The Conspiracy theory!!! – Final

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The informers were put in right places to trace the affairs… 

Informers are always an integral part of any Newspaper agency. They provide you with the little needed clue on which you can better and base your investigations.

Again here also some informers were told to keep a track of D’souza, only the ones’ that were trustworthy.

Nothing much had happened for weeks and they had to adjust with small scale news as usual. In between Raj had dropped a couple of more hints on D’souza to Roma. She was waiting for the right opportunity.

Finally after 3 weeks and 4 full days, Vipin gets an information from one of his agent that Mr. D’souza had a plan to visit a farm house which was around 150 kms away from the city. It’s not just him, he had company this time. The best time to get D’souza red handed.

The day arrived and Roma was ready for it. The plan was to follow them to their place and sneak through and get details of the happenings. This time they ditched Vipin’s motorbike and hired a car.

All throughout the evening they were waiting for a move from D’souza and they were parked near his gate. No signs of him yet and it was 7:00 pm in the evening. It was already dark. The wait felt like never ending. After another hour and a half, they saw his black Toyota Fortuner crawl out of his house slowly. Vipin switched on the ignition and slot the gear into the first and moved slowly but carefully behind him at a safe distance. They had their disguise on, but still they were wary about the dangers if the show happened to flop.

It’s already five past nine and they were still crawling in the city limits. From the looks, they could easily spot a lady with D’souza in black dress, but were unable to identify her. After his car covered the city limits, it was smooth roads ahead and they could see the SUV they were following had already zoomed well ahead of them. Though they were trying to catch up, Vipin was not feeling so confident. It was a small hatchback competing an SUV.

Finally when they had caught up, they noticed that D’souza was talking to someone on his mobile. Seconds later, the black Fortuner blasted through the roads. Like he had some urgency. Cutting lanes the big SUV was nowhere to be seen. They try chasing it for a while and finally they saw something very far turn left from the main road. Guessing it is his SUV they followed suit and took the turn as well; Vipin kept driving through all the small roads.

The black SUV had vanished into the realms of darkness. The darkness had eaten it up and the followers felt completely lost. No sooner that they decide to quit this cat and mouse game. It was already late and they had completely lost hope.

‘Did he see us, Vipin?’  asked Roma out of curiosity.

‘Maybe, I don’t see any other reason as to why he drove like a mad man. He was calm till that phone call. I suspect something fishy with that phone call.’ 

They decided to take the smaller roads which they were on, instead of getting back on the main roads. Inner roads were usually peaceful at night. While the dejected duo were on the way, they saw a spooky steep left turn with a rather small steep towards the side (which is not visible), and the side railings to prevent any falls looked mashed. To their surprise, there was smoke coming from the steep below and it looked fresh. Roma asked Vipin to park so that she could have a look at it.

Vipin does so but only a bit further. She walks back, and crosses the road to check what the deal was and the next second she is seen with hands on her head. Vipin seeing it from his rear view mirror gets out of the car and runs toward Roma.

A black Fortuner toppled upside down. An accident. The only thing to confirm now is if it was D’souza and the lady. The number plates weren’t visible. They had to go near the car which was lying half way past the slope. Vipin holds Roma’s hand tightly and makes sure that she doesn’t leave her finger prints anywhere. They walk close to the car and see D’souza lying lifeless with his head out of broken windows.

‘Didn’t he wear the seat belts?’ Roma questions. But a deep silence from Vipin and later a ‘Yes’ ruled that she was right.

Vipin looked at the co-passenger seat and it’s empty. He walked to the other side and not a single trace of anyone.

He came back to D’souza and placed his finger right above his nose, and after some seconds he got up and told

‘Time to get out of here. Something is fishy. This is serious and I think he is dead.’ 

Roma looked puzzled and scared at the same time.

Words wouldn’t make it out but she blabbered, ‘Should we not take him to the hospital?’

Vipin held her hand and started walking upwards and on the way he mentions that D’souza is no more. It was unsafe to stay there.

They need to get out of there asap or the scenario would change. They both run towards the car and Vipin keyed the ignition on. They drove fast towards their destination, away from the spot.

They spent the night together in a hotel unable to to sleep, unable to go back home, paralyzed by what they went through. The next day they both didn’t make it to the office.

The third day they had figured out that everyone had come to know about the death of D’souza and not going to office would probably be a bad idea. They went in a bit late.

Roma sat on her seat and her head started hurting. Will anybody have known anything? 

She just goes back to Vipin

‘I can’t take this no more. I think we should have a word with Raj. He will hear us out. We didn’t do anything wrong so why be afraid.’

Vipin answers negative and discourages her, but then Roma was adamant that she is going and talking to Raj. Vipin had no option but to go with her and see that she doesn’t drag both of them into trouble.

They both walked towards Raj’s cabin and knocked the door. No reply to the knocking.

They knock again and Roma pushes it open. Raj as usual was listening to his light music with his eyes closed and both the legs on the work table. A suffocating ribbon of smoke accompanied them in that room.

Roma let him know that they were there.

He switched off the music and looked at them. They narrated the story in a gist, not detailing it completely so that he just gets the outline of things that happened.

‘The police did enquire about you guys. I said I sent you both away with business. According to them this is an open shut case. A clear case of accident, and the alcohol in him helped as well. So I don’t think there is much to worry about. Also I know that turn is one hell of a nasty one even in the day light, so no wonder he crashed.’

Vipin mentioned about the lady and Raj brushed that thought aside saying, ‘You must have thought so son. Who would be in a position to run out of a car which is upside down. I think even removing the seat belt would be a big deal. Leave aside running. That’s some imaginary woman and I think you have been thinking about this too much.’

‘I know you guys have been working hard. You guys need rest and feel free to put in a leave for a week or two and enjoy yourselves. Go out and party. You guys have a great future for your sincerity and dedication.’ 

With all these compliments, Raj managed to sent them back happy chappy.

Roma went to her seat and started rewinding their conversation with Raj. He was not himself today. She thought for a while.

‘How did he know about the turn? Vipin or I never mentioned about it. Maybe from the police.’

Again she rewinded, ‘ Did he not mention about the seat belts? Vipin confirmed seeing D’souza that the accident and his positioning aftermath pointed towards not wearing seat belt. Raj mentioned that it was impossible to remove seat belt from a car that is in toppled position.’ 

Roma got curious, but this time opted that she went on a quick investigation alone. 

The only thing she had to trace now was the number which was the last call to D’souza in his mobile. That was not hard at all. She had her good friends working in the mobile network providers office.

In a matter of two days, she got that sorted and as suspected it was Raj’s number which was the last received call. This was not a significant proof but meant a lot to her. She chose to confront Raj this time, alone.

The next day as Roma entered office and she just waited for the right moment to speak to Raj on this.

As she entered his room, he had a cigar in his mouth and enjoying his smoke.

‘Raj…’ she called out

‘Yes sweetheart!’

‘Let this be between us, Raj. I need to ask you something. Your call was the last received as per mobile network services to his phone. And after he received the call, he was in a haste. Is there anything I need to know.’ 

Raj put his foot down on the floor and looked at her. He got up from his chair and walked towards Roma. He brushed her hair aside and ran his fingers on her cheeks.

‘Is there anything you want to know, baby?’ was his question back for her with the wildest and deepest look ever. She froze and her heart stopped beating for a second as if the blood had stopped circulating in her body. Pale and numb, she looked at Raj. All she could see was his eyes and the burning end of Cigar.

Raj just walked towards the window and as he inhaled another puff with a strong sense of involvement, he turned back and said

‘Somethings are better unknown, don’t you feel so Roma?’ 

She nodded her head and said a bye to Raj before she rushed out of that door.

Raj looked outside the blinds into the streets and his eyes looking at the horizon. Then he came back to his chair, sat on it with ease and put his foot up on the work table as he inhaled another puff of cigar. As he exhaled, he watched the round smoke making way into the air and then slowly vanishing. He enjoyed the sight. Round smoke, slowly deforming to become nothing in the end…

He mumbled again,

All is well…that ends well. 


 The end


20 thoughts on “The Conspiracy theory!!! – Final”

  1. “All she could see was his eyes and the burning end of the cigar” – Somehow this scene was very vivid. Well done!
    Binge watching newsroom. This gave a very different perspective.

  2. Surprise surprise I totally didn’t expect the story to end this way. I thought Roma would have said Raj something after “he brushed her hair aside and ran his fingers on her cheeks.” 😛 Anyway, unexpected story is what a story interesting and fun 😉 Good job Anoop! 🙂

    1. Hey Khloe,

      Since that guy is intellectual, Roma wouldn’t have taken it as harassment. And that cannot be his intention. Hence she was quiet 😀

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting 🙂 Your support is amazing.

      1. Thank you very mich for your detailed explanation and now I do understand why she reacted that way! 😉 You’re most welcome Anoop 🙂 I’m amazed by your creativity and therefore I must read and comment 😀

    1. Somethings are better unknown 🙂 That’s true thing. We don’t need to know answers to everything.

      Thank you so much Archita. I am happy to know that you enjoyed the post.

    1. Yes… I had that in mind too whenI wrote the story. Here goes,
      ‘Raj called D’souza and warned about someone following him. Hence D’souza zoomed ahead of Vipin and Roma. Raj suggested that D’souza take the route, where he was killed. The murder was plotted by Raj’

      ‘The lady is Deputy commissioner’s wife. In one of the conversations Raj mentioned that to Roma in the part 1 of the story. To be precise the sentence is like : If someone is going to make a kill, it will be DCP and not D’souza.’

      Glad to have answers to your inquisitiveness. 😀 It’s a pleasure to have a smart reader like you 🙂

  3. You really have a way of making those words come alive.

    As said by many here, the ending did have a twist and I liked it.

    ‘Some things are better unknown’ – that was epic. 😀

  4. You are so good with creative writing – the description about a person and a place was in awesome details and readers could feel it. That’s a talent! What is next? A book maybe?

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