Scale of Friendship!!!


Alex was going to leave our office in 25 days. He had put in his resignation, and he was shifting to Canada. We would miss him. He had been a great mentor in planning my finances. Especially when it came to dealing with the banks, he knew all the loop holes. I particularly never trust anyone. They are all back stabbers. But then Alex was our finance guy, he was pretty much my age, a bit more to be precise. But he was a genius in all the financial matters. He was our firm’s financial guy as well and was a great player in the stock market. His account balance showed a couple of more zero’s to be called millions.

Now Alex had been a resident of UAE for quite a few years. His parents lived in UAE, he and his brothers did their schooling here. But later he went to the US to do his degree in finance. I guess that’s where he gets his strong base from.

On such a note, Alex was getting rid of all his small stuff before he moved to Canada. He had a Canadian passport for he had done some degree there as well. He had a collection of shot glasses from various countries, fine collection of premium whisky’s, a lot of art forms, fancy lighters, car magazines, a hand gun, collectibles from various parts of the world and stuff we couldn’t think about. He would come every single day and ask us,

‘Guys I explored a part of my store room and I found this, this and this.’

We would be surprised. He had so many stuff. How did his store room take all of it!

My roommate Shanky was Alex’s subordinate. He was an amazing friend of mine, and he was living with me until recent, he moved out.

When the so called auctions were happening, I would rule out everything that Alex put up as inessential. I was not looking for fancy things, cos he also knew I lived hand to mouth. Giving me financial advises have sure made him aware of my situations, and he would also not share with me of his stuff later for the same reason.

One fine day I went to meet Shanky in his room. Alex was there, looking at his laptop. May be reading his market news or something else. He was not working though. Of course who works in notice period? So while I was talking to Shanky, Alex called out my name

‘Anoop, Dude! I had a couple of scale models of cars which I sold to Shanky for a 100 bucks.’

‘What? When? Why? Hey mate, you never told me.’

‘Yeah right, but then I mentioned to Shanky just now and he gave me the money.’

Frustrated, I ask him, ‘Do you have some more? Can you check?’

‘I might have, but I can’t guarantee you. I had an old school Corvette Stingray and an Aston Martin, if I remember right.’

I am overwhelmed with joy to hear that. ‘Perfect.’




The next day Alex meets me to inform the sad news that the other 2 scale models were nowhere to be found.

I pathetically turn back and ask Shanky, ‘Can I have the scale model please?’

‘Yeah you can but at a higher price. Say 1 grand.’

‘Thanks bro. You are a kind man.’

Days pass, and finally Alex leaves. The office was a dull place anyways despite his presence or otherwise, and I was responsible wholly for my finances now. I also forgot about the scale model in the other busy schedules.

Three months later, it’s my birthday. I don’t really care to celebrate my birthday, nor to tell anyone and make a fuss about it.

A pleasant surprise awaited me in the evening, the scale model of cars that Shanky bought from Alex were lying on my table. I called out loud to Shanky. He came in running and enquired. I asked him if he forgot to take his scale models.

He replied, ‘On purpose.’

‘Thanks bro, this is one good gift that I will cherish for ever.’

‘Anything for you, my friend.’

As he leaves I gaze at the beauty of the shinny scale model of Lamborghini and Aston Martin. Till yesterday it used to fill in my dreams. Today they are small but I have them for real on my table.

A positive sign of progress!


20150311102758 (2)


20150311102758 (3)



This is an imaginary story though the characters are from my real life. Shanky still has the scale model, from his boss… bitch!!! 

Pic credit : Vaisakh who is my friend from real life and an amazing photographer. He doesn’t know about my blog though.



33 thoughts on “Scale of Friendship!!!”

    1. Yes, it’s an Aventador. Glad you have cousin passionate about cars 😛

      Thank you for the wishes 🙂 Don’t see it happening though. 😛

      1. Yes, he’s too passionate for his own good! Designed a car with some college friends for National Level competition or something. Won last year. He wants to do auto designing or some such thing!

        “I don’t see it happening though” ~ Well, rent it for a ride someday 😀 When you meet the girl who talks car-language! 😛

      2. That’s amazing thing about your cousin. I was not car intelligent. I like to drive around, that’s it.

        Well, let me meet such a girl 😛 Will make her put some money too. Hehe

  1. Amazing kids 😀

    …and a new theme ..looks really great… *star* 🙂 But I think it’s better if you avoid using the colour red as the text color ( as you’ve done at the end of the post) ..Just a friendly advice… 🙂

    1. Hehe, thanks mani 🙂

      Does the red text not suit the theme ? :O Just wondering. I used to put a red text under my post every time 😥

      1. No. Some others also had the same opinion. I will change the red to something else which has less contrast. 🙂 Thank you so much for pointing out

  2. I have no idea about the cars model but these ones are looking so real! The first image is pretty good taken – smart angle! I thought you bought a new car 😀 😀

  3. At first I thought I landed at somebody else’s blog. I think it’s goot for your photography but can you increase tbe size of pur font pls? 😛 And I think you should change the red too specially with the small font it is kind of strenous Anoope.

    1. Haha, some of it is real. Shanky still got the scale models. But he doesn’t know my birthday, which is a mystery to many people. 🙂

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