Wallpaper #5 – Stopping by the woods on a Saturday afternoon!



Tapping rubber from the woods.





26 thoughts on “Wallpaper #5 – Stopping by the woods on a Saturday afternoon!”

  1. Nothing beatiful about it, but what is that bowl at the food of the tree… and you got to reveal… whose woods are these, since I don’t think I know, from the Kerala village, Anoop creature went by… shooting not with bullets but camera with all the birds above wondering, why did the camera man ignore me): … brown and green leaves down are nice… did you meet any friendly leeches?

    1. Thanks for being honest 😉 hehe

      That’s a bowl for collecting rubber milk.

      Birds will have their chance, and leeches are there in plenty 🙂

      1. Rubber milk?…it is not edible?…this reminded of of that trablogger mundane monday challenge(:… is there really something special happening 7 months later in your life that you like to share with your post readers… any trailor of that next best thing in life?

      2. Rubber milk isn’t edible :O it’s used to make rubber tires and things of rubber. lol, eating/drinking it is a bad idea.

        7 months later, next year, I will share it with you all 🙂

      3. Sadly no peacocks. All of them are caught and kept in cages in the zoo 😦 But there are some peacocks in jungle too.

      4. I have seen peacocks dancing at soon after eating popcorns from visitors, and recently at my ancestor’s place saw a free one turning and dancing and saw a peahen too come join to watch it. I went near it and it vanished… it was a amazing movement, because never could see the peacock in my ancestors place earlier):… because of all the plantations, now the area was cleared so could see it(:… yes we really don’t appreaciate many things and now all are going, putting peacocks in zoos, how sad…

      5. Don’t go too near to the peacock. It attacks right in the eyeballs. It’s a wild thing, though it looks extremely beautiful.

        Sad indeed to see the peacocks in cage.

      6. Gosh it does?… but that peacock went away from me anyway it did not show any intention to be of threath… in Mysore last year one kid(say college creature) look a peacock feather from the encloser and kid it under his clothes somewhere…was so funny to see that…we are lucky world is still beautiful to see greenery, birds and all, the way media says every things a loss… I know snakes will be around there… peacocks eat them so now with no peacocks there, they should be happy correct?

    1. Yes, this is how rubber is collected 🙂 We all used to think weird things about cricket balls and erasers and stuff like that.

      Glad you liked the pic 🙂

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