In search of the lost Manuscripts! (The Revelation)

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It was also said by my mom that Ammama herself knew quite a few spells in case an emergency was to arise….

Micky who was the eldest of the three was the most active among us. All my mischief were camouflaged if I was with Micky. I always considered that as a good thing. My mother had much less temper as compared to his parents.

Micky was always interested in listening to the stories that Ammama would share with us at night. We were an interested bunch but Micky would start with asking something and finally make her narrate a story on a spell or an incident which had supernatural’ity’ in it. On the 4th day of our stay, he casually mentioned about the mansion on the Northern Aisle of the village. Before coming here, his father who happens to be my mothers elder brother mentioned about this house and some tragic incidents. So he put forward that before us and asked granny on what the whole thing was.

I still remember one of those days when mom was reading a book on something about astrology, I had intervened her. Usually during that time of the afternoon, I would be asleep. But that day it was rather surprising that I sprang on her and asked her to tell me something interesting about her childhood. She started telling me about this mansion of the Northern Aisle and finally very little about it. How the house was one of the most powerful and influential one during the early days and how it is in ruins now! I was told to ask Ammama about it for further details, as she went back to what she was reading.

To support Micky, I also started telling Ammama that my mom had said so. She was a bit reluctant on telling about that particular mansion or anything related to that, which was beyond our understanding cos it wouldn’t be so usually. Finally Neenu also lend a helping hand and she was already lying in Ammama’s lap. Finally she had to agree to our demands. Vichu was a silent spectator to all the happenings as usual.

Ammama started narrating as she had heard from her childhood about the cursed mansion of Northern Aisle.

The mansion of the Northern Aisle was the one to the extreme north of the Village and one of the most influential one’s around 400 years ago. The major landlords of the land belonged to this family and hence the family was believed to be the strongest among the major families across the whole of Travancore province of Kerala. The property and house itself consumed 16 acres of land. Our grandmother’s house was close to 1.5 acres and was by itself one of the biggest properties in the vicinity. These 16 acres of land was still with the family but none of the immediate family members were alive to claim it or to live in that huge mansion.

Neenu interfered asking her the reason for such a downfall of that mansion. What possibly could have gone wrong? Ammama was deep by the time but she was talking and that is all we cared.

As per Hindu mythology, the presiding lord of the heavens who is known as Indrah was once entangled by a vision. The vision had him see the goddess of time and death, Mahakali reveal the verses of black magic and many peculiar rituals that would enable him control all of the heaven, hell, Gods, Humans and Evils. All of this revealings were not to be used for his vested interest but for the common good. During these revealings there were also some peculiar tantric chants and mantras which would enable Indrah get control over all the six senses. The former was called ‘Mahendrajaal’ and the latter was ‘Indrajaal’. While the goddess revealed Indrah with such information, she humiliates him with lashings and also vision ends with a note that if Indrah were to use any of these for his vested interests, all of it would be forgotten. Indrah does what he was warned against and eventually ends up losing the memories of all the mantras and other rituals. ‘Mahendrajaal or Maha-indrajaal’ and ‘Indrajaal’ were the most powerful ritual procedures/mantras that could enable anyone to enslave Gods, Humans and Evils at the same time and be the ultimate power. It was forever forgotten by Indrah due to his misdeeds.


This is the story that most of us know. But there is one that is not known to the outside world. Indrah had descended from heaven and walked on the sands of earth for long after he had the vision. He managed to hide himself from the gods and in abyss of a valley he found a small hermitage and a saint there. He sought asylum there and to the saint he revealed his true identity; requested to put down on two manuscripts his words. In the future he would comeback and retrieve the manuscripts from the sage or any place that the sage was going to place it. The unknowing sage did what he was said to by Indrah and thus the two most powerful Manuscripts came into existence.

Indrah left the ashram soon after instructing the sage to deal with the manuscripts safely. He also mentioned that it may be buried in the temple yard close to the city of Mithila which was far from the hermitage and he would retrieve the manuscripts as and when he required. This somehow known by the goddess of death cursed the scripture and anyone who were to handle it with doom.

Micky interrupted asking what had this to do with the mansion which is here. Ammama continued…

The temple that the sage had buried the manuscripts, was hit by a natural calamity and saw it fall apart in sometime. The manuscripts were recovered by some temple administrator who had seen his family and his home burn to ashes. The manuscript was untouched and it had started emitting rings of heat and that is when he realized that these were not to be placed anywhere near or it could bring disaster not just to him but to the whole village. He traveled south and finally managed to get rid of the scriptures to a King and termed it as a humble gift.

The wise King who started sensing his kingdom’s drought had ordered his men to investigate into the reason for the sudden natural calamity and lack of rain.  The investigations finally pointed to the unwanted scriptures and now the king ordered that it be permanently placed somewhere far and forever got rid off. He sent his wise men of the kingdom who were familiar with the rituals and mantras to get rid of this manuscripts and see that it would stay there.

Those wise men traveled further south and were guests to mansion at the Northern Aisle. While their stay lasted for a long time, they had successfully placed the scriptures in the underground cellar which was by itself massive. No body knew where the underground passage leads to and was built for the landlords to escape if anything untoward were to happen to them or their family. The cellar had 8 massive divisions each leading to a different place. They were nothing but 8 dark caves leading to altogether different location and in one such passage lies the manuscript. 

Then why did no one pick it up and read it was Micky’s next question.

The manuscripts were tied with four talisman each which had unbreakable bonds unless you are lord yourself out of the millions of gods in the Hindu mythology. This prevented humans from reading and performing any ritual that would endanger the Gods, heaven and hell. Even if anyone did attempt and succeed in bypassing the talisman there was something even more dangerous that had to be dealt with. Before the wise men left, they invoked the goddess of naga (holy snakes) to protect the scriptures from human race and any interference.

As Ammama smiled she said, it is said that anyone who sees the goddess with his/her naked eye would immediately lose vision for the entire life. People have tried to capture the manuscripts and returned back blind. Stories of their returns and their sad after life were very common in my younger times. 

How does the goddess look like Ammama? I murmured out of curiosity in a very innocent tone.

She is an enchantress. Her beauty has no bounds. As per the olden day books, her hair is deep black and long till the knees. Eyes are red as with any god of snake. She wears a crown with a green jewel on and her beauty cannot be put in words. As she walks, her anklets sound even farther than one can imagine. She always shines and her dress depicts shiny scales as one sees on a naga (holy snake).

With this I began thinking about the enchantress part and forgot the surroundings. In a bit, granny put a stop to her narration and urged us to go sleep.

We kids used to sleep on the floor in a line. It would be fun as we will be teasing each other and floor would be cold and sometimes Jacky would roam around us instead of going out and guarding the house.

That night after we went to sleep and lights were switched off, I called out to Micky after an hour or so. He answered me with a ‘Hmm’. Neenu and Vichu had slept and we were sure about that.

I asked Micky if he was thinking the same thing as I was. He answered positive…


(To be contd…)



22 thoughts on “In search of the lost Manuscripts! (The Revelation)”

  1. Oh my god! This story is getting more and more intriguing. Some of it I knew about Lord Indrah and even I can guess what Mickey and the narrator was thinking but lets wait for the next part to know if I was right. 😛

    1. 😀 Oh it’s too hard to type it all trust me. I only proof read this twice. It’s tiring and exhaustive. 😦 😦 I am sure that is why you don’t write stories 😀

  2. I think this is the first piece of Hindu mythology I’ve read since my childhood ‘Amar Chitra Katha’ days. Thank you for bringing some sweet memories to life. I already love your ammama, she was so like my dadi! ::)

  3. nooooo why did the second part end at that….was my thought and then a smile that yay i already have the third part to read to…it is an amazing story and as i said your descriptions are vivid and you are a super story teller…Anoop, have you published a fiction yet?

    1. Hello Shweta,

      Again I am so glad to hear that you found my story interesting.

      Never published any of my works anywhere apart from my blog. I never consider them that great… may be it’s me. I think my language is too plain to make an impact.

      Thank you so much for the appreciation 🙂 You made my boring sat morning a wonderful one!

      Have a great weekend!

      1. That’s the beauty of the story… That its written in a simple way… Well even I can’t use long difficult words 🙂
        Super happy I made your day!!!!

  4. Glad to have stumbled across your blog! 🙂
    I remember my father too telling me about my Ammacchi & her take on spells; seems all too fantastical too be true…
    Good post! 🙂

    1. Nice to meet you Hannah!
      We were all of those generation when black magic and spells filled our childhood. 🙂

      Glad you liked the post. Thank you!

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