Everyone’s welcome …!

Let us consider Indian society for a bit and the guests that usually visit us. It’s perfectly acceptable in India to show up by surprise to a well-known person’s place. We used to do that sometimes, say once in a blue moon. By we, I mean me, my father and my mother. We would just give least of notices and just walk into a family friend or a very close relatives home one evening, and it was perfectly fine. It was an acceptable social norm in those days. They used to return the favor as well, and that kept the bond very strong and close.

This was some 16-18 years ago. Today, things have become much more complicated. We live a fast pace life. Imagine a city like Mumbai, every household has at least two members who are earning, just so that they can sustain life again all odds that the city will present in the form of various bills by the end of the month. Inflation has hit us big time, correct me if I am wrong.

Now these are the two different scenarios that we are going to look at. The only one thing that we didn’t consider is the lavish food that would be kept on the table in order to please the guests. In each of the times, the only thing that hasn’t changed is this custom of our society.

Earlier the lady of the home would alone go for the chores and make sure that the guests are pleased with the best food that they could make/get. We as kids were happy about it. Best food, meeting cousins/friends; what else could one ask for?

Now things are completely different. I no longer go to a place without at least a day’s prior notice and if possible not stay up longer so that their chores remain unaffected. But then sometimes mingling with our extended families is very important so that the relationship stays strong and we stay close.

Couple of weeks back it so happened that 6 members of our extended family were in town and they did inform us that they were coming in. They had some other works in town. My mom as usual gets worried about what do we do for dinner? We were running short of resources and month ends are usually tough to tackle. I suggested why not go for pizza for that one day. Sure they would love it cos anyways you don’t eat pizza everyday. At least not in India. Also the fact that ‘even if it’s bad…it’s good’ applies to pizza. Though not in agreement, my mother and father did agree to this easy idea, leaving me with the job of ordering food. I was completely carefree as Dominos deliver pizza to my area in less than 30 mins.


Just then I remembered my colleague quoting about ‘Patrika’ and the coupons for dominos there. We all know ‘Patrika’ as a Hindi news portal. But then I never knew that they collaborated with  27coupons, which happen to be one of the leading coupons and deals distribution platforms of India, to give us some deals on various products and stores.

Thanks to my colleague and I got a whooping 15% discount over the 20 small size boxes I purchased for my family and the guests. Everyone was happy by the end of it.

Now-a-days, 27coupons and Patrika helps the poor souls like us with additional discounts on their offers. I am sure you might want to check their websites to get great deals on various products and services. Their webpages are as follows,

27coupons.com and http://coupons.patrika.com/dominos-coupons/

I hope these links help you like it has helped me and my family at the right time.

27 coup


On that rather glad bombshell, Good night!


Both the above images are taken from the websites namely http://www.27coupons.com/ and http://coupons.patrika.com/dominos-coupons/.


33 thoughts on “Everyone’s welcome …!”

  1. So correct! Earlier, meeting our friends at their home used to be maximum a half an hour decision and now we need a day or sometimes, a week to decide if we could meet or not. And family meetings have reduced to a great level. Thanks for sharing, ‘everyone’s welcome’ and the coupons too. Much needed now-a-days. 😉
    Goodnight 🙂

  2. I also remember the times we all could walk into our close family homes without prior notice!! Now it’s all changed!! He he…I can’t imagine someone walking into my home when its all messed up!! Though there are still a very few of our friends who do it and are perfectly happy to take in all the mess!! Hihi

    1. Oh great to know that. I usually don’t stay long at anyone’s place these days. I know that times are tough and hence I give them ample of notice if I had to 🙂

  3. Earlier days were indeed more full of warmth and fun, these days it’s just a quick chit-chat , we don’t meet without reason 😦 And the houses had simple things too, not the complicated lifestyle of today, even a phone or laptop and it’s so many wires are enough to make a mess !
    I haven’t tried these websites , would definitely check them out 😀 😀 Thank you 🙂

    1. Hello Ady,

      Definitely those were different kind of fun. Especially with the absence of technology. Things were real than virtual 🙂


  4. “Even if it is bad…..it is good.” Yes! Yes! Pizza for life.
    I miss those popping over days. And even when we did make plans, we did not have to confirm it till the second we left the house. Here we co-ordinate with whatsapp and missed calls till the last moment.

    1. Haha. That said I haven’t had pizza in the last 6-7 months, I probably need to go on a pizza hunt soon.

      18 years ago no body were that busy even if they were working. I can’t even think of how life has changed in 2 decades. Now-a-days, no random plans are made. We usually don’t stay anywhere too long, to make sure that we don’t cause inconvenience.

  5. Absolutely, nowadays nobody visits even a friend’s house without a prior notice. Gone are those days when unexpected visits of relatives used to make us happy. 🙂 These coupons really come handy when we have surprise guests now…. 😀 Moreover, I like pizzas… 😛

      1. No problem 🙂 I was just messing around, by not allowing you to enjoy the rains. But then …. naa… you enjoy!

  6. “Even if it is bad…..it is good.” – Very well said. It’s always good to have pizza once in a while. 😉 Unfortunately, I can’t use those coupons in HK 😛 BTW, I’m glad to know you guys had a great time 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. Pizza menu for the end of the month 😊 sounds good!
    Your intro of Indians visiting culture is similar to Indonesians as well. Friends and relatives are welcomed to visit without earlier notice. In the Netherlands, this is impossible to do. We have to make appointment first before visiting friends and relatives…

    1. Yeah. All of Asia follows the same except may be some parts.

      West is completely different. And these are some of the things that I don’t appreciate of the western world :/

      1. To be honest, I like the option to call first before visiting someone’s house. Here in the Netherlands there is always risk that the person we are going to visit is not home or busy. Some of our friends are usually calling us a couple hours before visiting..and there is no obligation to serve them with food or drinks for sudden visit 😊

      2. As kids we don’t understand the need for a prior notice, but as grown ups we do. I do agree to your POV. I don’t stay back for food or drinks as well unless the person is very close to me 🙂


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