Light of the world, shine on me!!!

When I initially started blogging, I never realized then, I would move so quickly. Even a single day without making a post is like a year without rain 😛  Can this be termed addiction? I think the answer is ‘Tested Positive’. I realize at some point I may stop, till then let me enjoy the moment. Do let me know if the quality degrades.   Let me take you all today to a song that used to play on infinite loop a year back in my mobile and laptop. Even today it’s a pleasure to listen to that song. The best thing about the song is it’s wonderful lyrics. Of course, it was released in 1978 or something, so people had sense while writing lyrics. Not like the crap today.   tn_IMAG0202 The name of the song is ‘Love is the answer’ And let me quote down a part of the lyrics for you all (of course no Google this time)

Name your price, a ticket to paradise I can’t stay here anymore And I have looked high and low I have been from shore to shore to shore to shore If there was a short cut I would have found it But there is no easy way around it   Light of this world shine on me Love is the answer Shine on us all Set us free Love is the answer

My life is pretty much the 1st half lyrics of this song :/   Check out the song here. All of their compositions are amazing. Here is a much larger list.

Pic clicked on my mobile camera (slight adjustments in exposure and light) PS : Can anyone help out here? I cannot post a large size image cos my image gets chopped on the right side. Any suggestions would be appreciated!!! 


40 thoughts on “Light of the world, shine on me!!!”

  1. Anoop! Good one.
    And about the picture, there is an app called ‘No crop’ you can easily adjust any type of picture with a suitable white background or shrink or do whatever you want…like you can post the full picture without cropping ..just try that out!

  2. Nice picture to go with the lyrics. Regarding image getting chopped while uploading, it might be due to restriction on the size permitted by the theme you are using. Maybe you could try using some other theme that permits larger pic sizes. Just a random suggestion, not very sure if it will work.

    1. I guessed the same as well, but I love the theme so much. But then most of my posts are pics so I might need to move on to another theme.

      1. Aww…much appreciated. I think I’ll migrate to Plane. I will check out the other themes too, if I get something better than Plane.

        Thanks a ton Somali 🙂

      2. I did find a couple of interesting themes. If you don’t mind photographs displayed in medium size check out mystical, eighties and there was one more… I forgot.

    1. Very correct bro. They actually used to take their time and knew what they were doing.

      Thanks so much Bikram 🙂 Pleasure to see you here.

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