Life these days

Somebody asked, how would you simply sum up life these days?

The answer was ‘not that hard!’



A laptop, a mobile phone, couple of bills and receipts, a pen, a gaming joystick and a hard disk. Did I miss out anything?




41 thoughts on “Life these days”

    1. I am the passive thing (photographer) looking out through the lens.

      How often do we go out on a drive or do anything in life that doesn’t involve mobile, laptop etc? I think the frequency of doing those things that does not involve them are very less 😀

      1. Yeah, it’s true.. I’ve forgotten my wallet many times when I step outside and it’s not a very big deal for me..

        Step out without my phone though,its AAAAAAAAAA!!!!! 😛

    1. Life outdoor doesn’t exist these days. How often do you see children playing on streets? I see none or maybe once on a full moon day.

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