The place beyond the mountains – End

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she thought to herself… 

She picked up the intercom and called Nancy in. When she comes in, Mansa hands over a letter to her.

Nancy asked Mansa about the letter.

‘This is an appraisal letter. I had received it a week before.’

‘Thank you so…’

‘It’s not me, Nancy. Management has taken note of your efficiency. I am just like a messenger.’ Mansa exclaims

Nancy looks a bit stunned.

‘Keep up the good work, this was what I had called you for. You may leave now.’ Mansa exclaimed hurriedly. Like usual giving no chance for the other person to talk.

The management had gathered, and they had decided to cut a small cake along with her speak up about the company. Later on after cutting the cake and having a small tea party with everyone, they all assembled in the meeting room.

The operations head stood up and thanked Mansa for her contributions. There were hails and claps all around. He then asked to share her experience with Cii.

‘Hello everyone, I promise to keep this short.’ she smiled

‘First of all, thank you to everyone. The support has been tremendous. I must say I have moved up the ladder mostly cos of the good support and team work. I am leaving due to personal reasons as I cited. Jay has been too long with me in most of the good things in life. There are other things to get back to.

‘So yeah. That is that, and I wish you all the very best of luck ahead both professionally and personally.’

She ended it all with haste…and with these words Mansa signed off her official duties and in a couple of hours she was back home. She had a plan to get to know the whereabouts of Jay. Obviously both her mother and Jay’s parents would be knowing for sure. He would have called them a hundred times by now.

The next morning she left for her hometown to stay a couple of days at home. She tactfully hid the recent happenings of her life from her mother. Her mother would have not taken it well. She knew that and preferred to avoid all of those unnecessary hassles.On the third day, she goes to Jay’s house.

Jay’s mother was very fond of Mansa. Mansa loved her too, but in the recent past she hasn’t been in touch with her. Mansa states all the recent happening. His mother consoles her saying, ‘He can’t be gone for long.’ 

By then Mansa knew that he was in Middle east. The same place where they used to live before.

It wasn’t long that Jay called home, and his mother passed the phone to Mansa saying some stranger wanted to talk to him.

‘Remember me?’ Mansa asked

‘Yes, Why not!’ 

They talk a bit more and later on …….

‘Where do you live by the way?’ asked Mansa

‘You know the place, Mansa. We used to live there once.’

‘Hmm. Just wondering if you had space for me there?’

‘Just wondering What took you so long to ask…….’


THE long awaited END


55 thoughts on “The place beyond the mountains – End”

  1. I liked the way you’ve ended the story with the minimalist conversation.

    Rabindranath Tagore once said about the definition of short stories, ..that it will make you feel unsatisfied, you’ll think over it again and again and, explore many a colour out of it….

    I hope you got the message… 🙂

    1. Yes I got the message. That is what Anton Chekov used to do with his short stories. The Bet is an amazing short story and I still remember the story so clearly after all these years. You should read it as well, if you haven’t 🙂

      Thank you for the sweet comment 🙂

  2. you know as everyone said i was thinking something else.. BUT i loved how you ended it was like short and precise.. Resign and walk away Well done to Mansa .. Hope is always goooood that is what makes the world go on and on and onnnnnn

    1. Quite a few people told me the same. They didn’t expect me to end this way 🙂 But then hope is always good.

      Thank you so much bro 🙂

  3. You write stories so well!! I read all of it today…i think even I’m one of those who would like it more the other way 😀
    But this is a good one too 🙂
    You should do this often!

  4. Awwwww… that was a cute ending. 🙂 I don’t think I clicked the like buttons on the other posts. Because, I was in a hurry to know what happened. You write so well. How do you imagine all the stuff? Why don’t you pen these down and publish a book? 😀

    1. Hello Ranjini angel 🙂

      How is your life?

      Thank you for such a sweet comment Ranju 🙂 I think I have written better stories than this. You will definitely love them if you liked this, cos then I used to have a lot of passion for short stories 🙂

      My idle mind is a devil’s workshop 😛 All sorts of things come and go 😉

      1. Hey Anoop! My life has pretty much been depicted in my blog. A job with a noose around my neck, the meeting with an old lady and writing for all sorts of contests for vouchers. 😛
        Soon, I’ll be back to my studies.
        How is yours?
        I will read your stories, maybe after my exams. And you really should think of publishing a book some time 🙂

      2. Hmm.. I think you should try and get back to studies rather than staying in the noose for long.

        Life is dull for now.

        Publishing a book is something which needs a long term planning. As you said I might do it someday 🙂

      3. Heee resigned. Serving my notice period 😛
        Dull as in dull trips to Kerala 😛 Just kidding. Actually where are you now?
        I agree. I badly want to write a book. But got nothing :/ Except studies 😀

      4. Cool 🙂

        Everything looks recession like…

        Good luck, if you want to do it some day I hope you do it…


    1. Actually I am not being modest 🙂 I really don’t. I just write down what I feel. 🙂

      Thank you so much for the compliment though.

      Let me wish you luck with your higher studies. 🙂

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