Return of prodigal son ~ Part 2

Read part one here. Strong words used to express discontent and happiness, not at the same time though. So read if you don’t mind “strong” words. 

Well who in their sane minds thought that I would be writing another bullshit part two post of the above mentioned link. I never thought to be honest.

He is rightly called a prodigal son. He went from the first garage to the second. He didn’t like the first garage much. No, the first garage was pathetic. I had to literally get the second garage to redo all the things the first garage did.

GTI -1 Anoop- 0. Paid for taking it to a different garage.

Let’s roll back couple of years, when I bought this car. I went with this car to one of my relatives who happen to live in the other end of UAE. He kind of likes cars, but is not an enthusiast.

Me : ‘Hey, this is my car. What do you think?’

‘You are a dumbass for buying this.’

Me: ‘ :O Really? So you think my manager has his brains up his ass? He congratulated me for the purchase.’

‘I had a Merc Benz 1989 model. I bought it for 4000 quids here in UAE with couple of friends. I spent like 6000 to maintain it and scrapped the car. You are a blithering idiot for buying this.’ 

Me: ‘Well, who are your friends? Those drunkards, thieves and car-molesters right? Those who take the car and run it through potholes and put it back as if nothing happened?’

‘That’s not the point son. You cannot drive this car around for long and you will end up spending a lot of money.’

And then these series of events happened. I am meeting him tomorrow and I hope I don’t end up sobbing on his shoulders. Will he not make fun of me and I can’t take it from someone who owns a 3 pot Hyundai i10. My car at least has 5 cylinders and looks pretty in blue 😛

Let’s get serious now, why are the Japanese and Korean cars preferred over the Germans inspite of German cars being one of the wonders in automotive world? Why does that happen in UAE and India?

  1. As far as I know, the German car dealers or service centers are pathetic. I think they genuinely do a cock hunt and award the dealership to the biggest cocks in that area. Eg, Platino Classic for BMW in Cochin, Marikar Auto’s for Skoda in Cochin. In UAE, I don’t bother taking my car to stealerships cos they will give me a bill equivalent to the car’s current value. I couldn’t care less.
  2. Good German cars are hard to find. The one’s that are maintained well. Once the warranty expires the owners take them to local service centers and most of the places have no clue of what they are doing, like the first garage I took my car to.
  3. German cars are driven a lot passionately. If you pay attention to driving details then you will understand why we love German cars. You slot my GTI in 1st gear and even before you take your foot of the clutch, you know you will have a lot of fun. It’s an absolute pleasure to drive the German cars. Buy one and you will never be able to appreciate anything below that standard. They set the bar high. Why do people suffer so much to own a German car? There is something special about the way they are engineered. While in our engineering colleges in India, at some places students are taught how to beat up the innocent people living around and they even conduct a lot of practical exams and some other places, on how to go about breaking street lamps. German Automotive engineers were genuinely taught how to make proper cars. Hence most German cars drive like charm. So too much of passionate driving and less care kills the car.
  4. The heat in UAE doesn’t help the car much. It has the same effect on all the cars and they disintegrate the other cars more than German cars but the parts for Japanese cars are as cheap as a 1 liter water cans. So you actually end up spending a fraction of money when compared to the German sisters and brothers.
  5. Finally, the small garages here are pathetic. You can’t find one proper garage showing decent workmanship and knowledge about those cars. Indians, Pakistanis, Iran, Afghans and Bangladeshis end up running smaller garages. You should be an idiot to take your car to them. Out of them all, I would prefer Indian garages and hope that they know something about the cars. Seriously, you just can’t take it to a smaller garage. The likelihood of them messing up the entire car is very high.

It’s better off getting a Japanese car and if you are that adamant to have a European car, do invest in an old Japanese car. It would save you a lot of headaches and you won’t be walking to work like I do. My two cents!

No, I’m not selling the GTI. I might consider buying a spare 20 years old Toyota Camry or Nissan Sunny to keep my 12 years old GTI in my parking lot 😀 #heightofstupidity.

On that bombshell, Good night!



27 thoughts on “Return of prodigal son ~ Part 2”

  1. You are right! Taking your German to the local garages was one of the biggest mistakes…when you are really passionate about the European engineering standards, you should have taken the car to a standard garage!
    About the money spent, yeah you can never compare with the Japanese counterparts… Nissan Sunny and Toyota Corolla are like the National Car for the Mallus here….
    I loved the sarcasm used about the engineering colleges in Kerala….
    Hope you had a great weekend!!

    1. That’s right, Bilna but they charge an arm and a leg. Need to drastically do something about it though.

      National car of mallu’s 😛 😛 All they need is changing oil and oil filter in every 5ooo kms and then they never stop 😛

      You have a wonderful week ahead too. Take care!

  2. Another great write up, Anoop! 🙂

    It’s not just the Germans, almost all European cars are like that. Unlike the Japs, who make their cars last as long as possible, but don’t care about driver involvement, the Europeans make their cars to be as good as possible, when they work. 😛

    And as for your ‘why do people prefer Japs’ question; well I think it’s because cars these days are thought of as consumer goods, and not as the wonderful machines that they are.

    A regular customer wants his/her car to do what it says on the box, and not go wrong all the time. You would be pretty annoyed too, wouldn’t you, if your mobile phone started to throw tantrums every once in a while. 😉

    And what you said about German engineering is absolutely correct, the blokes there are taught to properly design, innovate and engineer. German cars these days are at the forefront of automotive technology, you wouldn’t believe how unbelievably complex they are. So with such complexity, and so many different kinds of electrical gubbins in them, it’s only natural that some of them will stop working sometimes.

    But the petrolhead bravely puts up with all the service bills and the breaks=downs, because when his son returns, the two of them can go for the drive of their life, every single time. 😀

    That’s what makes it all worthwhile.

    1. Hey man,

      Glad to see you around as always.

      You are right man. Actually at some point you have to sacrifice something for the other. The best bet is to have a reliable car and a good driving machine. 😀

      Not to remind me the horror I went through this past 1.5 months. I am seeing my car only after 35 days or so. lol

      I did have an amazing drive yest. 🙂

      Hope you are doing fine. Cheers!

    1. :O That complicated.

      Well glad to know you laughed though. Otherwise it would have been an oops moment for me. 😛

      Thanks Prajakta. I hope you have a good week ahead. 🙂

  3. I know now that your place is in UAE, I thought so… because only yesterday I read Modiji’ words…and he said… something like UAE is paradise in a desert… I always theoritally thought the place is sad because it is hot… maybe solar cars may do very well there… all the best with your car son… but he is a man of steel right ? atleast in make…how are those cooling glasses?… I read about 2 door cars yesterday in another blog… anyway so glabalised I don’t see cars of Indian make mentioned anywhere not that it matters, provably thats for Indian roads, Maruthi is Indian brand right… have a good time residing in the paradise on desert…

    1. Yes it is a man-made paradise…kind of. 😛

      Well my car is made of steel and some rubber. Rubber melts but steel is fine 😀 Cooling glasses are doing OK.

      Yes, in UAE Maruthi is the name of a person and not car 😛 We have Suzuki and if you remember even Maruthi is backed by Suzuki. Kind of joint venture in India.

      1. Maruthi weds Suzuki returns… Tata is India car then… Tata Indica, qualis… old cars but still… and Reva…no one likes her… the electrical little car…

      2. lol… Tata bough Jaguar and Land rover which are British. So Tata is not Indian. Also they have Nano in UK I believe. 😀

        Reva is totally Indian. 😛

    1. Toyota’s are pretty lifeless to be honest. 😀

      The climate here makes it even more worse. Guess I’ll buy a spare car, a toyota 😀

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