Wallpaper #7 – An empty Rowboat!

Thanks to the twilight girl, Bella Swan (Shruti Swan in this case) for her suggestion. I never believed that she could suggest a good place, surprisingly she did. How could that happen? How could the rabbit pass when the jack-fruit fell? :O (pun intended)

Since this place was nearby I could go there one morning with my camera.


So from the bunch of pictures that I took that day, here is one for you guys. I have used 2 graduated filters (post processed) to create some drama. Plain is always boring, at least in case of photographs.

On that ‘not so surprising’ bombshell, Good night!



89 thoughts on “Wallpaper #7 – An empty Rowboat!”

      1. Anoopometrics. For sure, that sounds like a fascinating new field of research. I see you share Anoop’s delightful sense of humour. How refreshing! x

      2. It sure is, I wonder how many have passed it with flying colours. Maybe he will let us in on his secret 😛. I feel a lepidopterist stands a good chance. I am not sure if I share his sense of humour but I guess we get along pretty well. You are welcome to the club too! And let me get out of here before the human butterfly gets back. Cya take care.

      3. Hehe… She is from the same cave as I am, called Kerala in South India. So we get that stupid sense of humor. She is pathetic but still being close around me in the blog world has made her a bit smart.

  1. Oooh! Mr…. You definitely need to be attacked but if that means you will go on to live forever and I will have to put up with these english translations of mallu proverbs forever I’d rather not. 😊 Muyal chathu polum! Btw who told you my choices are baddddddd???? Grrrrrr… Pokunne vazhi oru marapatti elum kadichirinnel if not a vamp! Having said that glad you liked it. But why didn’t you put the full picture?
    Appo njan paranjalum kekkum alle?

    1. lool. Thank you for the recommendation.

      Full pictures, I was lazy today and also I need some contents for later on na to keep this blog running.

      lol at the malayalam proverb. Marapatti is in UAE, so that I was sure I won’t get bitten :P:P (kidding)

      The place was good, and I would listen to good recommendations 🙂 Btw, Kappil road was under construction and I couldn’t go there 😦

      1. Hm I mean you didnt take the pic of the sea and lake together? Or you didnt get to go to the sea side? Keralathil there are more marapattis Anoop, it is very diversified. I heard there is a huge one in kayamkulam too.

      2. I couldn’t go to Kappil 😦 Stopped at mayyanad itself which is before Kappil when I come via Kollam.

        No the biggest one got a passport and she is in UAE now. Kerala’s diversified Marapattis are missing her a lot 😛

    1. Why nothing to comment? :O Running out of words 😀

      Yeah, filter. 2 of them, up and down 😀

      It’s a place in Kerala, called Varkala. This is a beach nearby!

      1. because I know nothing about good photography… though I have a feeling you did feel very nice here… good you get up in the morning early exploring Kerala…

      2. At least you admit that you don’t know one thing. It was a good place 🙂

        So where are you going next with Minty mile?

      3. hmmm… no where, past one year been to Mysore, Murudeshwar, BR Hills, Jog Falls, Yercaud… just site seeing… perhapes if I do travel my places to see would be – Perumbur beach – Mangalore, maybe Gokarna… and international travel Bhuthan and South Africa(: …

      1. Yes we go to Erode via a train from Bangalore which goes to kerala and Mumbai… know that place is reachable via that train… goodnight… actually my ancester’s place Sathymangalam has all good views of hills and is near Kerala… but never gone there,,,anyway… the place I am saying has rivers conversing into sea and one can see it… I thought the place is Kayakumari… I know its the southern most tip of South India and if you stay there at Tamil Nadu hotle peacocks come there dancing(: anyway

  2. I always love the simplicity in an image..and this one is certainly not a boring one, you captured the moment very well. Taking images in the morning usually will bring you surprises 🙂

      1. Yeah, something like that 😀

        Actually you can buy something in the dia of the lens that you use with your cam. It’s called a holder and then you can buy a lot of variety of filters. Helps you if you are interested in landscape photography 🙂

      1. In the caves of Kerala, I have been meditating 😛

        Aare, it’s not my marriage for sure. Nothing that will get you excited for sure.

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