See you at the top, maybe!

The evening was unusually serene and calm. I didn’t understand if it was only me who felt the extra peace waves. I was alone at this place and by this place I mean a small jungle. A broken house, surrounded by lot of bushes and trees allowed to grow uncontrolled. I was a frequent visitor there. I knew the bushes, I knew the trees and I even knew the broken pieces of window panes of that old house. It was scary for many others but heaven for me. The shade, fresh air and the tranquility there, I have experienced nowhere.

One such evening, as I sat there and it felt extremely good, even more than the usual. It was getting dark and the howling breeze carried extra chill with it. At such time, I heard a footstep from inside the house while I was seated on the stairs leading to the entrance. I turned back and I saw a strange figure. I stayed back brushing any thoughts of fleeing the scene.

I asked, ‘Who are you?’ 

‘Someone whom you have been wanting to meet for a long time?’

I uttered, ‘Jesus’ as I have been thinking about Jesus for a while then.

There was no reply for a while and I gazed in astonishment. After a while though, the voice  enquired, ‘Did you want to meet me for long?’

‘If you are Jesus, then yes. I did.’


‘I wanted to know certain things about life.’

‘Which is… ?’

‘Everyone made by you have the same organs. Brains, a heart, two eyes and so on. Except some, others have them all working and doing the similar things which the organ is meant to do. Then why are some people so successful and why do some others fail so miserably that they are pushed to take their lives?’

There was no reply for a while and I thought I had offended that unfamiliar figure with a rude question.

The voice responded to my query after a while.

‘I’ll explain it to you in a way you understand. How much power does the engine of Bugatti Veyron produce?’

‘ A 1001 horsepower’

‘What is the speed it can go up to?’

‘252 miles per hour.’

‘ What is the power required to go up until 155 miles per hour for the same car?’ 

‘ 353 horsepower or something like that.’

‘So you do realize that to do the extra 100 miles per hour speed, it needs another 650 horse power. Why is that so?’ 

‘The air resistance gets higher with the speed and to conquer that it needs those figures.’ 

‘Isn’t life the same?’


‘To reach from zero to average is fairly simple. You just need some effort, but to go from that average to the top needs three times more input from you, with some favor from time and luck. The air resistance is the resistance from others who act like gravity and try to pull you down. There are too many things that you require to be able to reach the top.’

I pondered and asked, ‘And those things would be…?’ 

‘A fire that burns always, luck that favors, a will that never bends. Most of the times extreme attitude with low tolerance for error.’

‘Nikki is so ruthless, and she is at the top in our school in terms of grade.’

‘One has to be ruthless at times, cunning at other times, patient at some other times. These are all traits and you have to have a lot of these characteristics to be at the top. You also must know when to be what. Being ruthless instead of being patient can backfire. So a lot of thing goes into making someone different from others.’ 

‘I can never be as ruthless as Nikki.’ I murmured as I looked a bit worried.

The voice exclaimed, ‘No two cars are the same. Do you agree?’ 

‘Yes. I do.’

‘Even if an engine from a car made by another manufacturer is tuned to produce a 1000 horsepower, you can be rest assured that the behavior of this car is never going to be same as the behavior of the above mentioned car.’ 

‘Yes, because the manufacturers and people working on it are different.’ 

‘Nikki can never be you and you can never be her. You have a different origin and she has a different origin. You have a different fire lighting your soul up and she has a different one lighting her’s.’ 

‘So you say, we are different and she is ruthless cos she is meant to be so. Does that mean after I die, I will go to heaven with you and Nikki will go to hell?’

‘Have you ever thought of the possibility that after you die and come to me I will ask you : How was your stay in heaven?’

I stood dumbstruck and it was really dark by then. The strange figure disappeared and I walked back home with a lot of doubts in my mind.

At night, sat in my balcony I concluded, ‘If he is Jesus and he made Nikki, then he is a thug. I can’t trust his words. He might be a liar sometimes and he might be truthful some other times. I don’t trust him today. Maybe some other day. 

Well, good that he never realized how much I love Nikki. He can’t be Jesus or else he would have told me that straight on my face. I also don’t want her to go to hell, but come with me to heaven.’



Facts about the Bugatti Veyron : TG- UK

‘How was your stay in heaven?’ quote : some webpage I stumbled upon last week. I really don’t know the name of the author or the website. 



32 thoughts on “See you at the top, maybe!”

  1. I am going to save this story Anoop for a read on any gloomy day 😀 Started as a good lesson and ended in such laughs, a brilliant story 😀

  2. This is brilliant, Anoop. The best of yours I’ve read so far, undoubtedly.

    I loved every bit of it: the description of the house, the way you have put the Bugatti facts to compare the life with and “how was your stay in the heaven” part..:-)

    “A fire that burns always, luck that favors, a will that never bends. Most of the times extreme attitude with low tolerance for error.”- amazingly profound words…

    1. There is nothing like reading your comment. I always look forward to reading your comment.
      You know, I wrote this post just hours before catching the flight. Obviously just wrote down what came first in my mind. One of my fastest post.

      Your comment really made me happy as usual 🙂

  3. I don’t know how you create a story like this…always something to learn and laugh about…you have brilliant writing skills Anoop 😉 You really should consider launching a book and I’m sure people will love it!!! ❤

    1. Book….err… that needs a lot of skill. 😛 I don’t think my book would be read by even 10 people if I publish one.

      Thank you so much. Glad you liked my post 🙂

  4. I had never expected the engines, bikes and cars would pitch in! The relation is perfectly explained. It’s so true that one can always find analogy with what they love.

    Great piece of work ANooP. This one was excellent! 🙂

      1. don’t be so modest..u are a car lover ryt.. and all those posts on cars and bike..thats not ‘some’ definitely.. 😛

      2. Not modest re. There are so many people who will mock me if I say I know technical facts about cars. I don’t even know 1% to be honest. :/

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