‘Melcow’ed by Kerala!

Now that this blog has now turned into my life blog from a photography blog and short story blog, I’m glad that I am back in Kerala.

Glad mainly cos the weather is so good. There is freshness all around. It’s drizzling and the village looks green.

Sharing couple of pics taken using my phone


Kerala is all drama even before landing. The clouds and the airplane passing through it.




Glimpse of the land.



Now at home, I can hear the war-cries from my mom and sister battling out each other. Life can’t get any better. I’ll equip them with swords, shields and make them battle it out against each other. Let’s see who falls first. I might as well head to the kitchen to make lime juice for the fallen one.

Now a love story better than Twilight

Some 8 years ago, when I wanted a motorbike badly and obviously I couldn’t afford one. I bought a key-chain to go with my first motorbike keys. After 8 or 9 years, today the key-chain has found a key to go with it. The wait was pretty long and glad the key-chain made it through. I have traveled 4 countries and the key-chain was always with me all this while.

See I told you, a better love story than Twilight. hehe


Melcow, old guy!
Melcow, old guy! Have a lot of things to do on this motorbike before it can be called decent.


On that happy bombshell, Good night!



70 thoughts on “‘Melcow’ed by Kerala!”

    1. Yeah, wish Cochin didn’t have metro works. 😀
      Oh yeah, you can have the Kerala for yourself 😛 😛

      Miss kerala harder, 2 weeks is long time 😛

      1. Hm, okay. I don’t know if you have been there before but there is “kuthiramalika”, next to padmanabha swamy temple. It’s something like padmanabhapuram palace, it’s beautiful. You should visit it atleast once. Then there is Napiers museum which you shouldnt miss. Again only if you are into history. Every object has a story to tell and it fascinates me. If you haven’t been to Varkala you should also visit Kappil. And I think onam celebrations are going on right, you should also visit kanakakunnu. Oh how I miss it! If you can pics edukkane of illuminations and all.

      2. Shruti, I will go to Kappil. Looks like an easy option for me. Some 70 kms from home. How is it pronounced? Ka-ppp-il or Kaaa-pil 😀

    1. Aare for the meals garnished with love, big price has to be paid 😉 you know what I mean 😛 (kidding)

      It is good climate here which is nice.

      1. Nahi re… She knows she will loose that battle 😛 I will fight till my last drop of sweat and blood 😛 😛
        This is only for visiting temples which are 100 kms away 😀

      1. I think food, music, sports blurs boundaries(: … nice to know this guy’s story… I had dosa after reading this… spring dosa (: …

  1. I love the shots you took from the plane (very beautiful!!!) ❤ I feel like sleeping on those fluffy clouds 😀 Have an amazing time with your family Anoop! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Those close and aeroplane shots are stunning boy, did you use camera or go pro camera(:… relief from Gulf heat now for a while… enjoy!!… if putty is good have lots of them, and have nice natural non-alcoholic drinks out there.

    1. Mobile phone camera 😉 Yeah, relief from Gelf for sometime.

      Will mix non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks and not drive 😛

      Thank you so much, have fun.

      1. so you will that equal to first floor height?… try to make some dish out of coconut milk for Kerala inspiration… are you Kerala person then and when did it did airport?…or was it Trivandrum you got down at then proceeded?, maybe Cochin, I think Trivandrum is in TN…

      2. No you are wrong 😛 Tvm is the capital of Kerala.

        I am just kidding. I love lower levels. Especially ground level, lol

      3. Heights are relative… for me 1st floor and any floor is nothing compared to mountain veiws… I tell it to my baby niece’s carriers too… baby likes 2 floor take her up(:…baby likes being lap kept keep her ground floor…if her father 6 footer picks her up I reckon its like 3rd floor for her… it would have been nice if you could climb trees… you could have been tree man for us, bored of spider man, they should have tree man super heroes from State of Kerala… so Cochin or Trivarum has airport?

      4. lol… tree man like ant man. Good idea. Well, I am sure you will find some robbers with those skills.

        Both has international airports 🙂

      5. surprised Kerala has airport and international airport, some forks I know from Kerala say they don’t know english because there are mostly malyalam schools out there!!… yes there is Jungle man with Georege of the Jungle movie…with that watch out for the tree song(:… so a villain tree man will be nice and a commedian stupid Monkey man and a hero Tarzan… monkey can be side kick of the tree man… and always gets overwheled by bananas given by Tarzan man… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yBVqwGLHycg

      6. I’m sure you are from far north and never visited Kerala. True? Most of the people know to read and write in English as well.

        You watch too much bollywood movies for sure. Espanyol Tarzan and his sidekick 😛

      7. far from it… I am South Indian Tamil creature though no one will see that… I don’t watch so many movies I can’t stand stupid bollywood movies, I watch only one which are confirmed with good reveiws. I am not a minor, I have crossed lots of age phases… might be middle age after a few years… I have worked with Kerala forks who don’t know english and eat everything… but I have not been in Kerala…though as a kid I did go to Trivadrum or Cochin on car… never been to Kerala otherwise…

      8. Oh Tamil creature, I think you worked with some wrong people 😛 There are a lot of Kerala creatures with Ferrari’s and Lamborgini’s. Sadly most of them are in jail though.

        I seriously though you are a minor. Very surprised to hear that you are not. You should visit Kerala sometimes but don’t drive here.

      9. Gosh well I don’t mind that being thought as younger (: … but atleast you got it confirmed… but anyway nothing matters na… it’s only time pass (: I don’t mind being alien or minion … I had Minion lassi recently can you guess what flavour it was(: … its not pineapple lassi that you get in Pondycherry(:

      10. You are definitely younger 😉 I am already a middle aged man. You still have years to reach there.
        So you are minion. :O

      11. hmmm… not years(: I was aluding to the younger me avatar that you had thought(:…maybe I am slightly younger than you… in few years would caught you… I got one silver hair and I am excited to get more… yeah … I was once fairy fish, then flickering star, minty mile, gayletrix… at one point in time… is middle age 32 or 40 years just clearing… anyway like the twilight draculas I always look young only as you get older its a advantage(: … but I already decide I won’t dye hair and look artificial…(:…its silver hair I will like it like Abul Kalam sir ji(:

      12. How do you plan to catch up? Does that mean that I die and then my age stays the same 😛 lol

        What kind of fish are you now?

        You should not compare yourself to Abdul Kalam… Isn’t that too much of a comparison even in terms of hair and dye :O

      13. ofcourse not I am not comparing my self to Kamlamji… but I was just alluding to his happiness being with the all silver white hair and his youthful spirit even as a old person in physical age… anyway I don’t know your age and you don’t know mine, so it does not mater (:… fairyfish was a story I wrote, gayletrix is name of my laptop, Minty Mile my bag and Flickering Star was again a charactor in a story I was to write…

      14. Good that you don’t know my name and I know you are too young 😉

        So you are Maria who has written a fairyfish story and has a laptop named gayletrix and a bag named minty mile and who will write a story Flickering star.
        All those names are catchy, how did you get all these names. Sure it can’t all be you. Tell me you saw this somewhere or read somewhere?

      15. hmmm… this what is this Anoop stuff and life blog stuff you call here?… no they are just names I kept … I did write funny stories few months back all offline… all those names not anywhere… Flickering Star alone and Fairy fish in another way has been me (: ofcourse they are meaningless to talk much about … my lappy was named after cricketer chris gayle(: and matrix…

      16. This is no blog, girl. This is just my stupidity and talking to lot of people. 🙂 I am not even a blogger.

        Funny stories :O Flickering star and fairy fish is you :O You are a funny person. How can you be both at the same time? Choose one. 😀
        Oh Gayletrix is a smart name. Good that you have a name for everything. 🙂

      17. hmmm…good for you… the stupidity plate form of you(: … you only wrote this has become yer life blog somewhere above post… yes Gayletrix was a good name… kind of fancy to have different names… if I am anybody, it is no fairyfish and Flickering Star, their stories or chapties in the life of me are over… I guess now I am Minty Mile for a while till that chapter of my life closes… anyway… even Gayletrix era is over in my life and it would completely go if I change my laptop…

      18. Ya, good for me and many people who want to read stupidity 😉

        Oh, so you love a lot of name. You have a lot of different blogs. Like superman? but super woman. One appearance with spectacle and another without spectacle.

        Sad you will sell chris gayle. The next laptop can be Dhoni. He plays for CSK right?

      19. keeping names are difficult(: it comes in chance rather than planning… na… I am no fan of Gayle Man… he seems like fun and cool person even if he is about 42 or something, its just that when I brought the lappy he brought a gayle strom in bangalore stadium…so my laptop got its name… my smart phone is nameless and so is my bean bag, though I tried to name my bean bag something…so not many iteams get a name… yes Dhoni, Yuvi etc are inspiring… I like Ganguly, dravid… and just reading about Sangakara… nice… you know Yuvi is a venture capitalist now emerging after fighting cancer.

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