Meandering around Kerala – 2

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Before I go to the surroundings, let me give you a glimpse of my room there.



Cars, Motorbikes and Footballers share my room. Frank Lampard used to play for Chelsea and Kaka’ used to play for Milan then. R15 was a newly launched sensation then. Lots of memories!!!

Moving on, let me show you ‘The Wall of fame!’ I set up. The Golf is already up there 🙂 There is plenty of space left to fill on the wall, hopefully some pics I took may go in there.




Let’s get out of my house and look outside. There used to be other plants now it’s Rubber. Sadly 😦


This place has lots of snakes running around. Especially in the rains you can see snakes and moving leaves. The best thing to do is not to hurt them, even unintentionally. When we walk through these woods, we keep each step with care.


Lots of birds around these trees. The area is so cool, and the breeze is too good. But sadly you won’t be able to enjoy it due to lots of other insects around trying to prey on your blood. Especially huge mosquitoes grrrr!!!! The negative of living near greenery.



So leave the surrounding adjoining my place alone for now.

Let’s focus on something else. It’s common in our movies to show a husband really alcoholic and doesn’t take care of his family. Well sort of same drama just behind my house. I don’t want to interfere with them but here are the pics. This is behind my house, adjacent to the back yard.

The house they used to live in. Now it is empty


Void of any fancy construction

A far look at their kitchen



Used to be their kitchen
Used to be their kitchen


The unfinished parts of their home, probably cos of strained finances.




Their fresh water well






Our well is more deeper than this, and very old too. This is a new blood, may be a decade old. This is nothing as compared to ours *smirk*

In a bit, my mother starts screaming as usual for going in their plot and taking pics.

Probably get ready to get bullied.

But then I manage to successfully complete my mission and return back to the base. Then my mother was not so pleased with my mission. As usual.


Hope you all enjoyed my pics. I didn’t edit much… The reason I will share with you all later on 🙂

(To be contd…) my take on the place, people




55 thoughts on “Meandering around Kerala – 2”

  1. The wall of Fame is great 😀 .. the pictures are wonderful….but I won’t like to visit during the monsoon… 😛
    I really really liked the picture of the well…

    Do spend some more time in Kerala so that we can have more and more brilliant posts 😀 😀

  2. ‘The Wall of frame’reminds me so much of my elder brother’s room. He also has posters of cars and footballers. I guess guys who are passionate about these stuff love to post them on wall 😛 It motivates me to put something inspiring on my wall 😉

    1. Bikes and cars are my only love of life 😛 😛 😛

      Glad you liked the pics. I loved to see that place everyday when I was there. 🙂

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