embarrass myself much 😀



111 thoughts on “Hand-written!”

  1. That was quick ! Nice try 🙂 But of what little Malayalam I can read I have a feeling your ‘P’ in pedipedutuna looks more like the letter ‘ch’…I might be wrong 😛 Maybe jithin can confirm it 😀 Cute writing and o e can make out it has really been decades since you last wrote the language 😀

  2. Dheeramaaya attempt 😀 I didn’t know that you are also NRK 😀
    You learned well in that short period. Well I had a hard time reading that ‘scary’ part, but sweety’s comment helped. And the pic says loud and clear that its been ages!! D:

      1. haha.. well when you see a line drawn by an artist you can say that is a confident stroke. This some how lacks that confidence. meant to say lack of experience is visible. Or maybe I was expecting too much !!

  3. Haha! Jithin… I am laughing away to glory…. 😀 Aww…Anoop this was way too cute 🙂 Keep trying I am sure you will get there someday..as for me , put down my weapons long time back 😀

      1. Oh come one !! we were just pulling your legs … 😉 Honestly I think it was a brave attempt on your part to have tried… I didn’t even attempt ! So you are a winner anyway…So no putting down weapons ok..? I am waiting for you to write a whole paragraph in the language…I am sure you can do it 🙂 I promise I won’t make fun of it 😛

      2. It’s not about making fun, actually I love the making fun part 😛
        But I don’t use the language anyways. All I need the max is to read boards of buses and I read ok 🙂

    1. Khloe,

      Thanks a lot 🙂 I am writing after nearly 2 decades in my mother tongue. I used to live somewhere else and have never got a chance to write elsewhere.

      Your comment meant a lot to me 🙂

      1. To read I know, I don’t think I will learn to write though. I have in these 3 decades of existence not stayed for more than 4 months at my native.

        I don’t think it will ever be useful for me 🙂

    1. I don’t think I’ll be able to do it anymore. The fact that I know to read makes it even more difficult to practice writing, cos all you do is speak and read.

    1. It just means Malayalam is a scary language, written like a Kindergarten kid. 😀

      I came to gelf only after my graduation, before that I was pretty much in India. 🙂

      1. I must admit that even kids would write better 😛

        I was raised in Mumbai and did all of my schooling there. Moved out for college.

        What about you?

      2. Oh ok.. You anonymous girl 😛 I hate suspense and mystery.

        You know me so well, and I know you so little makes me feel so scared and insecure 😛

      3. Hahah, i have a feeling our Wandering Storyteller has something brewing for which I may just give up my veil of anonymity 😛

        You guys know so much about me thanks to my blog! Like more than even most of my close friends! We’re on even ground, I assure you 😛

      4. You know my name, the places I have stayed and staying and my name and where I am from and then my name and my name. That’s so much. We are not on same grounds 😛

        What about choti? Did she catch you red handed in FB? 😛 I won’t be surprised.

      5. Hahaha..you’ll find out in time, my friend, patience 😛

        So cute that you call her Choti! I have a feeling though, that you guys are around the same age!!

        Lol, caught me on FB? Nooo! Im actually not on FB these days 😀

        Check comments on her latest blog post, you’ll find out 🙂

      6. Not really. I am close to your age princy. If she is in her late 20’s may be, which I don’t believe is the case.

        Oh come on yaar! Patience is the word I hear a lot! I won’t find out until you tell me, right? or is there any other formula that I am missing out here… :O

      7. One or more? So you are a Keralite, who lived in Dubai, or you are a kannadiga who lived in Dubai and settled in Banglore.

        Oh I am so good at this 😛

      1. I know, athinte atmavine enkilum veruthe vittekuu! But having said that My second lang was hindi too. But I love malayalam and really regret the fact that I can’t read it like how I read English. And that I can’t read malayalam literature, the only book I have ever read was Randamoozham! And loved it. Phew, that was qute a reply!

      2. Haha, Malayalam is a mysterious language too. The fact that it is hard makes me love it 🙂 I have read only Yatra magazine in Malayalam.

        But still you can read faster than me, makes me feel sad. 😀

      3. You did 10th in KL na, so you should be better compared to me. I have lived in Kerala for maximum of 4 months in a stretch.

        Which year was that?

      4. I speak very good malayalam but second lang was hindi, studied the basics for three years. But with that you can’t write na. I would have loved to. I feel it is such a beautiful language!

      5. So you didn’t live in Kerala ever? Ho confusion aayalo.

        I speak good Malayalam too though I have not lived there , I read too.

      6. Not all like to be anonymous Shruti. You should be happy that you are not anonymous anymore.
        You also know much about me anyways.
        Mumbai, TN, Saudi, Bahrain, UAE… that’s me in short.

      7. Basically from TVM? I was raised there hence Mumbai is so special. But yeah, India is special. I also like being there, but you know ADCB kaar enne vidila !

  4. Haha Thanks for the translation. I read the pa as va. So it looked something like vediveduth… rest was unclear. Anyhow, no worries! I read and write malayalam. But I’m slow coz in school I opted for sanskrit. I learnt reading malayalam by watching TV.
    There is plenty of time. If you want to get fluent, you can. 🙂

      1. Yep. Even I never had to write in Malayalam except while writing letters. Some things can be expressed better when we mix languages 🙂

      2. Really.. Btw, I just went through the Grisham’s pdf that I had saved in my mail. It’s 340 pages long x 4 stories. Tell me if you want it. I will fwd it to your mail id. I am not reading any soon.

      3. Oh yes, do send me the pdf. I am not sure whether I’ll read it in the near future either. But books are always welcome. You never know when you’d get the time. 😀

  5. Have no idea about Malayalam but I would like to go with the majority…that the ‘p’ is ‘ch’ 😛

    I write frequently in Bengali.. 🙂 on my Bengali blog and also physically on paper… 😀
    But due to lack of extensive practice my handwriting has deteriorated …. 😦

    1. I am sure you are way better than me 🙂 Btw, I can’t read Bengali if you post. I will have to ask Shreya Ghoshal to do the honor of reading it for me.

  6. haha.. i thought its only me who can read malayalam, but not write it. so, its a common problem. atleast your handwriting is neat.

      1. To be honest with you I thought you were from US. You are a freak, and that too a Thrissur kaari 😛

        I am also the same, except that I don’t stay in Mumbai anymore. I can read Malayalam, haven’t written though.

      2. Strike that write off, right ? 😛 My writings pretty bad though. 🙂

        I think seriously, if you don’t frequently visit Kerala then what’s the point? Even I speak to my cousins in Hindi, that’s just the way it is.

      3. Knowing a language is definitely a plus, that too something like our mother tongue. I often use it to swear people who don’t know Malayalam. 😛 That’s one good use of my mother tongue right there!!!

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