Athirapally – A quick glimpse

Who said life is a bed of flowers? It’s pathetic some times and mess some other times. Then there are trips which cures it all for a short time. So as a compensation my BS, let me post a few pics of my first trip to Athirapally Waterfalls during my stay in KL.

Kerala is nature’s treasure house. I can just go out with a camera and in moments find subjects for good snap. No one would deny that. The irony with me is that I have never traveled much in KL. Mostly because I am not there for most of the time.

Whenever I go there in KL, I would push my friends for a trip. This trip happened cos of four other friends.It was not much distance anyways to Athirapally, which was shameful for a one day drive. But I was proved wrong.

Say, if you have to travel 120 kms in a developed country. You just drive 120 kms. On the other hand in Kerala, you have to drive as well as tackle potholes, animals on the road, deal with incoming traffic. So this is round about 50 kms from Kalady and may be another 100 kms back, but then it feels much more than that. (Kalady is the name of a place where my friend said he would wait.)

We were going to take a scenic route Athirapally via plantation road. Let me post a pic of it from the Google maps.



The roads to Athirapally are amazing. You can have a look at the road in wiki.  There is a pic of road, and since I was not alone I couldn’t stop and click. Too much of spirited driving, by my friends throwing all around in the car. Can’t blame him though 🙂

Some pics from me,



















All the pics have been compressed for a reduced size. Hence any visual grains, please ‘never mind it’ 🙂 And too bad editing too, but I am so lazy 😥

Athirapally IMO :

Please don’t visit this place in dry. It’s too boring. There was fair amount of crowd and some were bathing, which some were sitting on the rocks. There is nothing much to do here. They say that monsoons makes this waterfall go wild. The roads are amazing, any driving fanatic would enjoy it. Risky as well since it’s narrow undivided with blinding twisties. Be careful while taking turns, it’s too risky.

Personally I can’t say that it was amazing but just another place visited for me.

PS : Please click on the pics for the whole size. The pic is in cropped mode. Thanks WordPress.









Pros :

Well protected boundaries, water not deep as I see, amazing roads, lot of place to park your car/motorcycle, if you like a bit of liveliness this place is recommended, A good family spot and even with friends, many shops nearby, Can be done in 2-3 hours hence flexible, one of the best waterfalls in South India.

Cons :

Too commercialized, large crowds during season, too over-rated and I don’t feel it deserves that much of an exaggeration though it’s good.

Best time to visit:


Things to be careful about :

Do not litter the place, chances that there are fines if caught. Visiting this place during dry season is one of the big mistakes you are doing. Be careful about leaving the valuable in the car if the place is overcrowded. Tourists from other places, be careful. Be sure to bargain.

My opinion :

For the beautiful roads joining Athirapally to the main highway and the waterfall I would recommend a monsoon visit.



47 thoughts on “Athirapally – A quick glimpse”

    1. Haha, That’s such a sweet observation, Khloe. I did edit but yeah I didn’t take much interest in this one. 🙂

      Thank you so much Khloe for the words of appreciation 🙂

    1. Yes, I definitely think monsoon is the best time to visit. But I am never in India during monsoons. Many ppl leave during monsoons to India which makes it hard to get leave.

      1. I thought that the arrival was to be more for the festivals, but I see that the monsoon itself is a festival 😉

  1. You know what was my reaction after reading this post? All the bloggers here and around should go on a trip. 😀
    And yes I agree. Athirapally is beautiful. Every time I pass by I get this urge to stop and wander around. But that is possible only when I plan a trip which happens very rarely. Lovely snaps there 🙂

  2. Almost all waterfalls look best during the monsoon. I love waterfalls…it resembles the continuous journey of life( of course, it’s my over imaginative mind 😛 )

    The pics look so alluring. Loved all the pics. 🙂

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