Hand-written – The original!

Referring to this post by Jithin and my post here, let me just quickly post something that I would actually like to mention under handwritten. The post I made before was quickly done during my break at work, but this is from home 😉 just so that you know…. 


This is my notebook where I write down my travel stories and short stories from before. I was used to writing in my book, then later on after a week or even a month I would type it in WP using my notebook. But these days I just type it directly down. Thinking process and effort has definitely reduced, but I doubt if the quality is like before. It was a bit of hard work to write it down, but reduced a lot of work especially doing short stories later on when I decided to type it here. 



So yeah this is my notebook, which I have mentioned about to some of my friends here. 




48 thoughts on “Hand-written – The original!”

    1. 😛 Hopefully you won’t be able to see what’s written. The ISO is so high that all you will see is grains 😀 Such a smart ass I am!!! 😀

  1. I wonder what you wrote there 😉 Nice shot! I wrote my travel experience on a notebook as well – I am going to join the challenge for next week’s post 🙂

    Have a great weekend!!

      1. Haha, no no. Idea initially was to post this, but Malayalam was a break time activity 😛 Then I posted the original ie this one.

        My handwriting is not bad, but then I intentionally faded all the letters 🙂 Just for horror 😀

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