The World we live in

It’s an irony that how our lives have so much similarity to that of a rubber band. Stretch the rubber band and make use of it’s elasticity, it will never be the same. The elasticity came at the expenseΒ of it’s strength and now the rubber band feels baggy and slack.

We make our world revolve around that one person and then nothing matters. The external world has no give or take with this parallel world and none of the factors of external world affects us. We are confident like never before, content like never before, excited like never before, happy like never before. We are up against challenges for we have someone to back us up. We always have someone to advise us, stand for us and be our back bone.

But a thing of perfection seldom lasts for ever. Once our bubble world breaks, we are shattered into fine pieces. We struggle to get back our composure. We go breathless due to the lack of perfection that merely exists in the real world. We try to crawl back into the real world, but we fail miserably. We live in a state of fear, insecurity, doubt and dejection. Getting back normal looks like a herculean task. We try and push people away from us. Friends that existed before become complete strangers to us cos they don’t understand us anymore. We feel lost in some lost land. Yet we strive and we move forward trying to contain everything within our self.

The world weΒ live in can be very delusional, yet captivating and everything that we want it to be but it will never be the same as before.



51 thoughts on “The World we live in”

  1. hmmm…actually you remain true there will be a set of people who would like you for what you are, if you are good inside the outside is humbug does not matter… but your right it is difficult to maintain composure and retain that enthusiasm and charm after some experiences that rathers dulls our souls… but true friends come back to you and true people come back to you too…so I feel…all the others are rather better gone, it is a good filter, don’t you think. Anyway quite touchingly written… sometimes when you like or love someone true your in cloud 9 and nothing else matters… their looks, or other defects…but when you feel that person won’t hold yer hand or has not held your hand in turbulent times, feels like cheated…same with friends or lovers or anybody… thats why it is a wise thing to have gettogethers once a year to reconnect with extended family and friends…must make it compulsary so we retain some composer… humans are unique… I often wonder if one is married then partners goes somehow with divorse or death is it worth marrying again…some say it is, some feel no, because it won’t be the same. But why should it be the same, life will be different and should be different everyday if possible … some people have had such a lousy experience with people they can’t give things another go, some people had such a strong commited thing that they feel complete to have lived in the movement…anyway… I think as life chances, we too should change and work towards things to work, rather than cribbing. And we all know or should know it is immaterial weather are will be there tommorow or not, because life will anyway go on with or without us or someone and we should respect that and try to be happy and meaningful. Life is such a topic anyone can rant about anyway(:

    1. You have a lot of valid points about love and life. It’s so true. It’s not easy to change with life. But life changes us anyways.

      Thank you so much for liking my post and for the comment πŸ™‚ Actually reading your comment made my day.

      1. It did, tell you the truth… an experience does change one, it think its some sort of growth… if you ever been in love or something similar, you automatically feel good and begin to look good atleast initially… or if your done something adventurous you get a thrist to do things fearless… last year I had lots of experiences that changes me… something a kin to love, then lots of different activities including volunteer, some traveling… so all that brought change in a sense became more smater and emotionally mature… anyway … but I hope all those good friends people lose touch with come back, atleast live a bit of the old times for a while once again (:…goodday

      2. Looks like you had all these experiences in your life. Why don’t you share some with me if you don’t mind? Experience does change people a lot, sigh!

        I hope you have a wonderful day ahead. Take care!

      3. Well… if there is anything worthwhile worth mentioning will, this year doing very little to change actually … only did travelling… and I got to find inclination to write about it(: … I have written lots of stuff last year may share them sometime.

      4. he he he…actually I comment in websites for blog commenting purposes(:…bathroom decor first then lifestyle I think… by mistake the things keep interchanging… now if I comment on your site it is useless):….coz have to comment only top level sites, not blogs under wordpress and blogspots… but then I made minty mile for non-professional commenting… I am too lazy to read anything thesedays):…or say or write anything…like you am not even exercising…so no stories until I get back in form…and reading all other bloggers, I don’t have such nice content, creativity…so let me listen to ur stories and experiences… and like double acting, lets say there is trible commenting once a while… but you found Maria, Minty and Andopo…hmmm… must be fun if really can play multiple personalities…anyway goodday….

      5. lol… too much of a confusion you are πŸ˜›

        Well, thanks for visiting my small blog. πŸ™‚ Means a lot to me.

  2. Sadly, it is so true but oh well that’s why we have to see the world through a different lens so at least we feel a little better πŸ˜› BTW, it is very well written Anoop! πŸ™‚

    1. I am sure none of these problems affect you πŸ˜€ You are above all these worldly problems. πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

      However, for some people it is so hard, you know. I should learn a trick or two from you. πŸ˜€ You will be a great teacher.

      1. I am sure you will write only about smaller and creative problems in life πŸ˜› like not being able to write 3 Haiku’s a day cos you are running out of ideas πŸ˜›

      2. I am right, Am I not? πŸ˜› I mostly face third world problems in this first world while you are just the opposite πŸ˜›

      3. Nahi re. You don’t get it.

        Let me explain with an example : Your problems are like, you are hungry and you didn’t eat cos you were lazy to go out and buy food (first world problem) …my problems are like, I am hungry and I didn’t eat cos I didn’t have money to go to the shop and buy food (third world problems)…. see the difference πŸ˜›

  3. Eloquently said, Anoop! … will never be the same, gives us no time to look back and very little time to allow us to move forward…

  4. Rubber band life philosophy πŸ˜‰ well said, Anoop. People change constantly, those who stay as friends are perhaps the ones who understand us better. *trying to be positive* πŸ˜‰

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