Voyage: Travelling to the past ~ The Nilgiris

It’s ironic how I can relate places to my past memories and have a love-hate relationship with ’em places. My mind never fails to create such perceptions about places, while relating them to memories.

To quickly explain the above; I love the place called Mumbai, where I grew up, despite the fact that it is disgustingly crowded and many localities of that place is annoyingly dirty. I love every memory about that place, which helps me relate that place good to old days of my life.

I love Kerala, which happens to be my native place and even though I have never stayed there for more than a year or two of my entire life till date, I still love that place. This is despite the fact that there is no order there and I end up cursing the traffic. This is also despite the fact that I don’t go well with people at times and I end up getting into arguments with them. I love that place because it never ceases to amaze me with it’s beautiful nature. I always relate Kerala to goodness more than anything because the rains and the nature makes me feel very happy. My parents live in the middle of a naturalistic green place, a picture of this place would make many of you envy my parents and waking up every morning to freshness makes me feel happy, whenever I am there.

One of the places that has been otherwise in my life was Tamil Nadu. I could never relate to or remember anything good that happened in my life during my stay there. Around seven years of my life were spent at this place. The Nilgiris is a district in Tamil Nadu where I spent around three or three and a half years of my academic life. I am related to this place very much, be it a good or a bad relationship, my life was associated with this place once for an extended period of time. I know the place well, I can speak their language and I can relate to things while speaking to the local folks there which makes them feel that yes, I have lived there.


My mind registers the fact that there is much of a bleakness in my above words. My point though, is simple. Irrespective of the place being good or bad, my life has associated it with people and instances which gave it a good or a bad tag. I realize after all these years, this perception of mine was one of the more dim-witted things. Maybe I should go back and see if there are certain things that can change with a time. Maybe I should go back and see, if I can change my perceptions. Maybe I should go back and give this place a second chance. Especially when it comes to traveling, every place deserves a second and a third chance. Unlike people, the likeliness that the character of a place changing with time, is very high whereas people will still preserve their roots. If a person is greedy, chances are that the roots of greed will have grown stronger, deeper and he might most probably be the same.

So I went back to ‘The Nilgiris’ to see if I stand corrected on my whole theory of love-hate relationships. I march back to the past with a person and a ride from the present….

(To be contd…)


56 thoughts on “Voyage: Travelling to the past ~ The Nilgiris”

  1. I want to read this but too lazy… I was reading this … do you know that corn cob can purify water? … nice felt like a 4th std kid again reading the logic of how corn cob and different layers can trap impurities and filter water by 70 to 80%… now tell will those BMW people hire this kid as she is a simple genious(: … food for thought or lets also contribute to water purification by eating corns and donating corn cobs to the poor… question is corn cobs means the one corn where we eat the corns and throw the corn body or is it with the corn… goodday

    1. Probably you wouldn’t like it. So you saved some time there.
      Congrats to the girl from Odisha. I think India needs her more than BMW. Well, it’s not BMW its VW.

      Corn on the cob: means cooked corn on the stick or pole or whatever you call that thing, that holds the corn.

      1. Well it’s nice you went through the link I gave… there are many more like her out there who won’t even think of joining VW and go there for money and comfort and name… I thought its the body of the corn without the corn but it was mentioned she tested this thing by collecting corns and drying it out for a month in the sun…so I guess its the corn body and corn… anyway

      2. You are too young so even if you don’t matter much to the world, it’s alright 🙂 I hope you didn’t commit suicide just after writing this comment. It will be sad to know that the numerology girl has committed suicide.

      3. I think you are young because your comments say so. hehehe

        Are you going to write a song and die or just write a song. Choose the second option if you are smart 😛

  2. yes we should not crack jokes on death, suicide or rape…its not fun…goodday…you can add religion too… unless ofcourse you want to suicide, you can crack a religious joke on public lots of odinary people become yamas and will come for mob attack…

      1. well your VW is in trouble… in US atleast some million cars are in investigation and their profits will come down so it says… today is my second encounter with death joke, Jithin craked one too… anyway

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      3. lol young lady, shouldn’t you call me anna 😛 😛 Isn’t that what people in tamil nadu calls elders …

        How heavy was the suicide comment? 😛

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  3. “Unlike people, the likeliness that the character of a place changing with time, is very high whereas people will still preserve their roots.”

    so true. And I believe we cant possibly really “see” a place in one visit. There are times I have visited a place countless times and still experience something new each time!

  4. Lovely Anoop!!… actually every place does have a charm and connection with our life(: I am already, so thrilled about the Kerala greenery!! … the last paragraph was beautiful… things change with age and circumtances too… so as a kid how Nilgiris was for you may differ now as a traveller…also Anoop everyone has to detach oneself to be free right? … to have a new outlook and experience… really lovely writely with flow and one typo error somewhere too… this was such a brilliant introduction and looks very honest and freash… I almost felt like it’s movie you know with someone narrating too and wind caressing hair and all the veiws of and sounds of different places you mentioned… I also understand perhapes perception should not blind us… I freed my perception of Delhi that it is unsafe place for women and would mind living there… also memories however dull the ancestral place was… the stories over there always interesting… anyway beautiful writeup…

    1. Aiyooo… where was that typo 😀 Point it out, so that I can know at least. May not change it though, some imperfections are best to be left there.

      Your comment is pretty different today, I wonder if this is the same person writing the comment 🙂

      Thank you so much Minty Mile 🙂

      1. there was one alphabit missing in a word starting with n… I will see which post it was, must be this only…maybe I am into another dimension… you know I don’t know how to say it after day before yesterday with the death conversation, there was a silly death news in yesterday’s newspaper about a cafe in London where they talk about death… and today death to a very sweet nice unexpected young person happened): … perhapes a bit of rattling visible in the comment… a memory to smile with tears as well because I been lucky I got to know this person this year due to attending cousins wedding otherwise would not have known… life is so strange, good people leave away… so they say cherish it nothing is permanent or will be present tommorow including me and you…

      2. So sorry to hear that. May that person’s soul RIP.
        As said in one of the movie, people will come and people will go, our life still goes on. Sad indeed!

      3. Actually he is my newphew… indirect one… USA guy… and I remember him when he was 1 year old…very fair kid and cute, his parents stay in the USA. Then later he came to our house much bigger 10 years later with his lill sister… he used to be very nice, cool… and will inspect the toilet for roaches before sister goes in… he had ability to have a good time where ever he went looks like… then later this year he is grown 18 or 19 year I think…still cute and so down to earth, listening smiling, kind… saw him twice… you know American exposure and all but so how to say nice to us… very brilliant in academics too looks like… its hard to understand he died… what 18 or 19 years … won’t make any difference to me because I don’t see them but yes he was very sweet and like a kid, to some extent seen him though he won’t have any memory of it… it’s a memory too that the recent last time I saw him, did not expect it to be the last time… it is crazy… I think everyone likes that kid, shows how likable he is… it’s sad… when useless people keep living and all criminals in jail wasting our money and space awaiting death… when it can so easily go away from people who would have done better why make it difficult to go away with the useless forks who very well can go away and all… its just that… you get what you get, weather you deserve it or it… it’s just unfair, complicated, strange world and God well not yet giving answer and no use pondering about it.

      4. Sad thing Priya 😦 condolences.
        Actually you are right, there are so many other people who could have died and given space to good people.
        Somethings in life do not have answers.

      5. yeah I am sad for his Dad actually, Mom too but I spoke mostly to them only… it’s been happy and crazy all the while I guess… from my grand ma’s perspective, my cousin Grand ma… it is weird that she is the 85 and surviving when her grand son has gone): … anyway that’s life but atleast that kid was there for so many years 19 or 20 years and perhapes lots of forks had memorable times with him… its a mystery how he left… it seems he went to sleep and never got up the next day…

  5. The typo is in the first line of the third paragraph 😛

    I think, really we tag a place good or bad according to our experiences over there, the people we meet…the way the interactions happen…so on and so forth…:-)

    Anyway, hopping to the second part of it… 😀

    1. Hey Mani 🙂

      I changed the typo and I am happy that you actually took time and read my post. 🙂

      Most often it happens with me, I have such perceptions for places from one or two interactions with people or other circumstances.

      Have a good day!

  6. “when it comes to traveling, every place deserves a second and a third chance. Unlike people, the likeliness that the character of a place changing with time, is very high whereas people will still preserve their roots.” – very true Anoop! It’s kinda sad that I feel connecting with nature is better than connecting with people sometimes 😛 Beautiful photo! ❤

    1. Glad to know you agree with my philosophy.
      Connecting with nature is more wonderful than connecting with people, most of the times.

      Have a great day, Khloe. Cheers!

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