The place beyond the mountains – 1

‘The best ingredient a small mug of coffee can have is love, along with sugar and other additives.’ thought Mansa. ‘It’s true as well, somebody has to make a mug of coffee for you to get relaxed.’ Her thoughts echoed the whole house which she had to herself and only the walls as silent spectators to her random thoughts.

‘Had Jay been here I wish. He was quite good with his culinary skills. Only if he was quiet that one day but then he can’t be blamed completely.’ trying to be fair and not taking anything away from him.

She had been awake for some time now. Sitting by the windows, she could see August rains lashing hard. Mumbai rains are a bit harsh during August. This date was going to be imprinted in her heart, a big loss in her professional life but something she had chose to do out of her own will. The youngest ‘Area manager’ of Coogan’s International Insurance Ltd company (shortly known as Cii), at a remarkable age of 34, had resigned 60 days ago and today was her last working day. Five years is what it took her to reach there from the initial post of a Business Analyst.

It came as a shock to the management when she put down her resignation. They persuaded, appraised, negotiated but all of it proved to be a mere line drawn in water. She wouldn’t stay, and her explanation for quitting was quite simple, personal reasons. They even offered to have a word with Jay, but she warned that nothing of that sort must happen. It was clearly her problem that she was emotionally not in a position to deal with the big responsibility given to her by the organization.

‘Nita and Ryan would be running around and playing with Jay. They were dada kids anyways.’

The image of her kids with Jay, and she being unable to be with them was killing her. She couldn’t do anything about it; she didn’t know where Jay took them. But all she knew was they were no more with her. The house was no longer a house, but some place. Once she used to be perturbed about the noisy house in the late evenings, but today the lack of thereof was bothering her.

No one knew much about Mansa in the organization. She knew that the less known background is the key to less office gossips, which she succeeded. Everyone knew her husband Jay and her twins Nita and Ryan, for they used to come in for some unavoidable office parties sponsored by the CEO, for which he would insist that everyone tag along their families for the function. The CEO would take this opportunity to address certain performers in the firm, many of the times her name too would make it in his addressing speech. Jay was a blabber mouth as compared to Mansa, who would keep in check to whom she had words with. One of such gatherings had ruined it all between her and him.

It was still pouring, but not with the same intensity like before. It’s been a while she was up and she was getting ready to go. The car would be here for the last time. She was allowed that facility a year ago and it ended today. That was not the greatest of her concern, may be the least as compared to ending her professional life in Cii.

She walked slowly down the stairs and walked to the compound which is where the driver parks the car usually. She knew the car had been waiting for her, she saw that from the window. Memories walked alongside her as she pushed herself to the rear of the car. It was a short journey made long by the traffic. She let memories run errands while she just peacefully sat back letting her row back to those memories.


(To be contd…)


25 thoughts on “The place beyond the mountains – 1”

  1. Buahahahahahaha! Got back from work an hour back and since I have been busy the past few days. Still thought I would drop in, chummma! Will read it naale and let you know! Buahhaaahhhaaaahhaaa

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