Return of the prodigal son

Again it’s that time of the week, when I am in my room. I watched Top Gear, I stared enough on the walls and finally ended up asking them if the paint is sticking closely to the concrete. It was quietness, so I guess the paint and concrete are happy. I looked at the floor and it’s dirty. I need to pick up the broom but maybe later.

Exactly then I get a call. My shades (sunglasses) accidentally had broken apart and I had given it for repair. The last week was really tough cos at 48 degree Celsius, sunglasses are a necessity and not a luxury. They asked me if I am going to pick that up tonight?

Hell yeah, I am.

I hang up. I dial the garage where my prodigal son is resting in peace. I asked them if they were done with my car and magically, they said ‘Yes’.

Today must be a magical day. Things are getting mended.

I run to the sunglasses shop, get my glasses. Drive back home. I am still excited. I know it is the return of my prodigal son and not my glasses. I have been waiting for him for the past 23-24 days. Completely forgot how he even looks like. He was not living with prostitutes for sure, but he sure was drilling a hole in my wallet.

But alas like every father says, I also said to the garage guy, ‘ It’s time for a feast for my son was dead and he is alive now, he was lost but found.’

I can agree with the return of the prodigal son story that I read years back. Irrespective of whatever a son does, the parent(s) are bound to accept and adopt him back once again. Let me give you an even clearer example,

Tomorrow I go back to my mother and tell her, ‘Mother, I am a failure with two legs and two hands. I have dark tanned skin and not a single penny in my bank, I couldn’t buy a Suzuki Hayabusa yet and none of the girls in the town would go out with me, I had rode without a helmet for long in my early days and I started driving motorbikes at the age of 14. I watch Game of Thrones and I wear a skirt.’

Her reply most probably would be something like, ‘Son, I know you are a pathetic loser and you have a messed up credit card history. I know you couldn’t buy a BMW like your brother did or for that matter not even a Suzuki Alto. I know you were whine little a little girl every time you face some problem. Irrespective of all this, I still love you.’

Here I am my mother and my son is my son. Well tomorrow my prodigal son shall return and at the expense of my wallet, he shall feast before he comes back home. I have missed him and irrespective of whatever, I will still have him reinstated at any cost.

This also means bidding adieu to my loyal son who had been with me for this one month. He would call me an unjust man. I never gave him anything more than what I have given to my prodigal son. Yet he served me right. He was not demanding and he screamed luxury every time I even went near him. But alas the time has come to choose between both and I would still choose my prodigal son. They can never stay together and I still love my prodigal son much more than anything, for he completely devoid of anything cosmetics. His heart is pure and naturally aspirated. He doesn’t scare me with forced induction. Finally he is my son and my loyal son is an adopted one. 😦


The above story is a work of absolute gibberish and please don’t ask me why I did such a crime towards humanity. 

Characters : 

  1. Prodigal son – my GTI
  2. Loyal son – Octavia vRS
  3. I, me – myself
  4. My Mother – Imaginary myself.

67 thoughts on “Return of the prodigal son”

      1. Thank you 🙂 I need all the luck and if you go to the church nearby and get on your knees and pray, I would appreciate that as well 🙂 I need all the prayers as well 😀

  1. So your getting your car back… nice imagination… no comments on the story but did you really have your cooling glasses break and repaired back or was it made up ??… reminds me of a cooked up story the boy gives in the Life Of Pie… goodday…

  2. hahaha I had a lot fun of reading this story Anoop 🙂 🙂 🙂 I can see a great love between you and your prodigal son ❤ Wish your son stay well to save your wallet! 😉

  3. *Enter Father* *Slow claps* “Why didn’t you include what I would say, Son!?” 😛

    Jokes apart, the comparison was well portrayed with your example. Next time I have some repairs to be done, I will remember this post of yours. The conversation gave me a hearty laugh 😀

  4. Without the cooling glasses can’t survive in Dubai, why not get a new one, how can one give broken eye glasses for repair, it just won’t be the same, don’t tell me it is cheaper like making food at home… when will it rain there??…

    1. The glasses didn’t break. Only the rubber sealing on the side came off, though I have written it broke into 2 pieces 😛

      There is no rain in UAE. It has rained only 3-4 times in the last 2 to 3 years.

    1. The temperature is high around 50 degree, so we actually never realize if there is a hot wind blowing. Wind blows but it’s hot all the time, during this period.

  5. Solar cooker stuff is easy and looking non-veg is easy there… you just marinate the stuff with ingredients and instead of baking it in over make use of your solar cooker… I think it functions with the simple concept of conduction of heat…even a kid can make a solar cooker…

    1. While I agree with your concept, the problem is that I am at work when there is Sun. By the time I return the sunsets. Anyway I can’t try that stuff at work and then on a weekend, I might be out during the day. 🙂 But solar cooker stuff is easy here. I do agree with that, only thing is that my time is not so flexible.

      1. You make the stuff and keep it outside but inside your solar cooker and go to work and check out what happens when your back from work. Bengalis I know make stuff just marinating them and then leaving it out to get flavored and then put it on heat for cooking. So marinate the stuff and leave it in the solar stuff for sun to do its work… its easy cooking… but I agree, I am just talking, doing this takes initiative, I only heard it from someone I meet last year… but that person is ofcourse unique experimenting in cooking using solar stuff, not all are like that.

      2. lol, no harm in trying but if I keep it out and go to work, when I come back I can also have sand along with the food 😀 call it sand loo 😛

    1. Hehehe, lol. Thanks Peneloupe!

      Well I remember this name from cartoon network in late 90s. Hope you must have come across the name as well. 🙂

      1. Kind of funny I came accross this name with in harry potter there was a character called Penelope Clearwater I just changed the spelling for my convenience ……btw my real name is Paras

      2. Hello Paras, Nice to meet you!

        Penelope pitstop is a cartoon character and she was very much adored by the kids of 80’s and 90’s 🙂

  6. Sho paavam, nalloru manushan aarnu 😦 . Ithenda pattiye? After effect of staring at the ceiling for long. He He. Btw loyal son ine evidun kitty? We had a friend over so was busy this weekend. Thursday went to Khorfakkan, ithuvare ave never been there. Anoopeeeeee 😛

    1. Niryathan aayi 😛

      Khor fakkan is a very good place, but not a great time to visit now. 😦 Well you don’t have any other option ale.

      1. Well it’s humid, so not the greatest time to visit a beach which is even more humid. That is what I meant. 😛

  7. Enjoy reading this, I can feel your love to your “sons” 😀 This line made me laugh very hard “I watch Game of Thrones and I wear a skirt.” 😀 😀 Thanks for great story – I still think you should consider writing a book.

    1. Haha… Thank you so much Indah.
      Writing a book is one of my last thoughts actually 😛

      Well I’m checking out your dog Dante in a few mins though 😀

  8. hmmm… lets learn more cooking (: yummy badam halwa, if I was younger would have more spoonfuls of it… … I remember when I made it my first creature that wanted to taste it was a big roach…ouch, I killed it !! anyway… let me know if you do the solar experiment (;… I will say instead of complaining you made use of the heat …

      1. Yes, badam halwa was the first dish I made properly, don’t know when I will make it next time (:… its the badam that does the trip, it is worth making it(:…use less ghee, and sugar free when making sweets if you ever plan to do it. For that matter even kaju katli is nice only… yummy stuff.

  9. Yes I made badam halwa got to stir it and stir it a lot after a while and take care things don’t get burned… I don’t have so much sweet tooth but once a while these sweets are nice, it is easy to make kaju katli as well(: … I think, milk, kaju, sugar, elachi… its easy to make chikki’s as well if you get three thread consistency… I like chikki’s a lot still (:… anyway… but till now suceeded in only making badam halwa …goofed up in the chikki and katli… If you make it at home, you can use less sugar, sugar free, customise ghee quantity as well… then Pal Goa… was yummy before(:…anyway

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