Al-Tawein – A quick drive to the mountains.

No, no rants here. I am just going to post a couple of pictures from my drive and a video which shows our drive to the top. The general public is not much aware of the existence of such a place. So the crowd is minimal and the roads are very narrow ensuring that it is a scary enough to make it exciting. The climbs are at 60-70 degree inclination and more than once I had to engage my first gear, to keep my car going.

The climb starts at coordinates 25.566062, 56.080848 (Google maps).



















The video of the climb is here by the VW-Audi club UAE,

the other video which we took,

And then I died. To find out how I died, keep visiting this space.



54 thoughts on “Al-Tawein – A quick drive to the mountains.”

  1. Is it youtube video? Unfortunately I have no access to youtube video at this moment 😦 I could not see the videos. Nice area – that really looks empty and no people around – I wonder how is like to drive there at night..

    1. Hey Indah,
      Check out the youtube video later on if you want to see the place.
      No street lights at night, hence it is easier to get killed. No one goes there at night. 😦

      1. This is a GoPro and is designed for this. No chance that it will fall off. Btw, that is not my GoPro and not my car as well 😛 My car was trailing far behind 😦

  2. Heylo Uncle Anoop,
    And how did you die? Video eduth windowil kudi veenathano? He he ! Btw what a drive. But I think it will be difficult for Di and me to go there alone alle? And also the pics, Al-Taweinteyano atho carinte?

    1. Hi Shruti 🙂 Glad to see you here as always. Really I am.

      Lol. you will have to wait to know how I died. 😛

      You and DI are not going to be alone. Technically you both are 2 people. So don’t worry you wont be alone. But to climb that hill, you need a very powerful car. It’s very scary. That video doesn’t show the true picture.

      Pic is of both na. Cars and Tawein as well ?

      1. Chirikanda 😛

        Yeah…. I would also think it isn’t a great idea. There is nothing at the top, no shops or nothing at all 😛

  3. “And then I died. To find out how I died, keep visiting this space.” 😀 😀

    A very admirable sense of humour… 😀 ( no need to say thank you) 😛

    Will watch the video later…the pictures are great..especially #3 …. 🙂

  4. The video is very well done… even the onlookers get absorbed by the drive on the mountain…good job done there… is the red one your car?… white one?… someone else took the video while another drove the car is it?… nice… you do take good photos, videos, compensating for the written content…anyway

    1. Hello Maria,
      The video was taken by attaching a video camera on the car’s body. It’s very common in car world called GoPro. My car is the blue one towards the last. Not very visible because the car on which the GoPro is attached is a very powerful car and it pulls away with ease.
      Thank you so much for the compliment. 🙂
      Hope to see you around. Cheers!

  5. You wrote on your blog…whining about Dubai ka heat and the ship sailing of another office friend who knew your school friend and played football or something like that. I have heard great Dhabha and food to eat on the highways…

    1. Oh ok. 🙂 Well I can still whine about the heat. It’s near 50 degrees even now 😉

      Yeah. Pretty amazing it should be to have food from there. Something that we miss here. 😦

      1. But since your lazy the heat won’t be a problem, you got A/c everywhere… yes you might appreciate the spirit of the Mumbai Mere Jaan song better … wonder there is any Arabic song on Dubai… did you get to ride camels in that posh desert?… from your blogs it looks like Dubai has great roads, beach and sand…

      2. Haha… I’m not very lazy and yes without AC I will be burnt to death. lol
        I do appreciate somethings about Mumbai and my life there 🙂
        I don’t know Arabic yet and I never got a chance to ride on a camel back 😦
        Dubai does have great roads. Beach to some extent but I would prefer Europe for beaches anyday.

    1. Who? Me? In UK from office. No chance 😛 My company is not an MNC 🙂 But I would seriously love the idea of staying in UK for a bit, just to appreciate the beautiful place and the nature.

  6. Yes lots of pages will be filled here, about your life in Dubai then … anyway when you get time enjoy this Yes Minister episode… … The minister arranges for emergency room to get calls… but it to get drinks as he did not want not juice in the meeting and drinks are not allowed in the Arab world or something… ok goodday and happy weekend…

    1. That was hilarious 🙂 Just watched it now, lol. The same is applicable these days in Kerala with ban on alcohol 😛

      Well you have a good night and have an amazing weekend as well 🙂

  7. Yeah all the Stand Up Commedians compare Kerela funeral to Chennai festivals… in the sense for a Keralite who is used to drinks even in funerals would find Chennai marriage ceremonies quite dry… or all the lungi wearing big forks in Coimbatore going to cream shops hanging out with friends… anyway… goodnight

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