The place beyond the mountains – 2

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she just peacefully sat back letting her row back to those memories……

Mansa remembered how she met Jay for the first time. May be 9 years or may be more. She couldn’t recall actually, cos Jay was a parcel of many crucial moments in her life.

She was done with her Bachelors in Business administration then, and wanted to get independent in her own way without bothering her parents. She found herself a job in the Middle East. The job was related to maintaining customer relations and solving the little issues they may face. Instantly she nodded, though her parents were not in agreement with her decision. She was too stubborn by nature, and they had to give in. Middle East means no tax, hence a lot of savings, this made her extra happy. She left for her job after 2 months, to a big store which had lot of customers and tons of complaints. She took it all as a challenge. In no time, she was noticed by the management.

In a period of 6 months, she had a different uniform than the rest and customer service was a bigger dept. She and another colleague were a part of the dept. addressing customer problems, if anything comes up. Also introducing some programs like raffle draws to keep the customers happy.

Jay was a resident of the place for a while. He came there for work and that was couple of years before Mansa. He stayed at a place close to hills. A few kms from the store Mansa worked. The place was very scenic especially during the winters when fog used to cover up a part of the hills. Winters were of great joy, seeing the view would cool his heart down.

He met Mansa for the first time in a small cafeteria where she already drinking coffee. He had come to meet the guy working there, with some business. Mansa was in her uniform and that was her mid day interval. Her store was next to the cafeteria. With her brisk make up, sharp dressing and professional looks, she demanded a lot of his attention. He was trying hard to not look at her, as he exchanged words with the cafeteria guy. But he had hardly succeeded in that. His eyes would look at her any instant, and after a good gaze he would carry on talking. This process went in cycles, until she looked at him back, right in the eye. He put a stop to his urge and in a bit he was done, and he left.

Later on once in the store he had an issue with the cashier and she was quick to solve it. Sure she was smart and capable. He thought she deserved more than this store in his mind.

Days passed, months passed and one of the other days he again went to cafeteria, but this time a surprise awaited him. She was talking tensed to his friend and he soon became party to hearing her despair. She was having some troubles with the bank which was again close to where he lived. After a bit of talking, he offered to drop her to the bank if she didn’t mind, since he was going home.

They together got assurance from the bank that the things would be sorted, and Jay dropped Mansa back to her place. She thanked him for his kindness and then later on they got talking. His strong college degree, white collar job and other things in life impressed her a lot. She had always dreamt of a proper corporate white collar job. As days passed they started seeing each other, going for movies and roaming around on the shore of various beaches soon turned into moving in with Jay and later on going back to their hometown in India and getting married. She was not even 25 when they got married.

Jay knew very well of Mansa and her dream. He was never interested in his corporate job, but then Mansa did take a lot of interest in it. For getting a corporate job she will have to go back to studying and strengthen her skills a bit more. They reached on an agreement that she goes for classes, tries to clear her GMAT exams and get her master’s in Business administration. He would carry on the job for all this while to financially support her and quit later on and move in with her.

Plans were chalked out and she toiled hard, buried herself in books and got a seat in one of the good institutions in the country. The next 2.5 years tested both Jay and Mansa, on different aspects though.

Jay in the meanwhile stayed back in the same room, they used to live before. He was hanging on to every single memory that the room had to offer. Late night drives to the mountains,  having cold ice creams from a store on top of the mountains, driving around for miles and miles to get her the things that she wanted. It was tough but he chose not to distract her much, and hence kept low on messages and calls.

Days passed, months passed, years passed…. summer came and then winter followed. It was X-mas, and then New Year. Mansa was doing good in her course. Jay was struggling to find an emotional balance.

Two and half years passed, and she got her course completion certificate. Initially she joined a small firm which didn’t spark much interest. Then six months later Cii called her for an interview and they placed her as Trainee Business Analyst and another six months later she was given the post of Business Analyst.

Jay sold his car, quit his middle east job and came running back to India just to see his wife buried in charts and presentations. But then he was happy to see her. He needed to look for something small by which he doesn’t feel very burdened. On the other hand, Mansa got very much involved and working from home & late nights became common.

A year and half later, she gave birth to Nita and Ryan. They were twins…

4 months later, Mansa started while Jay stayed back to take care of the little ones. He was more attached to his family and found it more interesting to do household works. He would call his parents and Mansa’s parents once a week to know how they were.

The kids were growing up quickly and they were much attached to Jay. Mansa used to be away and missed most of the action.

Don’t you touch my office bag.’ screams became regular at the little ones for trying to mess with her things.

Jay used to feel a bit irked by her behavior with the kids. Later on, one of the days after the kids went to sleep and Mansa was done with her work, they were having supper. Jay casually mentions,

‘How long haven’t you called your mom?’

‘Yeah, it’s been a while.’ exclaimed Mansa as she hurried gulped down the food

‘Mansa, she is not doing well. I think she had fever and was asking for you.’

‘Anyways you called her right! I’ll call her up later on.’ she says as she gets up from the table.

‘One of these days, I’ll make sure that you know what you are doing. The kids miss you, you don’t call your parents. How hard is it? One day I’ll tell your CEO to fire you.’ adds Jay with a smile.

She smiled ignoring his warning, brushing it aside as a usual joke. But little did she know what  was coming for her.

….By then the driver parked the car in front of their office. She stormed in through the reception and stairs to reach into her cabin. On the way nodding heads to some morning greetings. She calls her secretary to tell that no one or no call to be allowed for half an hour while she sorts out some things.


(To be contd…)


24 thoughts on “The place beyond the mountains – 2”

  1. oh no again to be CONT………………. 😦

    I need to learn to be patient …. but patience is something i just dont have ..

    the story is progressing nicely …

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