LANCIA – Loved them!

I was watching TG-UK today and in the season 14, they have covered briefly about Lancia (car manufacturers). I was impressed by the way TG filmed the whole story as a tribute to Lancia and named it one of the greatest car manufacturer of all times. Until the recent days, I had only heard about Lancia Stratos being a rally car and nothing more about Lancia’s but now their place in my heart is much much higher than before. I have never gone back and watched an episode of TG again but today I did, for the Lancia.

A year back had anyone questioned me about Lancia, I would have plainly said that it was some stupid car manufacturer like Hindustan Motors in India. But but but, every Indian of my era knows how much we love and respect the HM for what it has given us. Probably much more than any of the cars on the road today in India. Likewise, the Lancia has manufactured beautiful cars which were a piece of junk to the normal people but gold to a true automotive enthusiast. You just know that if a person owns a Lancia Delta Integrale, he is a true petrolhead. No two ways about it.

Most of us auto-enthusiasts bring logical reasoning along with their hearts while purchasing a car, which is so so wrong. How do I blame the people who see cars as a piece of metal box with four tires and awful lot of electrical connections, for buying the cars they are buying? The so called auto-enthusiasts, who are so much more well informed than them and me, end up doing the same thing anyways. They are afraid to buy cars they love because those cars which drive well are expensive to maintain and might require a lot more attention than your normal cars. Even owning a GTI for me didn’t make any sense, but I bought it anyways for the love of it. It’s always got issues but I still love it and I would love to see my name on the registration card, even if it means the car is doing nothing and just standing there in that shady parking space. If I had an option to take it along with me to India, I would have done that. To just keep it there at my home, in my little car shed. The same logic applies to buying a Royal Enfield old school motorbike. I would  buy it if given a chance for the above mentioned reason. Same goes with Lancia’s if I ever get a chance to buy one.

The thing I loved the most about Lancia is that they look and feel old-school. Imagine a Ferrari or a Porsche passing by. What would be anyone’s initial reactions? No, it’s not that the driver is a petrol head. HELL NO! It is that the owner is rich and that car doesn’t guarantee his love or passion for cars. But for owners of car’s like an Alfa or a Lancia, you just conclude that he loves his car irrespective of the fact that how rich or broke he is. You don’t own them for showing off, but you genuinely love them for their sound and drivability, the old-school feel associated with them and every other thing it has to offer.

Image courtesy : Google
Image courtesy : Google

Earlier last year, I had an opportunity to drive a Fiat Barchetta. Thanks to my old garage guys. It was not an easy car. Especially the clutch. The travel was so less but it was so heavy. My GTI had 3 times more clutch travel but never gave me cramps though it has a heavy clutch as well. This was like doing a 150 kg squat. I cannot put in words how heavy the clutch was. After that 2 km drive when I parked the car, I had cramps in my left calf muscle. I mean a proper cramp that I had to sit down and stretch my muscle a bit. The pain remained for 2-3 whole days, giving me goosebumps at night thinking of that car. Imagine getting stuck with that car in a traffic block. It would have done my calf and would have tore it apart. Now that is something I call a car. It is same like the lady you had sex with 2 days back because now, each time your groin moves, you feel the burning sensation resultant of the passionate night you spent with her. Once your groin is fine, you will definitely want to go back and meet her. In case of cars, it’s the same or even more intense.

Recently I drove around a basic Toyota Yaris, and from an enthusiast pov it was pathetic. The thing wouldn’t stay in straight line and once you take your hands off the steering wheel, it wobbles. I realize how the people driving Toyota Yaris end up between the trucks and other vehicles. It was sad.

So finally before I stop, let me post a couple of shots of Lancia O37 rally car, which I have taken from TG S14 e03. Do watch this episode of TG if you want to know why I have gone full retard today 😛

Thanks TG for the amazing videos that you make. The cinematographer definitely deserves a cookie.

This driver can be proud of himself and he can definitely look back and say to the world that he has lived his life.



I love you Lancia! You will be missed for the cars you made back then and not for what you are today…

*This post has grey content…. oops I should have mentioned that at the start. Never mind!



24 thoughts on “LANCIA – Loved them!”

  1. It was quite clear to me till the HM part…then… 😦 I thought it was Potterhead then wiped my eyes and it was petrolhead…. :/

    Jokes apart, I can realize the joy and enthusiasm behind this post, you are a true car fanatic… 🙂

    1. lol…Harry Potter 😛 I am a Harry Potter fan as well, love magic.

      Jokes apart means no more jokes, right? I am pathetic in terms of technicalities re. Every kid in the automobile forum has better knowledge than me. But obviously I just express better than some. 😀

  2. I can’t say from the last images but the “image courtesy: Google” image clearly is giving the old-school feel. And the way you’ve explained the pain you’ve gone through while experiencing Fiat Barchetta

    1. Hello Indah,

      Long time.

      That’s fine Indah. I probably know nothing about diving and underwater photography, of which you are an expert.

      Lancia’s are said to be a bit unreliable 😀 and they get rusted if there is a heavy downpour.

  3. I have no idea what a Lancia car looks like until you showed us in this post.I instantly felt in love with it even though I don’t know much about cars. You do have a great taste in car Anoop! 😉

  4. Anoop, I agree with you man, Lancia’s are legends of the rally stages..

    I remember the Delta Integrale, the noise it made was heavenly! And don’t forget, it was one of the precious few cars which was able to dethrone the mighty Audi quattro.

    But, if you ask me, the one car brand that I’ve always lusted after wasn’t Lancia; it’s Alfa Romeo. Styled with Italian passion and fueled by rage, it’s a petrolhead’s wet dream. 😀

    It’s so depressing to see that these iconic carmakers are dying out, because the world has moved on. 😦

    1. Dethroned Audi Quattro with just 2 wheel drive. That is something, isn’t it?

      Alfa Romeo is so beautiful and it sounds so amazing. Wish I could own one just to have it there.

      Sad indeed!

  5. You can kill me for commenting to late. Major fan here…but the sad part is that it has not seen sun for a long time. Its played in the niche segment and as you said people don’t make a passionate decision while buying cars 😦 Coming years you will see even less of them as it is now only for Italian markets 😦 I do see Ypsilon here in Switzerland a lot mostly people who are from Italy drive it 🙂 But agree when you say Lancia makes beautiful babies with a core competence of a robust engine and still keeping the kerb weight light 🙂
    Personal favorites are Apirilia (more seen as a vintage now) and the Delta Integrale which stood and justified the hype of being the best car ever 🙂

    Grand post…keep these coming, I would love to share my views on these too.

    P:S: and you own a GTI and I know it only now….pic..

    1. Oh I know you are a major fan of these things. A very species 😀

      Lancia made cars previously to win World Rally Championship. Delta Integrale was a beautiful car though I didn’t like Aprilia by the looks. Stratos was amazing thing to look at.

      I love Alfa Romeo’s as well. They are glorious and the noise they make is fab. Hope to own one, someday. 😀

      You didn’t know I had a GTI :O Everyone on WP knows 😛 😛

  6. yup..definitely should’ve mentioned the grey content at the start 😀 I could feel the passion overflowing in this post.. 😉

    1. Hello Saya,

      Long time I haven’t seen you (here). 😀
      Well, I was impressed by those cars and hence had to write a post.

      Glad to see here after sometime. Hope to see you around 🙂

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