A Clean Sweep

After trying for the umpteenth number of time, I got it right … finally. Thanks to all the Photography Gods, deities and idols! 

I have seen through the times

I have beaten the odds

Time that has built a fortified grave for many

The very same ‘time’ has seen me stronger than ever

I was made of wrought iron, by people who thought ahead of time

I grow stronger, meaner and invincible as years go by


When the needle does a clean sweep

I roar out loud

The greater the sweep, the louder the roar

Dictating my power to everyone in the vicinity

Often challenging everyone to push their limits even higher

Setting the bar sky high

My limits remain unchallenged yet

I am immortal, I am forever

I am known by a sport

But those last three letters

Leaves the world ten steps behind

G . T . I .

It is such a pleasure to have an old car which I leave in the hottest sun and coldest winds, yet it has no intentions of giving up. Performs like brand new, still mechanically sound (touch wood); there is nothing more I expect but gratitude!


27 thoughts on “A Clean Sweep”

  1. Nicely taken pic 🙂
    I agree. Some things, as they get older, they get fonder to us. 🙂
    And when they simply work well, it is such a pride.

  2. Your love for your car totally shines through this beautifully written poem 😉 Your writing always amaze me and so are your pictures 😉 I can totally feel the power of your lovely car through this nice picture. Good job Anoop! 🙂

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