Silhouette – Angel eyes? NO…Devil eyes for sure!!!

From my small collection of pics, let me post a picture here for you all. I had carefully saved this one for myself, but I don’t want to be too selfish. 


Silhouette photography sparked interest in me from college days. I love silhouette’s, they convey a dark image of the subject while keeping the background pretty much visible. Even my profile picture in WP is a Silhouette taken by my friend some 4 years back. It’s recently that I changed my FB image from that to another darker picture 😉  I wanted to be an expert in Silhouette photography, but to date I have captured very less Silhouette’s.

So here is one of them, I will be glad to hear from everyone on how this one looks. Any suggestions? criticisms? all welcome…



Let me call our photographer blogger friends to share any of their silhouette captures in their blog along with the EXIF details. Can this be a challenge? I don’t know, but anyone who wants to share their pics are most welcome 🙂

EXIF for the above pic :

Exposure : 1/20 at f / 8

Focal length : 18 mm

Iso : 100

Cam : Nikon D5200 with 18-105 kit lens

Editing : Adobe LR.




52 thoughts on “Silhouette – Angel eyes? NO…Devil eyes for sure!!!”

  1. I liked it,muting the various colored clothes etc. of people but giving the sky a stronger variance in colors is nice. Especially with so beautiful colored clouds…

      1. I don’t get much cloudscapes here,always either blue or grey plain skies…. 😦 So,I always am excited to see the beautiful cloud/sky colors…. Do share a sunset if possible 😀

      2. I have another picture, which I will post up tonight. It’s essentially the same but I am sure you will like it 🙂

        I have a beautiful sunset pic that I captured, I have kept it hidden in my secret collection. 🙂

      3. Wow ! So ,we are raiding your secret stash 😀 😀 Will check it out now,if you have posted it already, 2G speed in current location is crippling my movements in WP 🙂

  2. I loved it Anoop you are a very good photographer but I would have loved it even more if you had focussed one one subject alone, like your profile pic you know. If you have pics like that please share them too. 🙂

    1. I have never had a chance to click, but will keep this in mind. Let me see if I get a chance to click a single subject. 🙂

      Thanks for the compliment Shruti 🙂

  3. Nice one. The eyes are clear, not too bright not too dark. You are editing in LR. Cool!
    Well if i’m posting any silhouette i’ll add the exif too 🙂

    1. Ya I use LR from the beginning, I don’t know photoshop at all.

      I think you should post a couple of your Silhouette’s too with EXIF of course 🙂

  4. Wow..this one is beautiful…I loved everything about it..especially the drama created by the clouds in the sky… The silhouettes of course…It looks like there is some kind of mysterious ceremony happening..and those glowing lights..? do they belong to a car..?they look like eyes and horns of demons of some sorts ! It speaks quite a story !

    1. It’s a bumble bee car 😉 A Chevy camaro, and I will post the pic of the car taken at the same time, which is also really beautiful 🙂 My secret collection has not much more, sadly 😛

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