Time and Trial

The court was adjourned for the day and the case to be heard again on the 7th of May. That would be the final hearing. The verdict date was announced as the 10th of May. Still 18 days to go till the next hearing. Jacob was absolutely certain that he would get the deserved victory in this case over his accused which happened to be his manager as well.

It had only been 47 days and the case had proceeded in fast track. Another 18 days means 65 days and the case would be shut, trial would end and verdict in the next 3 days. That’s how things happen in far lands where structures and systems are developed. No delay in justice. No wasting time beating around bushes. Only the rightful person gets the deserved justice, hence people were more inclined towards following law.

47 days ago … 

The heated argument went unusually wrong at the office with Jacob deciding to react against his immediate manager Mr. Ben who was a bit abusive with his statements. Abuses were usual, but counter reaction to Ben’s words weren’t. Ben was always nosy, and his yells and screams left the others gasping for breath. A lot of ego made a perfect icing on the cake.

That day, Jacob just went for him. Finally Ben ended the argument by the most unethical way of doing things at a professional institution. A harsh hit on the face that sent Jacob right on the floor. Instead of getting emotionally charged, Jacob just walked out of Ben’s cabin and walked out of the office, drove straight to the nearest Police station and registered an official criminal case against his so called manager. The rest was history. If proved, Ben would face 16 months in prison with or without 101 lashes and a fine apart from paying a damage in the from of money to the victim as much as he claims but under the instructions and regulations prescribed by the court.

The case was strong as the first hand witness were Policemen. The swelling, marks on the face and the slight visibility of blood stain had special mentions in the report. Most of the times, in such cases there is no way out unless the victim himself withdrew the case, in which would bring a fine upon the victim for misuse of the valuable time of court.

Jacob was in complete despise for these managerial class. In their firm, all these people did was bully upon other subordinates and get paid five to ten times more than them for the deed.

Why would the world be so cruel? Everyone worked hard, who gave them the authority to bully and yell at others. Everyone were there for the same purpose. His despise didn’t take long to convert into frustration and later into hatred. The world was mean, and he felt the need to fight back this time. There was no going back, the case stood and he was sure that he would not only send him to jail but get some financial aid as well for the trauma he went through.

The money got as a financial aid would make sure, Jacob pays off his dues and debts. The long standing dream of returning to his hometown somehow was no longer a back-burner as it used to be.

6 days to go for the trial…

Ben’s wife and his three and half year old son came to meet Jacob.

Jacob was at his home, it was that time of the night when he would usually plan to go back to his bed after saying prayers. Tonight he heard a calling bell and walked towards the door to find his family at the door steps. Ben’s wife stood with their child. Jacob could feel the numbness in her eyes. Her eyes showcased the shattered heart he left behind.. 16 months in the jail would be like spending 16 years in hell for her and the kid.

Ben’s wife broke down right there before even she could start speaking to Jacob. Sobbing hard she tried to push out words which were impossible to have an interpretation. Jacob let them get into the house, so that the neighbors don’t see or hear the drama which he expected to witness for a few minutes or maybe for an hour. As expected she was all tears and plea for Ben’s stupidity and finally pleading to let him go of the case. Jacob stood there cold, like a frozen piece of ice block.

Somewhere in between his eyes fell on the little kid for a while. The little boy was looking around not knowing what was happening.

After listening for a while, she had to be reminded politely the aftereffects of meeting him whilst the case was in progress. The imprisonment could be extended further by 6 months and this deterred her from further talking to him further. They left in a short while with tears and a broken heart.

The hearing went in favor of Jacob as expected, but Jacob had submitted a plea through the lawyer appointed by the court on the same day of hearing. The court would hear that plea and give it’s verdict exactly on the date as decided.

Ben was pretty sure that the plea would be the last nail to his coffin and nothing else. He and his family were pretty much sure on the verdict, which had left them in a state of despair.

Ben was always a different man at home. Giving control to his wife over the matters related to his family and a loving father to his son. This would tear their family apart and leave a big scar in their life. Nonetheless they had to go through all of it for Ben’s bullying at office and mindless act.

Finally the day which marked the end of trial was here. Today the fate of the case would be declared and much to everyone’s surprised, the case was dismissed by the court saying that the victim had called it quits. Jacob was instructed to pay a fine as expected, which was dealt with by paying off with the help of his lawyer. He left the court room as soon as he could, ending a 65 day long battle.

That night Jacob was in his balcony just to himself and the stars that night had brought along. He had a glass of white rum diluted by very little ginger flavored soda in his hand. The small 250 ml bottle was half full and was on the table awaiting it’s turn to be poured in the glass, but not so soon. Jacob had the whole night to himself. He sipped a mouthful and felt the hot lava pass through his throat, between his heart and lung through the food pipe to find it’s way into his stomach. That is the only reason he doesn’t like to dilute it much, to make it’s presence known to his body.

He thought,

The case was there to be won. Easily some pocket change to pay off the debts and all of it gone in vein. Instead some pocket change dropped off at the court to pay off the fine. 

Another sip of the white rum,

I was right as well with the case. This was not a false case, then what the hell was the  reason for withdrawing the case?

As per the final plea that Jacob submitted, he had requested the court that the case would be a big setback to Ben’s family and his son would get a wrong impression about his father which could impact their relation for a lifetime.

Jacob never knew that those ten minutes of staring at Ben’s kid would make such an impact on his decision. Alas he felt that right thing had been done, and after taking a final sip, he walked back to his bed to call it a day.

 Humanity triumphs justice, once again! 



40 thoughts on “Time and Trial”

      1. Yeah, I always leave a room for sequel in my story. Probably I should start writing sequels for couple of my stories from before 😀

  1. This is an engaging and intriguing story and the most amazing thing about it is the detailing you’ve done on every character and each scene like jacob’s returning to hometown, his debts, ben’s character at home and the best one was the rum scene! Excellent! 🙂

    1. Hello Archita,

      I am so glad that you liked my story, I have only tried to make it look a bit real 🙂

      Thank you so much for all the encouragement 🙂

    1. Hi Mani,

      Thank you first of all.

      I need to start writing sequels to a couple of stories from before. I was thinking about it.

      You are welcome too, if you want to write. I stole one of your stories before so we will be even then 😀

      PS : I wrote you a mail in gmail. 🙂

      1. Yes yes, I think most of your stories ask for a sequel 🙂

        And, of course, I’ll love to ‘steal’ one of your stories..hehe…

        I loved your version of my ‘stolen’ plot, you know… 😀

        Will check the mail ..:-)

      2. I will work on a sequel for one of my short stories.
        I hope you steal one of my stories / or more than one and make something amazing of it 😀
        Yeah I know you did love my version of your story but alas it was your story 🙂 So all the credits to you of course.

  2. I loved how you presented a detailed story while keeping it compact Anoop! 😉 It was tough for Jacob to call it quit eventually, but I think he did the right thing for Ben’s family. I appreciated how considerate he was 🙂 A wonderful story!!! ❤

  3. Very good tale there, bwooy. 🙂

    It shows that you believe there is some humanity left in this world. 😀

    I’m a fan of Jacob’s kind heart as well,mostly because he reminds me of a very dear friend. 😉

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