A day in AD corniche!!!

All pics are taken in my mobile camera with slight color adjustments. 


A dialogue between Teacher and a Student…

Teacher : ‘Class, Where is Gelf? Can anyone tell me?’

Student : ‘Teacher Teacher…. I don’t know. Can you?’

Teacher : ‘Class, Where is India? Can anyone tell me?

Student : ‘Teacher Teacher… In Gelf!’

Teacher : ‘Good Boy!!!’








I went for an interview last week in AD (Abu Dhabi, UAE). You can see the queue for the interview, it was 1 km outside the venue and the whole venue which by itself was a well reputed hotel in Abu Dhabi was filled with people. I would blame it on the company for lack of proper planning. There were like 20-25 disciplines that the company had called for and an unacceptable number of people standing here, there and everywhere. Well done by ruining everyone’s weekend.

But then, I had a good time. I was informed by my room mate that there was an interview next day. Yeah, on the day before at say 8:00 pm. He obviously had to take a bus to reach AD, so what’s easy for him is to go with me and if I happen to go, tag alongside 😛 No…no, he is not mean. He is just a friend. So I am in a half mind whether to go or not, and as anyone would think… I also thought if I don’t go I will not be able to move on from my current job (no, I am not typing it at my workplace … only editing and posting) and if I go attend the interview, I actually have a chance.

I and my room mate set off at 6:15 am for a 200 km drive to this hotel at AD Corniche. Corniche means a road cut into the edge of a cliff, especially one running along a coast as per Google. I say it’s simply the road along seaside. You will understand it better as we progress.

We reach by 8:15 am, even after 2 short breaks. That means it took only 1 hour and 40 mins or less than that to cover the distance, which is OK. There is a small crowd in the hall, I register after standing for an hr in the queue. They check my CV and mention that the experience is less than what they are looking for, they take the CV along with them and tell me they will get back to me. I expect it to be in their trash bin by now. The other guy who came with me had adequate experience, hence his CV got selected and he moved on with other process. It’s going to be long, for him. The hall was packed, the veranda packed and reception is also packed. The queue is 3 times the one I see in Kerala beverages (liquor shop). I realize that job is much more important than alcohol.

I had to leave, the parking lot was full. It was becoming hard for the candidates to park their car. I curse our population, I cannot believe my eyes. I am saddened to see the state of our people, all over the place. But this job and interview can’t make me sad. It was never what I wanted to do for a job anyways. It’s kkpp for me (kkpp is a KL shortform for : Get it then good, didn’t then fine).

I am not going before I explore the AD Corniche, which actually made my day. What a beautiful place! I realize at that very moment, what I was missing in life!!! I loved the place, it was a bit sunny but I still loved what the place had to offer.


Dubai is congested, but then I haven’t got a chance to explore Dubai as well. But I loved AD for what I saw there, of course the rents are sky high. Even more than Dubai, but it’s the capital and financial power house of UAE. How would you blame them? Look at the quality. Mesmerized.


I couldn't get the WB right in this shot.
I couldn’t get the WB right in this shot.


‘Jogging / cycling / skating or whatever you want to do’ track


Monochrome, looks good!!!


The fancy lights
The fancy lights


You can sit here with your loved one and no moral police would come and disturb

You can sit here with your loved one and no moral police would come and disturb you. The privacy and freedom is amazing!!!


A duck (or something) swimming!!! Nice water.
A duck (or something) swimming!!! Nice water.


Some young lady enjoying her walk
Some young lady enjoying her walk


Some guy on his roller skates
Some guy on his roller skates


Again it's some young lady with her dog!
Again it’s some young lady with her dog!


The last time I saw all this was in Mumbai. I knew then,at Mumbai, that I was living. After all these years of existence, I still long to pet a dog 😥 AD reminded me of that. It was a sad realization.

Now the scenes around,


A fancy waiting area. Should go and sit there someday and wait for someone!!! 😀


Another waiting shed, this time it's a bus stop!
Another waiting shed, this time it’s a bus stop! (or at least I think so) 


Half in shade and half exposed. Doesn't do justice to me anyways!
Half in shade and half exposed. Doesn’t do justice to me anyways!


The buildings around. Would cost a bomb to live there!
The buildings around. Would cost a bomb to live there! Still under construction but you know where I am coming from.

I had to cross the road and that was made easy by underpass, with a warning though

Warning at a pedestrian underpass
Warning at a pedestrian underpass

And they are right about their warning (I hope this is not illegal)



There was another camera looking at me at the other end. After a few days if I don’t come online, you know where I am. 😛

Just showing you a pic of the traffic at the parking lot





Did you see our swifty standing there?
Did you see our swifty standing there? 😛 

Then I walk back to my beautiful lady, my child, my everything; to whom I go to every single day. She accepts me with her arms and heart wide open. Her warmth has actually moved me. Who would bother waiting for me under the hot sun for hours when I am fooling around taking pics…. Yeah yeah! My car, who is waiting for me as always.





With that sad bombshell…. let me say a good bye to you all for now!!!




18 thoughts on “A day in AD corniche!!!”

  1. Corniche..a new word added to my vocabulary…:-D the photos are quite impressive. Loved the light.

    I had a dog long ago…after losing her, I didn’t dare to have another. It was a great pain to bear her demise. 😦

    1. 😥 Never got a chance to own a dog. I think there should always a pet with us na. We will always be in good mood if we have a pet. Life will be better.

  2. Loved the joke about India being in the Gulf! That is one reason why UAE feels like a home away from home. 🙂 I wonder why but this was the funniest post of your’s maybe because I could not hold myself back after reading your captions and finally it should have been “some Anoop”! ;-). Pinne I’m always in a KKPP mode you know and therefore I hardly have any worries. And yes AD is beautiful and I can’t imagine waiting out in a queue like that would have been famished! The visible number plates I understand but the one right at the back, why did you have to block that out? And hey about the privacy, I don’t think I can agree with you here because you can just sit with your loved one and that is not exactly privacy and when we had gone to the grand mosque and they did not even let us hold hands!
    P.s Don’t worry if you go missing from WP we will understand and maybe I can visit you there and take pics and that could be your comeback post!!! 😉

    1. Sometimes too much Indians in Gelf makes feel sad. Makes me feel I am in India 😀
      I like kkpp mode, but most of the time I’ll be nervous about stuff. This time I was not, or may be things are changing for me.

      The car on the back is also somebody’s na. Can’t post without his knowledge, hence erased the number.

      Come on yaar! only in mosque or religious places they don’t allow holding hands and PDA. Other than that I think it’s far better when compared to India. Can’t compare it to Europe, but definitely very good for a Muslim country. Privacy in the sense, no one will come and ask you for your marriage certificates if you are sharing the same bench with your loved one. Gladly I don’t have to think about that 😛

      PS: Glad you will come to jail to visit me, so sweet of you. Get something to eat as well if you come. 😛

    1. Hi Bilna,

      Yes it was. But I had another interview at the Corniche 😛 How do you know about the interview? Were you present as well?

      1. Haha… OK 😛 Did he stand in the long queue.? May be I met your hubby. God knows, I did speak to couple of malayali gentlemen there.

  3. Loved you positive attitude towards the job situation and hope you get a better one soon! 😉 BTW, nice to see how beautiful AD is through your amazing pictures!!! ❤

  4. I always have a dog in my life so I share your longing. I love the KL motto’s about job – “Get it then good, didn’t then fine” I will keep it as reminder for my future as well..it’s the positivism that we need nowadays! Best wishes 🙂

  5. Totally relate to the delimma of going for the interview or not and that too by giving up your most coveted saturday morning sleep. It is hard. 😀

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