Meandering around Kerala – 1

Kerala… Kerala… Kerala!!! One of the best places in this world to be in. For me it has been so for god knows how long. Pluvial Kerala… hehe! A place where it could rain any time of the year.

In early days it used to be cos of a cousin with whom I shared twin like relation. Sharing all of what I knew, hearing all of what he has to say at the year end vacation was an amazing feeling.

In my younger days, during college I would be amazed to hear about travel stories from my rich Keralite friends. Most of them from Kerala even though the college was far away from Kerala.

Now a days, I enjoy the place for her evergreen face and effortless ease with which she can please the rain gods to favor her lands with ample rainfall.

Now that my cousin from the first part, with whom I don’t stay in touch, is getting married. That was one reason for me to come visit Kerala.

They say, you don’t need to go far away to click beautiful pics and I agree with that in Kerala. You just step out and look. Definitely scope for a good pic should be somewhere around. Though I have planned visiting couple of places, I am not going to ignore my surroundings. My house is 8 kms away from a good local market, 18 kms away from the nearest small town and 68 kms away from the nearest main city. Its a proper village, and this fact used to bug me all the time before.

I was raised in a city and I would hate the slow and lazy days that I would spend here. But now after all these years, I appreciate the slow moving time. I appreciate the fact that I get to breathe unpolluted air, get to use clean and fresh water. Moreover I appreciate the silence around. I can sit on the easy chair in the courtyard and hear the birds chirping. All that is audible is various sounds of birds, lots of variety. I don’t follow birds, and hence I don’t know the different varieties but there are plenty of them.

I will try and capture some birds later on.

So today out of my 2 or 3 topics, I am sharing my parents place. I was never a great fan of this place till recent days. It is not easily accessible due to non-availability of frequent public transport to my place. But then, I realize that if I buy a Bullet I can have a heaven for myself here. So moving on, my house was built recently some 7 years back. My dad altered some of the components like the door, the fresh water well, from the usual design… which I will share with you all for now.


The ornate lock (called Manichitrathazu in our language) is a famous movie, which was remade into 3-4 other languages. The Bollywood/Hindi movie is Bhul Bhulaiya 😛 in which they had killed all the essence of the movie. But that’s not the point now, Is it? 😛

The house is safeguarded by a front door made of teak, with an ornate lock. The ornate lock is used in temple’s mostly. It looks a bit scary/divine (depending on the angle you look at it) and it’s of course a very offbeat style (read freak) on a door. The door has so many designs that it took the carpenter months to make it. Obviously costed me a bomb, but then my father’s argument was that you won’t make a house every day. No doubt the work looks fabulous on the teak. The door is huge and my mother still struggles to push it together and lock. It’s heavy and thick. If you have ever noticed a Hindu temple and the doors used, this door is thicker than that. Not massive but thicker than the usual I would say

The ornate lock is the square center piece, on which you latch and lock with the king size keys. The ornate lock by itself is very weak, hence if you look above the round clamp you will see another key hole. The door is powered by two locks instead of one. The round clamp can be used to knock the door, and can be used to pull the door together for locking it. The rest are all just ornamental designs.




The veranda has a wooden like frame which used to be a trademark of old day houses in Kerala. Read more about olden day homes here. All window frames are wooden, but not teak. Read about the wooden frames used for windows here.




This is our stylish fresh water well. Lol! Look at it. Dad made a mess of it right there. Looks cool to some, but I seriously think this is overdone. Also you can’t use a small steel bucket to draw water in case the motor goes kaput. Freak fresh water well 😛




And and and finally, this is where my Royal Enfield 350cc standard ‘Bullet’ will be resting a year or two down the lane. A perfect place of my motorbike. 😀

If you look around, the dry leaves haven’t been cleaned in a long time. I am not lazy to clean it but I love the rough looks. Why can’t the ground sport a beard!!! 😀



(To be contd…) with part 2 – surroundings!!!


58 thoughts on “Meandering around Kerala – 1”

    1. Ya, not many people will think freak like my father 😛 It was a lot of work and I was in disagreement, I always aim for simplicity but my dad went extravagant.

  1. I love those typical Keralian door locks. I even attempted to buy one on my visit to Kerala but then, on a second thought, it occurred to me that it won’t fit with our main door 😦

    The fresh water well really looks ‘kewl’ man 😀 ..I mean it..looks quite majestic 🙂

    You’ve a nice house 🙂 …..

    1. Ya, you still have to come here and feel it. You miss the best thing. The silence. It’s so silent that you can hear birds chirping. 🙂 The rest of the pics will definitely prove that.

  2. Anooooooooope! This is the exactly the kinf of house I would want for myself, and the well and the door, totally loved it. I also love a nadumuttam, actually I’m a sucker for old tharavadus! It’s soo green and I’m missing home! Can’t wait for the rest of pics….. the land where I belong! Happy!
    And btw what’s miss hard??

    1. I know, most of people love a house like this. sadly it would cost a bomb to build something in the city. My house doesn’t have a nadumuttam. I am also a great fan of tharavad. 🙂

      Miss heard = Please miss kerala very dearly. Manasilayo 🙂 I am too lazy to type the complete sentence but then I have to ale 😛

  3. Hey! That is a beautiful house you have their. Reminds me of our earlier home 😦 Now we live in an Apartment :/ Anyway, how long will you be here? And where in Kerala is this?

      1. Well, things happened so 😦 I miss my place.
        Off to? (I don’t know much about you) U related to Kayankulam Kochunni? 😛

    1. Off to work Ranju. I don’t stay in Kerala, but a guest for a few days. It’s been like that for almost 3 long decades.

      I think you should save up and buy a small house in some village. 🙂

      Kayamkulam kochunni is my friend 😛

  4. manichitrathazhu shot is perfect one. And ballaatha kinaru thanne pahayaa 😀 This is the second one I am seeing in this manner 🙂 And royal place to keep a bullet 😀

    1. Haha. Ballatha kinaru thanne 😛

      That place looks empty without a Bullet. It’s a long time dream, even if the bike gets rusted I don’t care. I am buying one and keeping it there. 🙂

    1. Can’t say that’s mine. But then yeah, I spend my time completely there when I visit my parents as I am supposed to 😉

      Thank you so much 🙂 There are wonderful houses in Kerala. I don’t think this is half as good as the beautiful ones that I have seen 🙂

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