It’s too early!!!

Let’s celebrate the new blog theme with a photograph.





It’s too early and I am at work 😛  saaakkksssss….

HTC one M8 photography


52 thoughts on “It’s too early!!!”

    1. Hello Bilna,
      I am experimenting on new themes. I think Nishita mol should work for me 😛

      Yes it is construction, not plant though. It’s marine.

      1. Edit it as you want Choti. It’s all yours. Aap ke naam mai ne woh kurban kar diya 😛 Alas it’s a story about little girl… small girl like you 😛

      1. There is no secret bro 🙂 If you get the light correct, the rest is Photoshop 🙂 But the initial shot should be good enough, hence take care of the light. That would be my tip.

        If you are really interested in Photography, I’ll suggest you a tutorial… Karl Taylor. He has one of the best tutorials I have seen. Check it out.

  1. What a lovely shot! Spectacular ! I love the color of the sky. I have never tried to wake up so early, so I have been missing this panaromic view. Your click reminds me to watch sun ray’s penetrating earth. To actually wake up this early. Someday 😛

    1. Hello Maryam,

      Thank you so much for your sweet comment. It really made my day 🙂 For you I’ll post one pic of sky in 10 mins.

      Evening sun is also amazing, but nothing like the morning Sun. I feel they are the best to get a correct click. 🙂


      1. Yes, exactly. There’s something so peaceful about dawn, it captures me completely. I’ll be waiting for your upcoming post. So you are into photography?

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