Meandering around Kerala ~3

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The end of meandering is upon me 😥 Now I am left with me and golf again. It was good/bad. The good thing was being away from work, living in the woods to that serene environment. Jha (It’s gone) 😥 The bad thing was that I got to witness bitter truths in Kerala, as usual.

Some fun :

As usual, days in Kerala is always filled with fights with my over loving/caring momma. Everyday we have arguments, everyday we go against each other. Most of the time she wins, very rarely I win 😀 This time I won once, I didn’t shave for my brothers marriage, which didn’t go well with her and quite a few people in the family. I don’t understand the obsession with clean shave, lord!!!

Like any Indian momma, my mother would say that I have lost lot of kilo’s every time I come (actually this time I had shed a lot). Then in the morning my father giggles looking at me and my plate. 11 chapatis ? he asks. I look at him pathetically. No use telling mom, she would freak out and say I have lost my appetite. Actually there are 8 chapatis at least (small chapatis, a pit bigger than a puri). I eat 6 leave 2 and in a bit she comes in with a bowl of milk.

Maa… I just had chapatis now.

No … you didn’t have them all. I know you are not full.


There is no point in arguing. These days I just say ‘Bring it on’. Before I used to have a good physique. The abs too I mean, and seeing it she would go all excited.

Are you starving there? 

Then that’s the end of abs. Now that I have quit all body building, I don’t really care.

Even the day I was leaving, my father giggles and looks at me ‘How many are there?’ 

Mom will always be Mom. Loving mom! lol

The good : 

The best part of KL for me, is my place. The peace there is so much that I can just sit there and be fine doing nothing. So much greenery. I love nature, I love greenery. I sometimes wonder the irony of the place I stay in. It’s got everything but greens. Except Al-ain may be.

I love the fact that people around treat me well. I come once in a while for 10 days, and hence it’s fun to mingle with them. I get to try variety dishes too sometimes. I get to drive as much as I want, if I can get a car/bike. And my sister always say that, I am pampered even though I am old as a dinosaur, which is kind of true 😉

And not to forget the rains, and the nature and all the spirited driving through the chaos.

Thanks to this machine
Thanks to this machine

Another thing is that, I didn’t have a sim card there. It’s just a few days, hence didn’t bother to get one. Once I was in an emergency. People gave me their phone to make that urgent call. Not once but thrice. I really appreciate their kindness. Still some humanity left.

The bad:

The scariest part of living in KL is the people there. You never know with whom you get into an argument, and what would the end result turn out to be.

Example :

1.There was an incident where somebody used a swear word at me as I was passing him. He was on his motobike and me on a car. I was in a good mood hence I didn’t bother stopping my car or replying him. But on a normal day, definitely I would have pull the hand brakes, got out and asked him ‘What the hell do you want?’ 

The end result wouldn’t be good for one of the parties in such an argument. Especially if the guy belongs to a local political party there, you can even be killed right there. Who knows!!!

The next day one of my relatives is driving the car. One guy sees us coming and still puts his pick up across the road. The relative who is in the drivers seat asks, ‘Don’t you see us coming? How can you cut lanes?’   He asks us back, ‘Are you going for a marriage?’

Clearly it’s his fault but then he was aggressive towards us for no reason. The relative of mine was a bit cool headed hence no problem. I would have reacted in an unpredictable manner that second.

2.  There was an incident of moral policing in Kerala. A boy got beaten to pulp because he was looking at a girl. I don’t know if he is dead.

3. Heard about Nisham King? Read about him here. The victim, security guard is no more. Now let me tell you what is going to happen in this case. Police would write a mentally unstable report and send him to a mental asylum. Mentally ill due to excessive smoking of cocaine I guess. He would stay there for a month and probably walk home a free bird.

Clearly Kerala is a place for the influential and the wealthy. I can’t stand the people many a times. Some are arrogant and more than that, there is no value for life. The govt doesn’t care anyways, same with the law. Then who would protect the common man? Big question mark.

I am reconsidering my decision to go and settle back in KL after 2 years. 😥

With that bombshell, wish you all a peaceful night!!! Of cos with a spidey pic 😀

A large spidey. RIP!!! Probably killed by his wife. It is said that female spidey kills male spidey after they mate. Not sure how true that is!




91 thoughts on “Meandering around Kerala ~3”

  1. “Before I used to have a good physique.”… OOOOOOOH 😉
    Btw where are you from naattil varumbol I will definitely drop in :-P, it looks so beautiful. Actually my atcha’s place is all green too. And you never took pics of TVM :-0. And manjadikuru, I remember those times when I used to play with them with my ammoommas and all, it used to be fun. These days toh you hardly get to see them except in temples maybe. This also reminded me of the movie manjadikkuru, loved it, just likehow it was when we were kids. So much for my blabbering He He! Tc

    1. Haha, somewhat good 😛

      Kylm Shruti. Do drop in with your hubby. Would be a pleasure.
      I couldn’t click in TVM. Running around with his marriage preparations. I have been to TVM many times too, but still don’t know all the routes to get around the city. Only familiar with PMG, Palayam, Shashtamangalam etc

      Manjadikuru was available at home till recently but now a days I don’t see it. I don’t know it came there from. May be mom got it from somewhere.


  2. My response to this post: 😀

    1. “Jha (It’s gone)” 😛
    2. “I don’t understand the obsession with clean shave, lord!!!” That’s why I tagged you for that #WillYouShave activity 😀
    3. Moms are always moms…no point in arguing… 🙂
    4. Spending a few days without a sim card, is a bliss.
    5. The car has no number plate 😛
    6. Not only Kerala, most of the Indian states are not safe and politically influenced people always have an upper hand 😦
    7. Only the female species of Black widow Spiders kill their male partners after mating. Black Widow spidey is dangerous and poisonous too….stay away from them. Otherwise, all other female spiders are quite naive and innocent. 😀

    LAST. Loved this post 😀 😀

    1. Hehe, thank you for the long sweet comment 🙂 Made my day.

      True about sim card. But then otherwise also no one calls me apart from banks reminding me about my credit cards 😛 So without sim card the call from banks were also missing.

      Kerala is getting worse, day by day. I can see that they are progressing backwards.

      This is not Black widow spidey. These are quite harmless I must say. We shooo them away and they start running. But they are giant and I am scared of spideys. I am not sure though. Female spideys cannot be that naive. Even in case of humans 😛 A lot of lizards also live with us, but they are stuck on the walls 😛

      There is a Short story and a travel story. Which one would I post first :O confused 😛

  3. Moms will always be moms,true and divine 😀 It’s a scary picture you painted of Kerala towards end 🙂 Reminds of of few movies I have seen in Telugu and the fights there…. Didn’t know it really happens !

    1. A lot, actually I forgot to add something. My mom and dad didn’t allow me to do my college in KL for the same reason. The chances of me getting involved in street fights would have been high. 😛

      1. There are a lot. Especially students politics gets dirty. Nasty fights in college. Don’t know these days. 10-12 years ago it was pretty bad.

  4. Haha.. we found Kerala good.. infact many stared at us like we were foreigners as brother is literally white. Then a cop stopped near us while bro was smoking and asked him to not smoke . Luckily a local approached and explained what the cops were trying to say and also said that since they knew we were “outsiders” nothing happened. If it was a native he would have been thrown in the van and taken to the police station 😀

    1. They might have charged you a good fine. Smoking in public places are prohibited, and fines are mandatory now for that.

      Keralities have high regards for white people. Most of them behave well with tourists.

      Don’t you see the matrimony column of a Malayalam newspaper. White bride/groom required 😛 (joking)

      1. true.. I have seen many similar ones” wanted tall,fair,beautiful MBA bride from a good respectable family and with family values for a 5″ MBA from xyz and very well to do family. ” hehe

      2. wait.. I have saved many brides wanted profiles.. spent two years on a matrimony site and I laughed my guts out .If I ever wanted a good laugh would login and read brides wanted:D

      3. oh yes.. i have seen words like ” should be good at family building” and “Heartly loving girl” and “affluent families only”.. also best is that their son is no Brad Pitt.. but expectations to find an Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Anniston…..
        If they do.. Ask me for these profiles and make them read it.. it might give them a few laughs 🙂

      4. Lol sure, they are getting all charged up these days but then I am also doing my best to kill that excitement. hehe

        They sure think I am better than Brad. Hehe, hilarious!!!

      5. Lol, not really. Profile matching is the last thing I will do in my life. Sitting down and looking at pics in matrimonial sites. 😛

  5. hahaha I died laughing for the continuous food brought by you mum 😀 Same thing happened to me when I was invited to a house warming by my Indian friends. They just kept making me eat even I was very full. The last pic scared me a bit, but it added an extra fun to this post lol 😉

  6. Kerala sounds a tough place to be…Sometimes I miss arguing with my mother, you story about your mom reminds me of her – especially about the food and eat, eat arguments 😀

  7. Awww…Mommy’s little boy! They’re the best, aren’t they? 😉
    Looks like you had a nice short break!
    Kerala is just something else, isn’t it? 🙂

    PS: What’s spidey doing between the Manjadikuru? 😛

    1. Let me answer you in the opposite order,

      The spidey was dead and my sis found it lying there. Spideys are almost everywhere. You can find it on the walls and they are all over the place. Giant one’s. Personally I am scared of them.

      Kerala is a good place, people… I have a mixed feeling. There was another story which I will tell you sometime.

      The break was alright, I think I’ll share my travel pics with friends and that will make you envy me 😀 It could have been way better, but due to cramped finances… again.

      Yeah, she is something. overcaring and overpowering…But then she always say that I am a ‘not so loving’ son. Lol!!!

      1. Ohh..I dont like them either. And this one looks massive!
        I have similar sentiments about Kerala and the people.
        Share travel pic with friends? Are you referring to us lesser mortals here?
        Hehehe, show her some love, Anoop! Give her a hug the next time around 🙂

      2. Haha.. Lesser mortals. oops.. I didn’t say that. I did a couple of travels with friends and solo 😛 Will share that.

        That would be filmy 😛

      3. You know slides… hmm.. as kids we used to slide down a steel surface that would be like 45 degree. We used to call it slide..

  8. I so connect with the ‘momma’ part. Whenever i returned home from my boarding…you can very well imagine the situation 😉 Moms will be moms 😀
    And, now I know why you said Kerela is not good for permanent stay!

    1. Haha, Mom will always be mom. 😛

      Quite a few problems there. Lot of moral policing and stuff. You don’t want to get entangled in that.

      1. Oh, that is cool.

        I was thinking whether to propose a meet. Even Shruti is in UAE na. We could all meet up, but only if you guys are ready 🙂

      2. Even I was thinking of asking for a dufai blogger meet up. But I wasn’t sure if I could attend it. I’ll be busy on your free days 😀 Karakkam with friends. Lets see. What time, date and day is good for you?

      3. Hmm. For me any day after 6 – 630 pm after work would be cool. Free from Thu evening 6:00pm. Friday is off for me anyways.

      4. I’ll ask Shruti.. no issues. I doubt if she will come but the other 2 leave them a message. And bro if it’s 13th mar fri. Plan for evening only. Hopefully I won’t be there that day.

      5. This time it is me!! I am kind of busy these last days! I am not sure of my schedules these days. Will update you as soon as I can. Sorry for the late reply

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