Have you all ever been through the situation of 90:20 anytime in your life?

I mean when you have to wait ‘n‘ number of days to get ‘n/6‘ number of free days? I am sure most of us must have gone through this. I am in such a situation now. I have to wait 90 days to get a 20 day free period. This is far from worse. I have done 730:60 in the past. Today I am fortunate to have the GTI by my side, friends, whatsapp, Kartdrome and lot of other support material and support staff. And 90 days is nothing but a piece of cake. But still the feeling that you are actually dragging yourself through those 90 days which will feel like proper 90 days kills me. The thought itself digs a 7 feet long and 7 feet deep grave.Your eyes are planted on the watch/calendar. You just want all the days to pass by for those days to come so that they can pass by at the speed of light. Oh lord! What a disaster! 😛

Next 90 days are going to be hard. Summer would fry me and my poor little car. My car looks blue and I look dark tanned. What exactly does this summer want of us, lol! 😥  😛  Job would shatter and batter me during this time frame for some odd reason. Time will be reluctant to move and adopts snail speed. Even if I manage to cross them all and happily enjoy my 20 days, after those 20 days what awaits me is a ruptured life both professionally and personally. My finances would be in shambles and life would be tough. Still I would choose my 20 days freedom, no matter what. Even if I choose to stay back and not go, it’s not going to help much and I would rather be off even if it maybe for a second.

So the challenges ahead of me are plenty … from getting my leave approved to building my dream motorbike back at home.

I have taken my off 4 months back and it remains to be a challenge to convince the main man here that I again require a break. That too for doing nothing in the name of job.

The good thing is that my cousin (another one) is getting married (which is true) and hence I can confidently put that forth and give it a try. Onam is during those times and I haven’t been home in 6-7 years for Onam. That’s another argument.

None of these actually matter. They are not even close to the real reason why I am going home. It must be rainy season in Kerala and I am missing the rains in Kerala. Perfect chance to see the nature and appreciate India for once with the mouth I swear abuses. Appreciate it for having beautiful nature and amazing climate (except summers). Not that humans there have done anything for India (or Kerala) to beautify the place, but glad that nature still loves to pamper our country.

More than that, I am going to rebuild my cousins 12 year old motorbike to my dream bike (sounds so sleazy). That is something I look forward to. Though the modifications that I do are mostly cosmetic, I had this in my mind for years. The key chain I bought 8 years ago is still in my locker at my parents place. I hope its that time, it finds a key to go with. I have already passed on the word that I would buy the motorbike and I hope they don’t give my untimely shock at the last moment. That will be really sad. But for now, with the help of my friends I have started enquiring about the parts and stuff. I don’t how well this project is going to go. But always worth a try 🙂


This was 4 years ago when I had this bike to myself for a few days.



The one on the right… the black one 😉 If the mods go well, the bike wouldn’t look anything like it does now.


I hope they don’t leave me with a broken heart and seriously, even if I manage to get the bike the modifications might take another 13 days at least and at this stage I am dependent on so many people. One doesn’t work out and everything falls apart. God save my soul.

But then what matters the most is I have a reason to look forward. Fight for glory continues….

On that inspiring bombshell, Good night! 



132 thoughts on “90:20”

  1. I think this is the best pulsur ever! I didn’t like the newer versions after a use of a year or so. The first version is sort of rough and tough, I believe. Good luck with your mission.

    1. The first version had the least technology. Later on they came up with dts-i dts-fi dts-si… and so on. Screwing up each and every time.

      Since this is the bike we all kids wanted in our family during that time, I sort of not want to let it go. 🙂

  2. The old Pulsar! I had the same bike! It’s a lovely piece, or was, before Bajaj changed the lines. I hope you know what you’re doing because it is a muscular looking bike as it is! 🙂

    1. I hope I do something worthwhile with it. It looks very good and muscular. The title itself was definitely male and I am not going to change it’s naked appearance. Upgrading tires, alloys, changing handle bars etc are the planned mods. 🙂 Will keep you all posted on the same.

      Thank you 🙂

      1. The gear shift is the problem. The old bajaj 5 toe (towards front) confuses the hell out of me 😛 But yes, it’s a good motorbike in the 150cc class and 12 years it has lasted without any major issues apart from my cousin’s friend crashing it.

      2. It’s confusing these days cos most bikes now come with 1 down 4/5 up pattern. Actually I just can’t wait to take the ownership of that motorbike and 90 days to that 🙂

      3. It was worse earlier when Bajaj had all 5 down and Hero had all 5 up and Yamaha had 1/4 and Enfield had the gear shift on the other side! 😀

      4. And I have driven them all 😛 Easily the most confusing was the bullet. But I love the bullet the most out of all of them. 🙂

      5. I love the old ones for that weird gear lever and kick starter. I am getting this only cos it remained in our family for 12 years and don’t want to see it go. Otherwise it would have been a bullet. 🙂

  3. Here I was thinking I’ll finsally find out the reason behind the countdown timer. But no 😥


    90 days will fly past ya. I have travel plans a few weeks after that. I’m trying to not think about the number of days left :-/

    1. I don’t think I’ll post about that timer ever in here. It has the least significance if I try and relate it to the blogging world 😉

      90 days won’t 😥 Especially in the summer. Glad you told me about your travel plans… I will remind you about it as and when we happen to connect in here 😀 hehe

      1. 😀 😀 Leave some mystery for me too, princy. 😛

        I will try not to remind you about your travel. I will 😀

  4. You bet ….you need a break for the right reason. I am a pluviophile and when you said Kerela and rains it reminded me of the song Aye zindagi gale laga le…(sadma). Now the main reason we would kill to do that myself…so are we getting the details..like change of core parts or aesthetics ….and before after pictures, well I know ill chase you to get them 🙂 Keep counting days rather minutes, it happens to me when I book my tickets to India 🙂

    1. Hi Shweta,

      Glad to see you here as always. And yeah, that song is a beautiful one 🙂

      Not yet started on the project. The motorbike is lying at my cousins place. Most of them are cosmetic changes. Alloy wheels, handle bars, different tail piece, gear lever. The only another modification would be K&N air filter which I mainly thought would help in a better exhaust sound. 🙂

  5. Travel plans are big and grand in my head right now. Waiting for a few things to fall in place. I hope it works out all well to you and say hello to your Pulsar from my side. Not that we’ll ever see eye to eye but I nice that way 😛

    1. Good luck to you as well. Hope everything falls in place soon 🙂

      Who knows? What are the odds of you visiting Kerala and then seeing my motorbike parked in some place. lol 😛 Odds are very less I guess…

  6. Wishing you the best! We need break from our professional life – unfortunately in my experience 20 days sometimes gone very fast…but still think it is great amount of leaves!

  7. You have tough challenges to face: first waiting for those 90 days to get 20 days off and then building your dream bike in those 20 days. But patience is all that counts. I wish you all the best to conquer these challenges and of course enjoy the Kerala rains, waiting for them here too. 🙂

    1. First challenge is getting my leave approved 😛 so that I can have those 20 days off.

      Thank you so much Archita. I hope your wish comes true and rains don’t make you wait longer 🙂

      1. Car is also roasted. Lying outside in the hot sun.

        Till when are you there. In July, you are melcow. I won’t be there but you can always see my home 🙂

      2. Haha. Museum onnum ala. If you have time you can go around but there is nothing special there. Chumma poi varam, lol

        Kanji doctore… you don’t tell me that you are poor. grr!!!!

    1. This is not just ordinary travel yaar. I am away from work. 😛 So it’s so much more than great 😀 😀

      Short story ka kuch karna padega. That is lying in my draft for ages 😥

      1. 😛 Good joke.

        Ok, will post the 1st part by tonight and then the story is all yours…. phew!!! 😀 sigh of relief.

    1. For Ramadan at most of the places 6 hours is the working time. During summers we are supposed to work 8 hrs only as opposed to 10 hrs. I like everything about summers except the temp 😦

      1. Sweet revenge 😛 I work till 3 but everyone leaves like at 2:30, so I also end up leaving somewhere around that time. It’s a great feeling especially in this part of the world where life revolves around work alone.

      2. Hmm…. kind of 😛 no one likes the summer due to the temperatures, but you can’t say it’s completely bad. So yeah, you can always justify your opinion 😀

      3. Haha get out of apartment- 1 min in parking – enter Ac car- drive to work- get off in parking- enter cold office. ( yeah ur right/ it revolves around work)

      4. lol. I meant going out for work is fine. I can’t complaint. That was not regarding summer 😛 Summer is ok. Winter brings you a lot of holidays which is why I love winter and good climate of course.

      5. Actually Sharjah extends till Umm-Al-Qwain and Hamriyah. So I work there, which is technically Sharjah but on the opposite side.

      6. Yes, I remember that. Glad you actually moved out. I would love to do it myself but there is something that keeps me hooked here.

      7. US is a much bigger nation. There are couple of bloggers from US as well. I hope you get your work visa but I think overall you will appreciate US more than Dubai. Give it some more time.

      8. UAE is a different economy if you look in detail. It is run by expatriates and things are not regulated much. The rent or market prices.

        They will put me in jail if I type anything more than this 😛

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