Top Gear – A sad end to an Epic TV series!

The below post are my views and opinions put together. I am in no way trying offend or copy anyone in the process. 

Before I thought of writing this post, I watched another episode of Top Gear UK. No, not for inspiration but just watching the show itself is such an entertainment. I would say it was a sad day for the whole of motoring world… very sad day indeed when Jeremy Clarkson was suspended from the show, later sacked and they decided to suspend the show indefinitely.

Though my love for motoring is pretty much more than the love for myself, the technical things that I know about automotive stuff is quite embarrassingly bare.

I came to know about Top Gear TV program only in 2013 from a few of my friends. They were all hails and praises for the show, but before that I have only seen the magazine called Top Gear. I never log on to BBC for I think that’s a News channel which is not to my liking. This show started in 2002 and I knew about this only in 2013, that’s how updated I was. Maybe till that time I was completely a motorbike guy, and cars were a no no. top-gear-50


How many automotive shows do we all know? I know quite a few. But nothing like the TG UK.

Even there are shows like TG US and TG AUS which didn’t take off well as compared to TG UK. For one reason; the three presenters (bloke’s) namely Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May. I don’t see any other reason why the show has become such a hit. It is the world’s most watched automotive show and has over 20 + seasons. I have watched couple of episodes of TG US and I didn’t like it. TG UK had a special blend of humor along with automotive review and other stuff which stole our hearts, not to forget the stunning visuals. I would any day trade any other TV show for the TG. It was just too good. The reason why it was good were it’s presenters. They were simply humorous and they reviewed a lot of sports cars, super cars and hyper cars;family cars sometimes.

Clarkson was a controversy child right from the beginning. He had punched someone before and there were protest against his mindless comments he made number of times. The BBC had put up with all of those and now he punched the producer; physically and verbally abused him for 30 secs for some reason that he was  served with cold food (or something like that) after a long tiring day’s work. Come on! That cannot be justified. BBC had suspended him earlier and reports have now come that he has been removed and the show might be suspended forever. I can in noway blame the BBC and they have themselves admitted that with ‘great regret’ they have let him go.

I was talking about my colleague regarding these incidents and he was like, ‘I just wonder if they could put a sum for those 30 secs and fine him hefty rather than firing him. That show had the potential to go on for ever. They could have made millions and billions.’

I am of the opinion that BBC should have given Clarkson the option of paying a huge fine or resigning. The much celebrated Top Gear had one of the saddest ends imo and it deserved so much more than that.

There is nothing more that I would say a big ‘Thank you’ to the Top Gear UK crew and BBC for entertaining me with their brilliant show, which had 300 + million viewers per week and winner of International Emmy in 2005.

On that sad bombshell, it’s time to wind up this post… Good Night!




23 thoughts on “Top Gear – A sad end to an Epic TV series!”

  1. Although I’m not a fan of this type of show (I guess i’m being a girly girl lol 😛 ) , I can totally imagine how sad it will be when one of your favourite show comes to the end. Well! Hopeful, BBC will come up some new stuff that pleases you more Anoop! 😉

  2. I’ve never watched any automobile show. 😦 Oh, no, hold on…. once I watched a show on Porsche where they’re showing how and where the different parts are made, including the seat covers and other accessories 😀

    From your words, this show sounds like a great one. They may start it again on popular demand.

    BTW, this theme is wonderful 🙂 Thanks for changing the previous one 😀

    1. You should probably watch this show. At least one episode. They test all cars, and Porsche is included as well 😛

      The presentation is out of the world and hence the viewership. 🙂

      I know, this theme is a much relief to our eyes. I will miss Nishita though (previous theme name) 😛 She was our character in one of the short stories, remember? 😀 😀

  3. Anoope, I am quite ignorant on this post of yours. I think you you should be making your posts more girl friendly because of the fact that we outnumber your male blogger friends ;-). Just kidding re. Btw playing with your theme again? This is very soothing to the eyes and I loved it!

    1. Haha. There was one girl friendly post Shruti. That was a short story 😀 Just before this. But yeah I do have more female readers for my blog, which is such a great thing..

      I think I’ll keep this theme for sometime, till I find something better. WP looks good bright. Dark doesn’t work well 🙂 I am glad you liked my theme and that was the idea.

  4. To all the avid readers who commented here who don’t know much about Top Gear;

    TG wasn’t your typical ‘car show’.

    It had 3 middle aged men who were constantly being mean to each other, had some spectacular adventures together, and sometimes yes, they did talk cars as well. 😛

    But most of all, it’s the chemistry between the trio that was so mesmerizing. Many would say that it was Clarkson who defined the show, but that said the show wouldn’t have been complete without the antics of May and Hammond as well. They each brought their own distinctive personalities to the show and helped it mature over the years.

    With an almost unlimited production budget and the might of the BBC behind them, the whole world was their oyster. Which other car show has blokes driving through the Amazon rainforest, or the famed salt pan of the Makgadikgadi in Botswana. They even drove all the way to the North Pole!

    They didn’t make many road tests and reports about your everyday family cars and hatchbacks. They spent their time roaring around in the latest exotica to come out of Italy or raving on and on about the exquisite handling prowess of the latest Porsche. They gave us all a glimpse into the world of supercars and handling, of horsepower and raw noise. It was the holy calling for those of us who had a blood group of 97 octane, instead of O+.

    Yes,Clarkson had his fair share of controversies over the years, but then he didn’t care about what others might think. He has made so many jokes that many find tasteless, or racist or just plain offensive. I don;t know. I’ve always said that if you want humour, you have to occasionally take the hit as well.

    As Anoop said, the issue with Clarkson wasn’t in any way justified, but I do think that it was seriously blown way out of proportion by both the BBC and the media. But then childhood hero or not, Clarkson still isn’t above the law, and I suppose the BBC had their hands tied in this matter.

    The BBC has told the others that they can continue to make the show, but in true Musketeer fashion, they have refused to be on TG without Jeremy.
    It truly is a sad end to an epic show, a show that provided so many countless hours of entertainment for me over the years.

    Farewell Jeremy, thank you for all the smiles you gave me. 🙂

    1. I wish I had put it the way you had. You are so much more of a petrolhead than I am. I realized that even before and here is the proof to it 🙂 Well done… I wish I could tell everyone here to read this comment instead of the post. 🙂

      1. Awww, thanks. 😀

        I just had to say all that, it really is the end of an era for me. 😦

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