The battle of Manual Transmission vs Paddle shift gearbox – Skoda Octavia vRS

Read the previous post here. This is not a review or first ride or any kind of formal write up. Just too bored today to write anything formal.

So I had died that day on my way back…err… the GTI (my car) had killed me and I never knew. It was leaking petrol all the way for kms and kms from Al-Taween to Ajman, without any decency. Had a rich Arab lad driving a Range Rover Evoque decided to throw a lighted cigarette butt right after my car had passed by, then it would have been a Telugu movie in the making. I had got the car back 2 days ago after flushing the radiators. So 2nd garage visit in 3 days? Not bad at all.

I had to drop my GTI at the garage again. Though I wouldn’t mind blowing myself up in that car, I didn’t want the car to blow itself up killing me in the process? Not sure about this statement but I took my car to the garage and then to go back to work, I asked my friend who is currently away for his Skoda Octavia vRS. He was kind enough to loan me the car for two days which has become a week or so and I am yet to return it back.

My first stint with the vRS. To sum it up, it’s a beautiful machine. This is the first car that I got to drive which has a turbo charger. 2.0L TSI engine, which produces 252 hp and 340 Nm torque (stage 1 remap). Put the foot down, and let the rev counter pass 2000 rpm, then you will see yourself pressed against the seat as the car leaps forward. It’s scary, it’s fun and it’s got loads of power. Turbo really is the way to the future. I also loved the unpredictable surge of power/torque after the turbo kicked in.

Its very comfy to be in unlike my old car. You have everything that pampers you in comfort and suddenly you feel you are at a place, where you want to be. The 6 speed DSG ensures that you stay comfortable while it ensures you the sporty feeling. The flappy (paddle shift) gears makes you feel like an F1 driver. All in all, that car is such a beautiful thing. It’s worth everything that he paid for, every single penny. A perfect value for money package.

Now some pictures of the car and then we look at manual vs flappy paddle gear box imho.



































I am done. That is literally every angle that I could click.

So coming back to the important part of driving the car, it’s transmission; the flappy vs my slick shift gearbox.

Advantages of flappy paddle gearbox  over my Manual Transmission :

  • Above 2500 rpm, the shift is quick. My 1st to 2nd shift takes literally a second or a bit more cos I make sure that I do it smoothly. But tap the paddle and you are good to go.
  • Your left leg is free.
  • You don’t have to worry much about downshift in a chaotic condition. Usually in manual transmission, you get caught up so much that you focus is on the surrounding and you just take a bit of time to realize that your car is in 4th or 3rd gear and you need to shift down. Paddle shift gearbox is an automatic gearbox and it senses engine knocking and avoids it.
  • It’s comfortable. You feel luxurious sitting there and shifting around just by tapping the paddles which are just below the steering wheels rather than work your way between those gears.

Advantages of Manual Gearbox over flappy paddle gearbox:


When I got the Golf back, in another 2 days the transmission failed and I was left with no option but drop it again to the garage. This was the 3rd time in 5 days that the car is breaking down. New record.

So again I am left with the Octavia vRS but I terribly miss the manual gearbox in my car. There is so much control and fun in actually shifting gears yourself that I would never think of shifting to an automatic gearbox ever. This car would have been an even better thing with a manual transmission.













The flappy boy 😛




The above images without watermarks were taken in my phone camera and they still belong to me. 😀

Well for people who has silently suffered till here I’ll post a song which I like a lot,  as a token of my love. I hope you listen to it cos it’s beautiful. Chances are that you might have already heard this song. It’s Wicked Game- Chris Isaak. The audio is playing in loops in my media player for the past 1 hour.

Please don’t get too emotional. It’s a beautiful song for a solo ride and not for you heart broken zombies out there. (pun intended)

Have a good night!




27 thoughts on “The battle of Manual Transmission vs Paddle shift gearbox – Skoda Octavia vRS”

  1. I love this color..what else can I say about a car. 😉 But I completely agree with the advantage you’ve give of a manual gearbox, although i’ve not drived a car with flappy paddle gearbox and I don’t think I’ll ever ;). And thank you do much for that beautiful song, couldn’t resist doing the same.. 🙂

    1. Hello lady with a dark dp 😛

      It’s indeed a pleasure to know that my choice of song amused you 😛 😛 I hope I can do it in the future as well 🙂

      Have a good day!

    1. This is far from review mate.

      It’s great to hear a good word from you. I think you are one of those versatile photographer’s I know. 🙂

      Thank you!

  2. I thought this would be a technical blog on car features such as the car and bike show which used to come on NDTV… I guess your old car is new but having complications though it is not even pregnant or carrying and your safe unburnt and unharmed riding it while it was leaking with fuel…that is good news… the Octa car looks smooth… and I suppose the paddlegear was nice feature but there are other interesting things to ask… first is that water body, the beach in Dubai, I have never thought it would have a beach, ot place as it is… second rmps is what measurement?…not in kms I guess… anyway good day… brain craves speed I guess, not your body, are you exercising besides work, video games and things.

    1. That’s so many questions, well to answer them all
      No, I don’t have so much technical knowledge in motoring world that I can have a blog on cars and bikes. 😦

      Glad that my car left me unharmed 😉

      Well UAE has water bodies (sea) surrounding itself on the three sides. So lot of beaches around here.

      rpms means revolutions per minute. It is measurement for frequency of rotation per minute. It measures the rotational speed of anything around an axis, while km/hr or m/s is the measurement for linear or straight line.
      These days no exercise for me, been a while I am simply sitting at home and eating.

      I hope I have answered everything you asked.


      1. Good then…hope you get to exercise again, we all know sitting and no physical activity is not a good thing for health, take care…when will you go back to India, must be for a term na?… do you greet salam malikum to people over there?… I guess that place becons others come there for money, after earning that, they come back to India. Anyway… I did not know Middle east has beaches I thought it was a complete desert and will have lot of camels that the non-veg forks would have eaten for Eid…

      2. Yeah, pretty much my health is bad.
        I get to go back once in a year for a month, that’s my term here.
        Only to people who greet me with that, I return the greeting.
        Most people stay here only for money, cos they don’t give away citizenship. So you can’t stay here for a lifetime.
        Lol, it does have beaches and parks, even ice skiing. A lot of things to do in Dubai.

        Btw, where are you from Maria?

  3. You can’t keep your health that way… start exercising or get motivation to exercise somehow… I am Indian only, I do blog commenting as part of my freelancing task, in the process I have read some nice travel blogs, home decor blogs, lifestyle blogs so keep commenting here and there. I heard someone say in Soudia Arabia where that person stays not much women are there so was wondering… I know Lulu shopping centre and I guess the cartoon girl Lulu was named after that shopping center. Anyway get exercising, don’t get fat, it will trouble you later… you don’t want to add up right to India’s numbers in increasing diabitic population, heart attack population etc, so get stretching… just get motivated …goodday

    1. I am pathetic when it comes to home decor stuff. I don’t understand anything of that.
      Saudi is a different world, UAE is a bit more developed and free.
      Thank you Maria for the small push, I will definitely start exercising in a few days or maybe in a month 🙂

      1. Good blog on it… I will try to keep encouraging… Yes at first I was to write bathroom decor articles, after I did not do that so well, they told atleast do commenting… it is fun, spices up life a bit… a bit of color and style goes a long way in making things brighter…abroad they do all the work on their own, reapiring sofas, doors, making some div, so it is inspiring not to mention painting… so it is quite inspiring… now got slipped into travel blogs which was more exciting so not reading much of decor, will do that soon… I have seen some out of the world bathroom spaces, it is interesting…anyway… goodday

      2. Oh ok. That’s cool. You are a freelance blogger which is amazing. Well I have no idea about decor and things so I will just stay away from that 🙂

        By the way, thank you for the encouragement. It’s a pleasure really 🙂

        Hope to see you here again.

  4. I don’t know much about cars. I don’t know if I am right, but I feel like most men prefer manual cars. I really love those shots consisting of the car and sunset. The composition and the colour of it is beautiful ❤

    1. Most men are lazy these days. They drive automatics will quite a few women drive manual cars. hehe

      Thank you so much Khloe 🙂 Means a lot.

  5. What a car! The specs alone make it droolworthy. 🙂

    And yes,I agree with you, the future is definitely forced induction. I would any day prefer a simple NA, but we live in strange environmental times now. 😦

    I’m not going to say anything about the gearbox, you’ve already expressed my opinion about it, I guess we think alike 😀

    Awesome snaps as usual, Anoop. Do keep them coming!

    1. Hey boy,
      It is a beautiful car and I still have it with me. I miss my car though. It’s simple and I love simplicity more. Everything complex is complex to mend as well 🙂

      Well, all those who love driving love Manual Transmission. Remember what Naveen said in the group. That should always be the spirit 🙂

      Thanks man! As usual you happen to be the only reader from my real world contacts and I’m pretty happy that it’s only you and no one else 🙂

      1. My pleasure, bro. 🙂

        I know how much you love your car, man. No matter how cool the others are, the Golf will always have a special place in your heart. 😀

      2. Not just that. This is perfect German engineering or over-engineering. The mechanical parts are strong and reliable, electronics and sensors are bare minimum. What more can I ask from a german car! 😛 You need to seriously drive a old version of gti with a MT to understand that. By the time you reach 4th gear you will be in tears. *tears of joy*

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