In memory of you – gratefully.

Read the first part here.

Three days later, again at around two in the morning…

Colin got a surprise visit from Rob. This time Rob had some intentions. Unknowing Colin smiled at Rob and asked him, ‘Sir, Can I ….?’

‘No. Not today. Instead I was thinking of something else yesterday.

When is your daughter’s school thing by the way?’

Colin is taken aback. He looked a bit thoughtful and anxious as he answered,

‘This weekend.’

Rob smiled and asked him, ‘I was wondering if she wanted to go with me to her school. I was free this weekend and I don’t have any other plans as such. If expensive car is what she wants to go for that function, that is what she gets.’

Colin looked crestfallen. The offer was too good to say no but then he wasn’t sure if it was the right thing to do.

Rob understood the dilemma and he continued saying, ‘You don’t have to tell me now. Ask your daughter, ask your family and if they are fine then I don’t have problems in going with her. In the process I’ll get to be young once again, going back to school.’

As he completed the sentence, he took a paper from the table and wrote down a phone number. He gave it Colin and said, ‘This my manager’s number. Call him and tell him what you think. If it’s a NO, fair enough or if you want me to join your girl, let him know the date and your home address.I’ll drop by half an hour before the function to pick her up.’ 

Rob turned back, started walking and he disappeared through the door.

Later the next day, Rob’s manager did get a phone call from the Reed family. Colin called him, to give him his details so that Rob could go with his daughter to the school.

On the day of her school funtion Philippa, Colin’s elder daughter was ready by 2:00 pm when there was clearly 3 hours more  to go for the event. She was the one who made sure that her father called Rob’s manager. She couldn’t wait to meet Rob, so did others in the family. They were all anxious and eager. At quarter past four o’clock, the calling bell rang and as promised it was Robert who had come to pick Colin’s daughter. The members of the family gave him a warm welcome.

When asked if he would like to have something, he politely declined. Philippa came downstairs and Rob greeted her with a warm smile. He also had a bright red rose with him, which he extended towards the kid as a gesture of friendliness. In a while, they were near the shiny red car which is a Jaguar XJ220. Rob opened the passenger side door of his car and let Philippa in. They zoom off in the Jag.

The program lasted for 4 long hours and at around 9 pm, the shiny red car stopped near the gate of Reed family. This time Rob didn’t get out of the car but told Philippa to tell Colin, he would meet him in a couple of days at his work place. Rob zoomed away in his car while Philippa returned back to her family, but a bit more wise than she was 4 hours before. Rob, from there drove right to the Cemetery, spent a good long one hour there before he finally left for home.

After few days, again on a frosty winter night Rob paid visit to the Bar with the intention of meeting Colin. As usual Colin greeted him, but with a sense of greater urge though.

‘Jameson, double large, on the rocks!’  exclaimed Rob smiling.

Colin, quick enough to fix that drink, asked Rob

‘Philippa has been behaving a bit different after she came with you for that function at school. Is there anything that had happened, Sir?’ 


I told the beautiful girl a small story. Story of a late teenage girl who accidentally got pregnant and had to raise a son single-handed.’

He pushes the glass for another drink and after getting it, Rob continues

‘You know hard it is to raise a male child single handed. Especially trying to sacrifice a lot for the wishes of the kid. Finally in the process the lady, gave away her life because she was too busy fulfilling the child’s dream that she forgot to take care of her health. I recited this to your daughter. I made her realize that how hard you work to fulfill her dreams. I am sure, she is smart enough to understand not to bother you with her impossible dreams.’ 

Again the glass was refilled but Colin spoke out this time

‘You really didn’t have to do it. I never wanted her to know irrespective of whatever we do. She was our first child and it was fine even if I had to do one more extra job for her.’ 

‘I had to. Every sacrifice is worth being told. Human desires never have any bounds and people can come up with the most weirdest of desires. How long will you take up jobs and burn your life? Live by your means mate, teach your kids to do the same. Teach them about better things that life has to offer.’ 

Rob finished his drink and he told Colin to get his bill. As he was on his way to the washroom he asked Colin, ‘oh well, do you know who that teenage girl and her son was?’

Colin replied with a negative nod.

‘The kid’s name was Marcus Robert and the teenage girl was his mother.’ , he smiled and he walked away to the washroom.

Rob came back and settled his bill and tipped Colin 500$. Though Colin was reluctant, Rob forcefully shoved it in his palm.

As Rob walked outside,Colin called out to him and said, ‘Robert, Thank you so much …. for everything you have done.’

‘Well, I owe you and Philippa a big thank you as well. I happened to walk down those memory lanes once again. A place I love to be. Let this be in memory of her, that confused but brave teenage girl.’ Rob smiled but he could feel the moistness in eyes.

Rob turned back and with no intentions of meeting him again, he loudly said,

Goodbye and Goodnight Colin! 



54 thoughts on “In memory of you – gratefully.”

  1. That’s a good story Anoop, with a good message. I feel that when parents go overboard trying to do the best for their children, they unknowingly miss out to teach them some valuable things in life.

  2. Anoop, that is such a sweet story! The message is so beautiful ❤ Its marvellous and to be honest, I didn’t expect that ending! This was perfect 😀 great job, grandpaww!

    1. You didn’t expect that from me :O well they say, expect the unexpected… hehe

      Seriously, thank you so much little one 🙂 Means a lot to hear a nice word from someone mean like you (just kidding)

      1. Not that sense! I meant that I had expected something else to happen, like for them to die or something!
        And I don’t like you for calling me a meaniee -_-
        I’m sucha cute innocent kid 😛

      2. Haha, I was kidding 😛 Yes, you are right. I also got thinking how I didn’t kill at least one person in that story. Such a fail 😛 😛

        Well at least you agree that you are a kid. Now making you agree that you are a mean kid is my next target. Might take 3-4 months but still I’ll try my luck 😀 😀

        Thank you so much little one for reading and commenting. I see that you have posted the part 2.

      3. Such a shame! 😛
        I am a kid, I know that! There’s no denying it 😉 Like, I’m a 5 year old in a 17 year old body and then 25 years later, I’ll still be a 5 year old in a 17+25 year old bodyy 😛
        See, so kid-dy that I don’t even do math 😛
        Yea, part 2 is up! Hope you like it 🙂

  3. In my childhood, my parents used to say, “We are doing this and that for you, and we hope you’ll do your duties well” By duties they meant studies. Parents try to do their best for children, but I think, simultaneously, they should also make them aware of the hard work, their sacrifice for the kids. This helps them to gain maturity and make them rational.

    I really, really loved the way you have made this story 🙂 A great read… 🙂

    1. Same with most people here I think. It was all barter system and sometimes parents used to cheat 😛

      Well I am so glad the Queen of Haiku likes my humble work. That’s something to be proud of 🙂

  4. Wonderful story bwooy, really liked the message in it. 🙂

    It’s made me think, a lot.

    You have a knack for writing good stories man, keep it up!

    1. Thanks man for the compliment 🙂
      I wonder which part of my story made you think a lot, is it the same part over which I thought a lot :O

      Well I just make up something and call it a story. 😉

  5. Well… the story is very sweet… the part that was the best was the part here the girl changed her behavior after the function, and the reason for that as a mystery, a mild one and once we got to know that, everyone knows who Robert is… I did not read the first part, is this your own written story… kids will find all this mighty hard to understand, good that girl got enlightened on time, otherwise she would have been a terrible person in future I reckon, more interested in money than people or relationships… gooddy

    1. Hello there,

      I am glad you liked the story 🙂 It’s a pleasure to know that.

      The idea is to make the little girl good and I succeeded in that 🙂

      Thank you for reading and commenting 🙂

      1. yeah… i like that guy who changed the little girl, for a minute I was wondering weather he had any unhonourable intentions… me used to write stories too and get paid for it… its a creative endeavour…now sort of no story writing tasks atall): sad and happy… I am still a story listener.

  6. This was the right message Anoop. I have seen this kind of sacrifices being made by everyone. In the process, they forget to live, children get arrogant and they start demanding. Life is always better when we live knowing the limitations. It helps a lot during adversities.

    On another note, If I were Philippa’s mom, I wouldn’t let her go with Rob. I don’t trust so easily 🙂 But Rob did turn out to be a nice guy 🙂

    1. HI Ranju,

      Well, I have seen lot of parents sacrificing a lot during their youth and expecting a lot at their old age. When they don’t get what they expected, they feel that they have wasted their life.

      If you had a daughter and if SRK were to take her to school for a day, would you not? 😉

      1. Hehe. Marriage inte news ketu kure per enne message cheytu. kaiyabadhham onum kanikkaruthenu paranj. pakshe Atrayk Heart break onum illa. Entha ennareela. 😛

    1. Hello Leena,

      I am really glad to see you here. 🙂 Children never understand what goes through their parents mind. I can relate to it now even though I’m not a parent. It’s nobody’s fault, but that’s how it is.

      Have a great day ahead!

  7. Oh wow what a sweet story it was! ❤ A great message sent to us to cherish and appreciate what our parents did for us 🙂 Kids often keep complaining what they haven't got instead of appreciating what their parents did for them (I know not all kids are like that). You did a brilliant job on creating this story Anoop! 😉 BTW, I already posted my Porto trip part 1 on my blog. Feel free to check it out if you are still interested. 🙂

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