KL – Greenest of the greens ~ Bokeh

I am on a vacation but came in to check out what my dearest friends have left back for me in the form of comments πŸ™‚

So yeah I am at the greenest of green places in India. Our own UK ~ United Kerala. πŸ˜›

Like Jithin once told me, I had to try shooting bokeh and glad to share the result with you all. First attempt, and I got it right. This was shot at my house (parents), they had a very different herb growing outside the courtyard. Anyone who can suggest the plant/herbs name?




The bokeh is not too round but I think this is the max I can extract from my Kit lens, lol!

I was on semi-automatic mode, with Aperture priority. F value set for the highest aperture opening ie F/3.5 and the focus was auto too. I didn’t choose manual, though I believe manual mode would have given me aΒ slightly better pic. This shot was taken hand held.

More of Kerala stories later on. I have couple of things to share… But I don’t get time to post until half past midnight. Kerala keeps me busy, always!



25 thoughts on “KL – Greenest of the greens ~ Bokeh”

  1. that looks very Christmassy πŸ˜„ beautiful shot ….I’ve only ever attempted one I manual mode ☺️…I hope the holidays are going well…last time you enjoyed the World Cup ….this time you have cricket πŸ˜„

    1. It’s called Christmas tree by my sister cos of it’s looks. Manual mode is fun if you have lots of time, I usually put it in AF.

      Vacations are going good. Happy Cricket days to you too πŸ™‚

  2. You had to travel all the way to United Kerala to take a bokeh πŸ˜€ Nice shot man, But I don’t know the name. Sullu.. πŸ˜‰
    Well you know I am also from UK, united Kannur πŸ˜‰ I used to ride a bike owned by my friend with UK registration and I used to tell people that UK means united Kannur πŸ˜‰

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