Staying Brand ‘ed’

Some years back when I was in college, I got acquainted with all these brands and stuff. Before college I would usually go out to a store and buy a shirt/trouser/shoe that would please my eye. It was from friends that I learnt about various brands in retail sectors. At that time not many people apart from the very fortunate class and college students really paid close attention to brands or that was my general observation.

I still remember that I had to save up for one year straight to buy a Woodlands shoe. I walked into the showroom and my father was along with me. I asked for the price of a Woodland Spider which happened to be one of the top-selling model then and paid around Rs. 2400 + for the shoe. Though the amount doesn’t sound big enough today, trust me it was a big thing to pop out Rs. 2400 from the wallet. I still have the shoe with me, it’s still alive and kicking. I think it’s been 8 years I bought that shoe and though it looks a bit tired, it doesn’t have any signs of breaking into two or falling apart. So I hope you know where I am coming from. Similarly I have a Puma tee, almost 7 years and still it looks and feels great. A black Zodiac shirt that I wear only to special occasions again some 6 or 7 years. These branded things last.

What stopped us from buying branded things? The pain of paying hefty prices to showroom. No doubt I could afford 4 shirts for the cost of 1 zodiac which I bought back then. We had no option then if we had to buy, we had to pay the prices showroom stuck up as price tags.

E-commerce took a while in India to start. But I remember Myntra as one of the pioneers in bringing E-commerce to our shores. I am glad to say that me and my friends have done quite a few purchases in the form of gifts and later some branded apparels from Myntra. We would walk into a showroom in Cochin, check out the size of the tee-shirt, shoes and then come back home and order it online for lesser price. The delivery would happen in 3 days and we were happy that we didn’t lose that much money as we were supposed to at the showroom. Later on we used to get SMS from Myntra with various coupon codes very often. I have purchased things from there and saved 25% on items like my tee-shirt and shoes.

When I moved out of India, I was surprised to see couple of my friends still ordering gifts for their family from Myntra.

Recently I heard from a friend of mine that they are going app-only very soon. I am not sure on this if they are taking down their website. I think app’s work charm in these day of smart phones. You can instantly get notified on the current offers without having to sit in front of a screen and go through their website. The best thing about downloading it now is that ‘The Myntra App party’ is on. That means you can get a flat 50%-70% off on their largest collection ever. My friend who is India also messaged me today morning stating the same; Some guilt free indulgence in shopping.

If you are planning to buy something, then why not give it a try and choose to pay less than half the price on stuff that you want to buy. I think it’s a steal deal and  I would definitely not miss this one. #ItsPersonal

Do you think Myntra app can be a better alternative than the webpage? Do you feel you can stay more connected by the dedicated app? Will you download this Myntra app and try to get those offers displayed in their website? 

 This is a sponsored post written for Myntra.



15 thoughts on “Staying Brand ‘ed’”

  1. I definitely think that the Myntra app is a better alternative than the Web page. I have this app and the offers keep popping in now and then. But the happiness and satisfaction people get from market shopping cannot be replaced, few they are I guess.!

  2. Oh, definitely. Even the other biggies like Flipkart and Amazon report that customers browse and shop using the app much more than they do using the website.

    Besides, the future’s mobile. I don’t blame Myntra for wanting to keep maintaining only the respective apps for all the different mobile platforms.

  3. Hey Anoop!

    Myntra going App-only is actually ridiculous to me. I’m definitely not downloading an app. There was nothing wrong with the desktop site. I could browse sooo much more and even faster. The discounts that you see right now, is simply to lure new customers or make current customers download the app.
    I even called them giving my negative feedback. Wonder how long they’re gonna last like this.

    1. I think the idea is to connect more with people and who doesn’t have a smart phone these days. So an app can be more closer to a person than a website.

      But I get you. We have our preferences when it comes to browsing.

  4. It is much easier to actually use a desktop when you can do side by side comparison of multiple products by opening another tab!! In comparison the app is much more pain! Need to mention that it eats up battery of a smartphone. And by the way who wants unwanted pop ups?

    All that apart, cutting down choices never helps! I have used myntra couple of times -desktop version, but I will never download an app! Thankfully we have other sites who have decided to give option to the customers!

    1. That’s true. But then the youngsters these days do everything from their smartphone. I guess they must have targeted the youngsters mainly. They were throwing crazy discount deals on the app so that the app gets some popularity.

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