DNA Tested – +ve!!!

I am not sure if you guys have noticed, the cars with number plates being transported on a flat bed recovery vehicle. A flat bed recovery vehicle is used to transport cars, small trucks which have broken down or can’t be driven on road due to other reasons to some intended location.

If you guys have noticed a recovery vehicle carrying a car, it will be mostly German. I dare say that 70% of the time it is. Sometimes it’s British cars; Landrover’s or Jag’s, and some other times it’s American. But the sight of a recovery truck carrying Merc, BMW, Audi or Porsche is a common. Yet to see a Jap to be taken on a flat bed recovery vehicle. In India too, the Germans occupy the recovery vehicle 95% of the time.

I was returning from work on a weekday, and I am at a 120 at 80 road which was entering a 120 kmph road, but empty of any traffic and mainly speed cams πŸ˜€ There is a right turn (45 degree approx), and the great thing about the GTI is that there is no need to slow down for turns, the little one would deal with it rather without any fuss. The turn lasts for like half a kilometer, and while I was exiting the turn the car starts misfiring. I hear some bursting sounds, and smell smoke. I take my foot offΒ the throttle, then again put it down. The car is fine, it runs.

Again the next day, same place and almost the same time. This time it misfires bad. It slows down and I shift down. In 2 seconds it’s fine and I rev it again to glory. But I sense it, the car isn’t well. I call the doctors, who are working in some local hospital (read mechanics and garage). I shareΒ the symptoms.

‘I think he has Aids. Has he been sleeping around too much?’Β 

‘Noooo! He is my son, he can never do that. He would always live by the Indian culture!’ crying fatherly tears πŸ˜₯Β 

So the real conversation goes like this

‘I think it’s probably the spark plugs.’Β 

I haven’t changed the sparks in ages. So the next day I have to take it 50 kms away from my place to get it repaired. What a pain in my brain! Apparently Germans put in too many sensors that normal mechanics will mess it up.

Next day at 9 in the morning, I fire the engine and after the usual warm up, I head towards them. The speed as less as 60. Now, the engine misfires and the cars dead.

God damn, right in the middle of the road. I push the keys and fire it again. It starts, but after moving 6 feet, it dies. I aim to move it outside the road and I succeed. I let it rest for 5 mins, then fire it again. It idles and is fine. I once again start off, again it dies…. again I move it out of the way. I call the mechanic, tell him the case. He says, don’t risk it… put it on a recovery and bring it across.Β 

I again wait for a bit, fire the engine. It’s fine and idling. I start again, this time revving hard so that it doesn’t stop. Naaa, that doesn’t help much either. I end up parking near a basic garage. I blew up something in that revving process, unfortunately (guessing). I ask the garage guy if he has a clue. He opens the engine cover and shows me the condition of the plug. I go to a nearest flat bed recovery guy and we fix the price and GTI goes to the doctor, but this time as a true German car πŸ˜›


Arriving in style at the hospital, little bastard!!! πŸ˜›



I am not going to take away the reliability thing completely from the VW. The cars service in my terms includes oil and filter change but in reality an authorized service centre would do much more than that. They check the brakes, all the fluids of the car, the belt and other essentials.This car has not underwent any of those in 56k kms. I haven’t checked the spark plug, nor for clogged injectors. So concluding that, the car is on flat bed recovery just because I was pushing the spark plug change to next month due to cramped finances. I will be paying up much more than the intended. My bad!

Potential repairs in the first look : Ignition coils electrically short, Spark plug replacement, fuel pump damage, clogged injectors.

Expected amount : I don’t even want to go there. It should be 20-25k Inr easily. VW knows how to suck my bank account dry.

Golf is like having a glorified super model gf. She is a gold digger and if she goes for a spin with your credit card, you end up selling your kidney next month. But again you love her so much that you can’t let go.

I am pretty much in the same situation. The Golf stays, I am not selling it πŸ™‚ Β 

And the other pain in my brain remains to be that god damn garage. Apparently all garages repairing Germans are thugs!!! They charge you out of the world, telling that it’s German. But basically for doing nothing!!! Thugs!!!


51 thoughts on “DNA Tested – +ve!!!”

      1. RIP πŸ˜›

        Not yet, needs some parts to be replaced. Credit card will spring into action, yet again. I was trying not to touch the credit card this month due to last months hangover, but looks like that is not happening anymore.

        Save some sorry for me too πŸ˜›

        Hope to get it out by tomorrow.

      1. Shruti aka foodie.

        Did you guys try the Dosa place in Qusais? Try it, I had the best Dosa of my life from there. I am sure you guys have tried it, else …..

      2. I’m so sorry eh, njan tubelight aa when it comes to dialogues! You won’t believe, I did’nt even know “pavanai shavamai” till I got married! 😦

  1. When I realised that it was about cars, I was bored. Forgive me 😦 But I read the comments and I gathered that something happened to your car. 😦 I understand the pain. I have my Lavy whom I miss badly even if I have to admit her in the hospital for a day.
    I hope Golf gets better and rolling soon.

    And yeah! Thugs! I am with you in calling whomever that. πŸ˜›

    1. Haha. Thanks for being honest. Actually car talks can be really boring, like watching football for some. πŸ™‚

      Lavy? Which car/motorcycle is that?

      1. I come in that ‘some’ too πŸ˜› *hides face*
        Lavy is my (Lavender) Hero Pleasure. It was ‘lou’ at first sight! πŸ˜›

      1. Ya, ya. How will a car run without petrol? πŸ˜› That was why the car didn’t run. Really an Indian problem πŸ˜›

  2. I drive German as well but fortunately, the only time my car saw the back of a flatbed was to be brought to a specialized Audi body shop because I was at work and couldn’t drive it there. All of this thanks to some kid in a 1994 Honda Accord who took his foot off the brake at a red light and let his car roll into the rear-end of my Audi A6. Other than that, it has never had to see the back of a flatbed *knock on wood*

      1. I always get scared because my car hates the cold so it takes a few seconds to start up. My mechanic told me I didn’t need a new starter because if I did, it wouldn’t crank up. He drives an S4 and is Audi certified so I can hope he does not let me down. They would be able to tune your car and all that but distance might be an issue lol. They are huge on VWs too! I went in for a tune once and some kid was tuning his VW Golf too.

      2. Hopefully. Germans are a pleasure to drive, and they actually are amazing minus the problems that arise.

        I have a starter problem too. It screams out loud, like a weirdo. I might need to get that looked into later.

      3. Oh believe me, I know. I think the best thing I could have done though was to stop going to the dealership for anything.

        Oh no… hopefully it’s nothing major! What gets me, is that our cars depreciate so much but the price for parts continue to increase. It’s ridiculous!

      4. It’s nothing major. It has happened before too. A common problem in VW world.
        Germans depreciate very fast. And the price of parts, I don’t even want to go there. It’s like 1000$ to get all the 4 suspensions changed. God damn!

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