Going Digital

Tell me the number of times you have gone to submit a petition, apply for some government scheme and slapped yourself in the face seeing the ocean of people who are standing in the queue. In my life I have stood in quite a number of queues, quite a number of times.

It was a real waste of time and likewise, waste of precious man-hours of the umpteen number of people standing there.

Technology has influenced us in various walks of life. We have bettered our lives and technology has been a major player in that. Why not use it for e-governance and smoothen various aspects of governing?

Let me mention some key points as I look at the topic of E-governance.

1. India has a population of around 1.3 billion people. May it be for a govt job, or a small petition/ complaint the number of people turning up is in tens of thousands if not more. Making all of the government-public services digital would spare many people of a big headache.

2. Chances of corruption are very less as there is solid proof to everything.

3. Every one will eventually get to learn and acquaint themselves with technology which  will help them and the country grow.

4. Much less cost of running as E-governance will be much cheaper than setting up services, as we do it now.

5. More time and labor efficient as compared to our primitive system of doing things.

6. The government can function more quickly and be transparent in the process.

Like every coin, of course this also has two sides

Anyone can hack into the system provided the security is not strong, virus attacks can tamper with the data, the people associated with these services would lose their jobs cos most of the things will be automated.

But then there is always a risk associated with everything. Proper assessments, steps to curb these risks will help successful running of E-governance.

If we were to move further or if our country were to move further in socio-economic levels, this would be one good step towards it. I think the government can keep a track and trace of the people, connect to them more efficiently and interact as well. All of this at a lower cost than the way we are doing it now.


This post is a part of #DigitalIndia vision at Indiblogger in association with Intel.



29 thoughts on “Going Digital”

  1. Add my experience too. I have seen the times when fees in my early college days had to be submitted to the cashier, wasting huge hours standing in unending queues. Felt disgusted! Totally!! Who else would support e-governance than the IT people themselves. We say-
    Save paper
    Save Trees
    Go Digital
    Go Green 🙂

    1. I really missed out on that. Yes E-Governance is eco friendly.

      I remember those days as well. Standing in queue to pay the fees, even for application of a govt job once. Nightmare!

      1. I don’t think we’ll transform completely into e-governance soon. In India, it’s still going to take many many more years. Many more years of this pain 😦

  2. he he.. i have read materials and materials on this and everything pointed at primary and secondary levels of corruptions.. i mean why and why not and to what level each service is or can be digitized.
    time will heal it all.. nice read.. 🙂

  3. Good points! I am afraid it is all about job creation for the government as well. I am truly supporting e-governance idea but maybe the fear that it will take away certain positions and possible “extra income” ..you know what happens then.. 😉

  4. Oh yes I have stood in queues and even had to return a couple of times. 3 rounds of visit got my work done at times. Well thought of points. And all the best! 😀
    Btw, I have a suggestion. The theme color and the font color aren’t much of a contrast, the font is too small and while scrolling down your main page, it isn’t easy to spot the end of an article and the beginning of next. I don’t know if I’m the only one facing this difficulty.
    If not, it would be better if you could change the theme. 🙂

    1. Thanks for the comment Ranju 🙂

      Actually this theme I guess works only with Photography. The font is pretty small and you are not the only one facing this difficulty. I guess I’ll change the theme asap.


      1. Neat! I am skeptical about doing away with the widgets (in my blog too). Well, there is a problem with this theme. You have used a kind copper sulphate blue in your short story which is not legible due to the white background.
        You might want to change the font colors in every post of yours or use a dark theme that gives emphasis to the font.

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