This Wait…







This wait is tiring.

This wait is monotonous.

This wait is filled with uncertainty.

This wait has dampened spirits

This wait has dried tears


This wait is the only option

This wait better be worthwhile…

Mani… this is what I call  full – half – nil 🙂 


76 thoughts on “This Wait…”

  1. A beautiful series, perfectly the words go with it…

    ….and I must say the words have all that we feel when we ‘wait’ …Waiting can be such a mixture of feelings, tiring, excitement, dull, monotonous and mostly…for the unknown… this ambivalence adds something more to ‘waiting’…. 🙂 You have penned here every emotion attached with it…. 🙂

      1. Great. I am so glad that your life is beautiful 🙂 Really. My life is ok, not great though 😛 Well, you can have some credits of course. Your writing has always been an inspiration. How can someone post on so many topics every single day! #respects 😛 😛

      2. Aww… you are the modern epitome of modesty. I can’t do it everyday. I can’t do it even once in a week or even a month 😛

  2. I hate sunsets now! 😞 To me it signifies the end of something beautiful and somehow the end is inevitable and I just wish it to go one forever. Hm… The pics suit my mood, a heavy painful end. 😫 I am sorry Anoop, not the cheerful me at the moment! Don’t mind

    1. Enthu patti? Why sad little one? It makes me sad to know that you are sad 😦

      Don’t worry, you will be fine. Not everyday, everyone can be cheerful 🙂 Also you could have invited me home and made me lavish dinner. That would have definitely cheered you up 😛 😛

      1. What happened girl? You know I have a mail id. Feel free to use it.

        How can you use Happy and working in the same line? That’s a crime 😛

      2. Oops…. Why what happened? Why so soon? Meet me someday for chai before you leave ok?

        Well Bahrain is my place as well. I have been there more than a year. It’s a beautiful.

      3. Apart from some Shia and Sunni fights. Be careful with that, and don’t get in their way. They throw petrol bombs against each other. At least 3 years back that was the scenario.

        I love Bahrain a lot dee…. Really love that place. Even more than UAE. 🙂

      4. Ala. I came seeing your comment. But then too many tabs open 😛 Njan poi pani cheyatte. I’ll leave after 2 or 3 hrs though 🙂

  3. Lovely photos of the sunset… and nice wait illustration…quite blissful though, time for us stops when we are witnessing such beautiful things. Anyway…

  4. Beautifully written post with mesmerizing pictures Anoop! I don’t mind to wait for a gorgeous sunset like this, but better not to make me wait for other things (no one wold love to keep waiting right) lol 😛

    1. Well I don’t think sometimes we can help it. Sometimes we just end up waiting and hope that the wait ends sooner 🙂

      Well how have you been?

      1. Yes, you are totally right about it. Please end soon for all of us😁😝I’ve been pretty busy lately, but I’m sure my Porto trip post will be up next week hehe😉How’s life treating you Anoop?

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