Being stupid

From the post I made, here is a small update. 


I got my car back yesterday. You all might want to know, what the real reason was for the car to stop in the middle of the road. Any guess? This is a common problem in India. Yeah, you guessed it right 😛

Fuel or lack of thereof.

I wanted to smash my head against the next wall I saw, when the mechanic asked me ‘Do you think of refueling, or are you under the impression that this runs on solar power?’

One ignition coil and 5 spark plugs were changed since they were old. I knew that if the car goes to that garage, they would make me spend anyways.

What happened with the fuel issue was that, the gauge got stuck at 25%. That means it showed that 25% fuel is still remaining. Usually I look at the gauge and not the mileage when I fill. I don’t calculate based on the kilometers done, and on top of that there is a low fuel warning. Since the gauge was stuck none of it blinked and I got royally screwed.

In the end, I thought Golf was trying to prove it ‘Being German’ but I proved how ‘Being Stupid‘ can get your wallet drilled.

Good night!



27 thoughts on “Being stupid”

  1. lol !! The mechanic actually said that ! My scooty at hometown is very old now,so none of it’s gauge work,and it drinks petrol like cold drink in summer,so I have to check again and again even if I travel inside town 🙂

    1. So is my car.. very old. It gargles petrol now a days 😛

      You don’t get fined if the scooter stops due to fuel, we get fined 10k straight 😛 cos fuel is cheap!

      1. I have a short story in my notebook. Waiting to be published 😉 but again I am going home for 14 days, ie less blogging for 14 days. 😦

      2. Going home is a happiness as you said 🙂 Thank you so much Mani. Always a pleasure to see your comment.

        There will be a short story someone will post on behalf of me in the coming days 🙂

  2. Yikesss…I am so sorry to hear the update. I guess it is time to change the habit – just keep in mind of this question ‘Do you think of refueling, or are you under the impression that this runs on solar power?’ 😉

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