Jebel Al Jais _ The mountains revisited – 2

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As I was looking around I saw another road which led to a tower like structure. On asking the guard he said there is a road to this place. I move on to explore like a Ford Explorer, but not much joy with that. They had locked the way to go uphill. So I am going to do what I do the best (Hitman: Agent 47)


Warships… lot of them. Feels like watching Greece attack Troy.




Then I see another spot, which sparked interest. Half of it was under shadow. Thanks to the mountains.



Back to warships…



Then in a while, our friend from old gang comes to visit. Sorry for the shake, I wasn’t prepared for him.



Many people came in with their utensils to cook food. I don’t understand the obsession, maybe it’s fun.




Again the roads….




Here we are nearing the end. So should I post the ending now and later post the Golf section? Yeah, that will work I guess.

So on the descend I took some more pics of mountains, good roads, places nearby and stuff like that.





And then the B&W I saved from before…



And then the beautiful scenic place downhill.












Isn’t the place very beautiful?

Now some Golfey time, anyone who wishes to skip this can do so. This is madness and obsession.

Golfey time

A fun fact : I took all the winding roads in 5th gear with occasional shifting to 4th gear to deal with hairpin bends. Apart from that 5th gear and moving steadily, not a slightest of feel that you are out of power. Amazing torque. This car never ceases to amaze me. Anything that doesn’t fail to astonish you may it be a car or a person, you will want to hold on to it forever. I am in the same situation. Everyday is different with this car. Amazing Engineering!!!

That’s why people are ready to pay hefty amounts for German cars even though their reliability and customer service is arguably the worst. The German cars are well Engineered. Especially my car belongs to an era when there were only limited essential electronics and the rest was to be taken care by the driver. It’s a drivers car… No doubt!!!


















Now this I wanted to try and make my wallpaper… Focus on the ground, for a change 😛 




So highlights of this trip,

Start from home : 04:45 AM
Reach Jebel Al Jais 06:30 AM
Start the car for return leg 09:00 AM
Reach home 11:45 AM

Total kms : 250 kms approx

Total fuel : 20-25 liters approx


5 10







Pros :

A silent getaway, amazing winding roads, availability of public washrooms and barbecue places, Cost effective, Scenic, Challenging roads, Close to the city limits, Good to take along friends, family, parents or loved ones, Quiet place.

Cons :

Bad stretches of road; not matching UAE standards, Frequent cyclists, Lot of blind spot, Narrow roads at some places, People may find the troubles taken unworthy for what awaits is just a view, Camping area/off road is accessible only with permission, Unavailability of Petrol pumps, shops after leaving the city limits.

Best time to visit :

October to December and March to May.

Things to be careful about:

Narrow roads, blind spots and harsh potholes. Food, water and fuel should be taken care of before you leave city limits.

My opinion :

Definitely worth a shot for all the beautiful roads till the place and if you love silence and tranquility, think no more. A good place for weekend retreat provided you are not travelling in the rush hour. Auto-enthusiasts can enjoy the winding roads. Recommended. 

Finally a parting shot…






18 thoughts on “Jebel Al Jais _ The mountains revisited – 2”

  1. The views were unbelievably amazing! 🙂 I would be scared to death to take those pictures If I were you since I’m scared of height 😛 You are not only a great photographer, but also a brave soul Anoop 😉

    1. lol. Nothing brave about it Khloe 🙂 There were so many brave hearts there 😀 I think you won’t be scared if you were to be accompanied by someone. 🙂

      Glad you liked my post. Cheers!

  2. I was so lost in pics that I have lost words !!!!!!!! Spectacular shots 🙂 The twisted road,the sea shot , the B&W shot and the last shot were my favorite 🙂
    Btw, its ady, (previously from roundworldnme) now reporting from my new site. 😀

      1. Meh, old site was compromised in real life and I started getting too much interference,so… new start 😀

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