Fluttered in the rains!

The walls of our mess hall (where us, the employees have food, a mini canteen like) has heard a lot of stories and gossips. For a few of such unorganized gatherings, I have been a part of. It’s a different feeling to hear accounts of various people and their experiences with certain scenarios.

Today, while I was havingΒ my lunch there, I heard another discussion brewing up and it felt interesting. It was regarding the different types of windows in buses. Quite funny indeed on what people come up with to discuss, but in reality a person who has lived in a small village would not find it awkward.

There are these high end buses that come with fixed glass windows. You can have all the luxury you want inside the bus and you can see the world outside but you are never allowed to feel it. Just like a rich father protecting his child from association of the filth that external world carries in it.

There are buses that come with glass windows/hard plastic windows that can be opened when required. The ticket costs less that those high end buses and you can feel the world as you wish. Once you feel that the conditions outside are turning adverse, you can disconnect yourself from the external world.


Last but not the least, there are these buses that run in the country side. With torn seats and rust on the handle bars all around. Their windows have khaki colored cloth tied above and when it rains, you untie the cloth and the cloth comes down protecting you from the bad weather. Does it really protect you? No. All you see is the khaki cloth fluttering in the wind. With each flutter comes in droplets of rain in multiples of five. By the end of the journey, you are definite to haveΒ clothes drenched in water. If your face is anywhere close to the window, you might also get a small wack by the wet khaki cloth, which by then gets very heavy.

In childhood, I would always sit beside the window and either my mother or father next to me. During rains, they would try to protect me from getting smacked by the cloth, but I would go ahead with my face to see the outside world in between those flutter.

Sometimes,Β all you want is that fluttering old khaki cloth covered windows for your journey. It beats the luxury of overcrowded bus, with the beautiful damp roads and the rain droplets making it even more perfect.




38 thoughts on “Fluttered in the rains!”

  1. Nostalgic memories… I know what exactly you are talking about… All these examples came into my eyes when I read it πŸ˜‰
    Thank you for sharing dear! 😊

  2. Wish I can hear those useless but interesting conversations… for us even if we can afford more luxury in choose of buses you get the stupid overcrowded bus transport… at the evening tiny roaches can trouble you if you sit next to the buses…and when it rains no one sits at the window seat…either they don’t try hard enough to close the window it will be stuck leaving a gap…so no peeping out… and you try to get down from bus at the stop with handbag and if you are the last there will be crowds hurrying in and that handfall strap falls off… thats why people in cities don’t like bus travel… and we need sanitizer to clean our hands touching the rails… ohhh… torrid):… damn you guys having so much luxuries in terms of buses… it’s tiring here in city travelling by bus… and you want to sleep some person standing has her and yeahh his waist touching you arm… so for entertainment we all must have a radio station to listen with entertaining rj… I can rant on and on about meseries, we know most of us in average in India don’t have bath, and many locals don’t… so instead of the lovely outside we got the heat and crowd flovur…yucky yuck…anyway(: goodday

    1. hahaha…. at our village there is not too much crowd in the afternoon. That time it is fun, else it is also difficult 😦

      I know what you meant by the miseries πŸ˜› I have also been a part of it. It feels frustrating to travel like that every day.

  3. Here is a bath song to inspire others to have bath… taken from Lord of the rings…

    Sing hey! for the bath at close of day
    that washes the weary mud away!
    A loon is he that will not sing:
    O! Water Hot is a noble thing!

    O! Sweet is the sound of falling rain,
    and the brook that leaps from hill to plain;
    but better than rain or rippling streams
    is Water Hot that smokes and steams.

    O! Water cold we may pour at need
    down a thirsty throat and be glad indeed;
    but better is Beer if drink we lack,
    and Water Hot poured down the back.

    O! Water is fair that leaps on high
    in a fountain white beneath the sky;
    but never did fountain sound so sweet
    as splashing Hot Water with my feet!

    Nowadays it’s a challenge not to have a bath in the mornings… no one thinks not having bath is a good thing… but doggies, cats and animals take bath very less… anyway here is thanks to water for drinking, then bathing(: keeps us spakling and clean for a while though I doubth it, definitely makes us freash though… you shouls add flovour to water, like rose water, tulsi, neem, peppermint, then sing and bathe happily(: might give close up’s long lasting freashness(:

    1. Oh that’s nice. Especially the beer poured down the throat.

      You mean in the book Lord of the Rings, right? I didn’t see this in the movie or did I miss this?

      1. The movie!!!… no the book is different from the movie… you can listen to the radio series… frankly that movie can never do justice to the fun loving, ever ready Hobbits… there are loads of poems in Hobbit and LORT in the book that will put a smile on yer face… I was a LORT fan until I gave up reading fantacy and fiction… its brilliant(: … so don’t see the movie and think that is real story, in many many places the movie has distorted the feel and nature of the charactors(:… anyway… LORT is a fun loving book as well not all dangerous and serious as in the movie atall. It’s a nobel noble novel rather bible… that movie sort of curruption like most of the things in this modern and unoriginal worls is(:

      2. My latest book read after not reading for a loong time is Jithin’s small book… I read a few pages and I must say he is far better writer than many Indian writers, that Chethan Bhagat and I did not expect it, to be a good or entertaining read, the book has surpassed my expectations… did you get the book?… we should write a book too(:… because we write stories too on the blog spaces!!!

      3. I couldn’t get his book. He didn’t give me one, to be honest. Are you reading the e-book or the proper book with pages?
        We can write a book, for sure. πŸ™‚

      4. Actually…that young creature, young he is(:… emailed me and told I can meet him personally when he comes to my city… I was not keen…but then I though yes maybe it will be nice to take the book from the author and I thought the book won’t be a good read… he deviated from showing up at the designated station coming from Kerala and told him I don’t want his book unless he gives me in person… when he left to Mumbai I saw him for a few minutes and got that tiny cute looking book, was excited for that I got book… he travels cheap looks like, eats less etc…maybe all guy travellers do that… he came by public transport to the station and crossed the road and climbed on the divider to come to the station and told me I can go back climbing the divider only to the main station which I was not a tall sure I can do… He said he eats less and travels unreserved etc etc generally… anyway… I went back and tried climbing the divider, then decided not to, I found the road without divider after a little walk… I explored public toilet there which was first class and surprised me at the station… quite clean and modern and near that bus stand from outside the toilet looked well maintained… and went back home on a happy thought… I read few pages that day only…then too laszy to read it fully, but I think it is interesting book.

      5. I got this mail – maybe it will inside those in Kerala(:… I am more in for tiger surveys hopefully(:

        WCS India
        14 Sep (2 days ago)

        Greetings from WCS India Program.

        Researcher Avik Banerjee, currently pursuing M.Sc. in Wildlife Biology and Conservation (WCS-NCBS Programme, Bangalore), requires one full-time field assistant, and volunteers for data collection for his Masters thesis. He will be working on interactions between dolphins and fisheries at Kochi. The main work involves behavioural observations of dolphins, and data collection from fishermen. Data collection will start around mid-October 2015, and will end around May 2016.

        Field Assistant:
        – Must commit full-time, from October to May.
        – Fluency in both: English and Malayalam.
        – Applicants with prior, relevant experience will be given priority.

        – Must commit to a minimum of 15 days of work at a time.
        – Fluency in both: English and Malayalam preferred.
        – Prior, relevant experience preferred.

        Application details:

        Please fill in the details below, and EMAIL YOUR RESPONSE TO: “avik1593@gmail.com”.
        Full Name:
        Position(s) being applied to:
        Educational Background:
        Minimum number of days being committed:
        Tentative dates of availability:
        English Fluency (very/somewhat/not fluent):
        Malayalam Fluency (very/somewhat/not fluent):
        Contact Number:
        Contact Email:
        Medical Conditions, if any:
        Relevant, prior experience, if any:
        Applicants are also requested to give in name and relevant work details of one referee. This person should ideally be somebody you have worked with, directly.

        Thank you.

        WCS India Program.

      6. Yeah, looks like this is in Kerala. When they have asked for Malayalam fluency, it definitely is. So are you going? Doesn’t look like tiger program though .

      7. ofcourse not I am not a travel creature and don’t know Malyalum… I was keen on Tiger survey, might go for it the tiger survey if get chance… but dolphines would be funner… they are friendly and safe(: and ocean is exciting too… you can go(:

      8. Hahaha…lol What if I fall asleep while observing Dolphins?
        My malayalam is fluent but I have a different work as well πŸ˜›

      9. he…he…he… I got other things to see through…besides I don’t know swimming to go in water and observe dolphines… might go for turtle hatching volunteering next year in May at Orissa if I can that is…(:…

  4. It’s interesting to know there are different types of windows in buses!!! It’s never the case in Hong Kong. As all buses in HK are all air-conditioned, so there is no way we can open the window. πŸ˜› Thanks for sharing this lovely story Anoop! πŸ™‚

    1. There are 100’s of things you can and I can’t πŸ˜› πŸ˜›
      Even now I also love sitting near the window, though I’m so old πŸ˜› I don’t say it out loud now … heheehe

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