Travelling in OLA cabs…

There was a time when debates used to be reserved to a time when we were free and debates/discussions usually happened between friends over small topics related to life. But all those times it used to happen in person ie face to face.

Thanks to whatsapp groups, now we have our discussions or debates anytime of the day. It only matters who is up for it. Sometimes these discussions have seen all of them voting for or against it. One of such example was drinking a couple of beers and driving back home. Everyone came to a conclusion that, we could hire a cab and go back home rather than put ourselves and the other road users in trouble. At the same time came the topic of hiring cabs. OlaCabs were new in Cochin then, but couple of my friends had already tried and tested their service and were quite positive about the service they offered. The first thing that surprised me was how did Ola even start their service in Cochin, and I was pretty glad to know that Cochin is quite a well reputed city after the metros in India.

The surprises didn’t stop there, but we also know that Cochin is an IT hub, not matching the likes of Banglore but in its own rights. One of my friend said that there were IT engineers who were quitting their job and joining Ola and Uber. The pay is amazing and matches the IT field. I was fascinated and I wanted to know more about Ola.

How do I book their services? What were the rates?

The booking is done through the OlaCabs app that you can get via their website. You just go ahead and download the app.

We can either book a ride 1 hour or more in advance and we have an option for booking an instant ride, wherein the app will show the hatch/sedan available to the nearest location to you. We have the option of selecting one. The rate is something like Rs 49 for the first 2 kms and then Rs 12 /km or Rs 14/km for hatchback and sedan cars respectively. The first 5 mins of waiting is free, beyond which they charge Rs. 2 per minute.

That is pretty cost effective since I would be paying the same amount for hiring an auto-rickshaw. Last night one of my friend messaged back in the group saying that he got a free ride in OlaCab. This is due to some points that he accumulated by using OlaCabs regularly. There is OlaCab wallet where you get your cash-backs and points which can be used later on to pay the difference, sometimes your rides may cost as less as Rs. 10 or sometimes even nil.

Imagine getting huge amount of discounts for travelling in a well maintained car, which doesn’t even feel like a cab. Most often the cars used for the purpose are Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire, Mahindra Renault Logan or a Tata Indigo. The choices are not limited to these but these happen to be popular.

Then then then… things get even better. Imagine if you can apply coupons while booking OlaCabs and get crazy discounts. How amazing would that be!

27coupons as we all know is a leading deal distributors across various products and services. They, in collaboration with ‘Patrika’ which is the biggest Hindi News portal in India,  helps their customers with additional discounts on their offers. You can view all their promotions for OlaCabs at this link location :



These coupons have helped many of my acquaintance get the prices lowered and hence paying cheap and making the travel much more value for money. Thanks to 27coupons and patrika for coming up with such an initiative. In the near future, I hope to use this service and thereby saving some money for other essential things.

27 coup

I hope you guys make use of these facilities for quick and unplanned as well as long and planned travels, making your travel more hassle free.

(The rates mentioned in the post are from word of mouth and only related to Cochin. I would request you to confirm the rates before making any sort of booking.)

Both the above images are taken from the websites namely and



21 thoughts on “Travelling in OLA cabs…”

  1. The Ola coupons will have to wait because Ola is still not functional here…but thanku for the website, I did use those coupons somewhere else. Waiting for more 😛 🙂
    And yes, Cochin in itself is a beautiful city.

  2. Yes, the likes of Ola and Uber are making great inroads into the Indian taxi market, but it remains to be seen for how long the prices stay competitive.

    In Bangalore for example, they have introduced surge pricing. That said, it’s still much cheaper than the ridiculous rates that the regular taxi wallahs charge during the wee hours, and as you said, with these services at least you get to travel in clean, well maintained cars and the drivers are usually not complete hooligans behind the wheel. 🙂

    One other reason why they’re rapidly gaining popularity I believe is because this is a much more lucrative option for the tech savvy IT crowd.

    1. I am just amazed to find them in Cochin. Who knew Cochin was a little superstar 😛 That said I would prefer to pay a bit more and go hassle free if I am with my family. It’s the same for everyone I guess, especially in India.

  3. My Goodness. OLA is such a game changer. When I went to Bangalore and Chennai recently almost all cabs had become OLA Cabs! Now everyone is talking about OLA! I admire how they have captured the market in such a short time!

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