Brain Lessons

3 months into Psychology…

Sir Richard was the Head of the Department and the most famous professor of the campus. What are the chances that a professor would be talked about, behind his back for purely his virtue of knowledge and interesting way of conveying things across? Not many tutors could deliver with that level of ease. It was actually something to have him take a class which he rarely did. He was busy with research programs and things that were beyond my understanding.

All I knew though was he had taken one lecture in this first semester and he had left me wanting for more of him inside that boring lecture hall. He came in to get introduced to us freshers but also delivered a stunning 2 hour lecture on behavioral patterns found in humans. All the illustrations were real time, things happening around us. All his explanations opened up new POV’s which I never thought could exist. The problem with us human beings is that we only have one Point of View and we believe it is right. But when research and theoretical facts are laid down before, you can just get astonished and feel how stupid you were in not thinking the other way around.

He was a true meaning of Psychologist. With a masters degree in Psychology and double specialization in Criminal Psychology and Cognitive Psychology, he knew exactly how to approach us. That is all mattered to me in that otherwise dry classroom.

Psychology was my area of interest but too much of theories and research made it a bit dull. I always wanted to become a Criminal or Forensic Psychologist and I was on my way to make it there. I heard from the other tutor couple of days ago that he was coming in to take a short lecture of 2 hours regarding Biology and Human body. This happens to be an important subject for the 1st year semester exams.

I was in class that day and attended the first lecture which was rather a slow-footed one by another lecturer. The clock struck 9 AM and soon in 5 mins, the old man was in the classroom. The best thing about Sir Richard is he never bothered to mark attendance or not allow students in the class for not doing their assignments. He just couldn’t care.

After placing his coat on the chair and couple of books on the table, he turned back at us and greeted us with a pleasant smile.

‘Friends… How are you all doing?’

someone from the back row replied back, Bored

We all laughed, he laughed with us.

Why are you all bored? Psychology never leaves you bored. It is always meant to leave you amazed. But I guess the last lecturer was a bit boring? saying which he winked his eyes

So today , human brains. I am going to just take some time and talk about human brain. Not that this time is enough but I hope I can cover some aspects and leave you amazed with some facts on what you all are made of, it’s definitely more than mud and clay.

How many of you all think that we use only 5-7% of our brains and the smartest person known to us called Albert Einstein used 10% or say 12% of his brain? How many of you think we can do wonders if we can utilize the remaining part of our brain, like in movies… say fly around and remove nails sticking out of the wall? 

Some lifted their hands. Some sat quietly. I was among the latter.

I think we all fell for the gimmick those good movie directors showed us. Human beings always need something to look forward to. Flying, bending spoon without even touching it and something similar to keep the things in perspective…isn’t it?

He was clearly contradicting the idea which I also believed? I have known from ages that we never used even quarter of what the brain had to offer.

The brain is divided into various parts and research shows traces of activity in most of the parts. Even when you are sleeping, your brain is still working. Did I break someone’s heart? So no you won’t be able to fly as you are already using most of your brains but still you all are here, with me, in this classroom.  He smiled as he said that.

Human body comprises of a 100 billion or more neurons which uses neurotransmitters to send signals across to all parts of our body. Your nose probably has 3-4 million neurons to just detect the odor. Your tongue has 100 of 1000’s of them in the form of taste buds to identify the chemicals and give feedback on the taste

Those are just the normal activities. Is there anyone who even still thinks you have 70% of brain lying idle?  

Even if one set of neurons or glands don’t work, the effects on human body can be quite damaging. In fact some thousands not working out of that 100 billion can leave you impaired. 

So when was the last time you appreciated your body and took time to realize the fact that the best creation of all is indeed the human body…? So if you were to go on the streets and find a physically or mentally challenged person, realize that couple of thousands of neurons doesn’t do the job which it was meant to, for that person, which is very unfortunate for him and it works for you, for which you all should be grateful. 

That was only a start and later more of my theories were broken and more realities found it’s place instead of those ignorant theories and it went on….

I do not claim any of the above are scientifically correct. They are written as a part of this imaginary short story.


37 thoughts on “Brain Lessons”

  1. gr8 ! this is my favorite topic ! What I strongly believe is -that concept which is described by professor is like scientific Law.. & Laws are those which are not proven false yet , but as well as they also cant prove themselves.SO that is the law not the proof.But it is really gr8 & acceptable. 🙂 waiting for next lecture 😛 🙂

    1. You are very right. Law is a theory which is yet to be proved wrong. It is an acceptable guide after great amount of research.

      I don’t think will be attending any more of those lectures 😉

  2. Psychology and behavioral science finds application in almost all other areas – marketing, finance, economics, of course criminology and all. Psychology is fascinating provided it is made interesting. Sir Richard just seems to know how to.

    1. Psychology is applicable in various fields. Even teachers who do bachelors in education touch psychology. I love psychology too.

  3. Love this topic. There was a time I used to spend hours reading about psychology. Sighh.
    Seems like you put in a lot of work into this story. The ending was kind of abrupt though. Is there going to be a sequel to this?

      1. Nothing like that 🙂 I would be happy to read it, if you want to try and you never know until you try once. 😉

  4. Human psychology is perhaps the most complicated thing on earth. Scientists and researchers are trying for eons to delve deeper into it. Still, it is said, a greater part of remains shrouded in mystery. It is one of my favorite spheres of interests, too. Have read a few books on psychology and behavioural science, but that only has intensified my thirst to know more…

    Enjoyed this post to the core, Anoop..:-) very engaging narration.

    ” I always wanted to become a Criminal or Forensic Psychologist”- that reflects in those writings of thrillers… 😛

    1. I always wanted to be a criminal or forensic psychologist only after I passed out of my college and started working 😛 By then it was too late 😀

      A lot of things remain a mystery which is great. The next generation has something to work on. Sadly our generation is slowly coming to an end. 😛 😛

      We have more than one interests(fish) in common which is great news 😛 😛 Wonderful!!!

      1. Some posts and us bitching about life. Apart from that, not much 😀

        Nahi re, not what you are guessing. This is something else 😛

      2. Haha 😛 My bad.

        How’s life? Haven’t see you rant in your blog in a long time. I miss hearing about Happy already 😛

      3. Really? 😀

        Life’s good. Happy is very happy! 😛 And running here and there, babbling little words and making our life awesome! And, I was just drafting something.

        Actually, I don’t get so many ideas now. Maybe I am getting old 😦

      4. Haan baba 😀 That’s only some random date to make people more curious 😛

        Great to hear about Happy being happy 😛

        I guess it’s same pinch for both of us. Running out of ideas. Probably yeah, getting old 😦

  5. The hell! You imagined this thing up? 😮 I really liked Sir Richard 😦 you’re going to tell me that he doesn’t exist :/
    This one particularly interested me because, it is in my nature to watch human behaviour. The analysis is done for discerning whether I should befriend them and also because it amuses me. It took a while for me to realize that I was too interested in the field 😀

    1. Yes, this was all imagination 😛 buhahaha

      Glad I could make you realize your life for studying people with just a simple post 🙂 That was easy.

  6. Wow!! Liked this one a lot! 😀

    I’m one of those people who doesn’t believe in the 10% thingy. 😛

    Still, I liked the way you inserted that Matrix reference. 😉

    Psychology is fascinating, isn’t it? Like you said, we usually tend to think of stuff from just one POV, so exploring things from different angles opens up so many different possibilities.

    And to think this was just a story.. BOO!!

    I liked that Professor. 😛

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