VW needs me more than Gotham needs Batman! Buhahaha….

This post is meant to be sarcastic and I can guarantee that this post will have couple of strong words, just a couple. If my post hurts someone’s feeling….ooopps! 

I love Volkswagen. I really do.

I wanted to start this post with these lines because my car is VW and I love it. To VW as a company, I don’t give a f**k. They can go to hell. So much for pricey parts, thug customer relations and whatever else. I never had to step back into their dealership ever. When did I step into their dealership in the first place? Never. Even their technicians say proudly that we are too expensive for you to afford us. Well, the US govt will be more expensive now I guess.

I cannot believe that right after college days when I dropped my CV at your showroom, I was not even allowed to meet the HR. How rude! How dare you do that? How dare do you corrupt people throw a CV of an honest man in the dust bin?

But whatever said or done, if I were US govt, I would have first honored you guys for having brilliant engineers on-board. You guys deserve an award and I sincerely would have acknowledged your engineering team first, before slapping that 20 billion USD fine or whatever the amount equates to. If I could have a brain transplant, I would choose a German brain to go with my Indian body.

So I hope that someone is going to get fired from VW? so do you want me now? Yes, I may not be the most technical guy or rather I’ll be the least technical guy but hell yeah, I can teach you a lesson or two about honesty, and not getting your a** wacked by the US govt. The principle is simple, just don’t over-engineer your car and fix it with too much of electronic sensor’ical’ gizmos and finally when caught don’t accept that you installed the defeat device. Just do like the Indian politicians do; they will watch porn and when caught they will say, that was a part of sex education for ministers. Ministers don’t be offended, I would have done the same. Who wants to sit in that stupid building listen to bullshit spoken by other ministers all day long. I am glad you guys used your time wisely.

So coming back to the point, VW are you ready for a brain swap? With a heavy heart, I’ll part my brains for a good German one if that is the only way to save your company’s future… to make things there a bit more honest. I am sure you guys don’t give a shit about that, but I got to do what I got to do. I love you guys *sob sob.  My brain is exactly like your car, all of it won’t work all the times and some of it will work sometimes, and it’s honest like your car, the GTI drives without any drama whatsoever. So deal?

Once again…Love you VW! Mwaaah….

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27 thoughts on “VW needs me more than Gotham needs Batman! Buhahaha….”

  1. Actually too bored, so read this): … well if I was a Indian Politician I will travel a lot and eat good food and do some nice treatments for great complextion and all(:… but I am not… chalo… so the BMW guys really not customer friendly… after reading this I got call from radio station to collect Unibic biscuit packets I won(: for answering very simple question – what has to be broken to be used and the answer is Egg. Anyway… I know your car really gets sick all often…sad):

    1. Thanks for being honest. Too bored and hence read my post. You are amazing 😛

      Hahaha…glad we don’t have one more politician with your name 😛 Are you a amma fan or karunanidhi fan?

      What has to be broken to be used? :O I thought it was biscuit packets 😛

      VW …not BMW. 😀 My car is like a kid you know. Needs a lot of attention.

      1. yeah this was not a quality write up(:…i am no body’s fan in politics, learned it the hard way after being cheated believing on Arvind Kejriwal, and Rahul Gandhi… na..Jayalalitha is more inspiring than Karunanidhi… she used to act in movies when young you know…goodday..answer was egg..it has to be broken to be used…

      2. hahaha… I had a disclaimer written in red. You probably omitted reading that 😛 What can I do about the writing? This is like smoking cigarette after reading the warning… hehehe

        How is Jayalalitha acting in movie inspiring? :O I have seen one of her old movies with MGR.

        How will you eat Parle G when it is in the cover? 🙂

        Good day!

      3. No I don’t mind reading this…(:… infact after reading this I got the good news that I can collect Unibic cookies from the radio station… so nice memory all together…

      4. Wow… looks good. Wonder if I can do it on a motorbike 😛
        Do you spend a lot of time reading about travel? anyway, thanks for sharing!!!

      5. yes… spend all the time reading travel blogs and commenting generally… that one is from paddling site I update goodday… so ready to become ice man??…

  2. Honesty is always appreciated. It might not be the thing to them, but definitely to me 😉

    “Just do like the Indian politicians do; they will watch porn and when caught they will say, that was a part of sex education for ministers. ” – these lines seriously made me laugh so much!!! 😀 What a fun post it is! You made weekdays much more interesting than usual Anoop 😉

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