‘The Nilgiris’ – Setting off to this wonderful place

I am not planning to write this as a usual travel story, as I would usually, but jot down some of my experiences, with a few pictures that we took during the trip.

First of all, I wasn’t travelling alone which was pretty unusual. I missed being there just by myself, would have made a world of difference in such a trip. The person who came with me is my long time friend, who boasted around the event of buying a new car. He wanted to have a road trip on his new car and I had my reasons. He suggested Ooty and I nodded, few months before the trip happened. This was our first road-trip. We have gone together on train and bus for even longer journeys, but first time on a motorbike or car. Well, car this time.

When we both do a trip, all the planning goes in for the trip from his side. I am mostly a silent sponsor who gets to see his picks and choose one among them, which is a good thing because planning is something I am alien to. You will probably realize why I failed miserably in my career, when you just compare the above statement to my designation. The point is I am mostly laid back about the whole trip thing in general. People including him, call me lazy but I say that I don’t have the knack to figure out how to squeeze a coupon from tripadvisor, apply it in makemytrip and get a huge discount. If I see something and I like it, I will click OK on the button without going for the next option. So, he was probably better off with the planning.

Hotels were booked, car was his new one which was ready and the day had come by quickly than expected. We set out for the approximately 300 kms one way journey. The one thing I had fixed in my mind is that I wouldn’t drive at all. If at all there was a scratch to happen on his car, then hell would break loose… hehe. That’s how the way it is in the world of petrol heads and expensive cars.  We started at Cochin and only near Annur that we took our first longish break, apart from stopping to refuel.  After a couple of pics and some half an hour, we left towards Ooty. The way we chose was the Kothagiri route which was longer than the usual Mettupalayam – Coonoor route.

On the way to the top, we stopped again to click some pictures…. so let pictures do all the talking. I have tried to keep the post-processing to minimal and the pics I felt really required a bit post processed.













After reaching hotel we immediately left for Pykara boat house, but it was closed by the time we reached there. Pykara is some 20 kms from the hotel we stayed, which happens to be at Charring Cross, Ooty.  Don’t bother going there after 5 pm, cos the boat house will be closed. If the dam is open, you can see Pykara Waterfall in it’s glory but that day and the next day the dam remained close, because they somehow knew that I was coming. Funny ehhh!

So we went back to the hotel and crash landed. We had to accommodate Pykara and the 9th mile shooting spot which we couldn’t visit that day in our trip itinerary.

Before I go, here is someone whom I met on the way.


On that bombshell, see you all later!


To be contd…

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61 thoughts on “‘The Nilgiris’ – Setting off to this wonderful place”

  1. Lovely scenery along the way! I would enjoy such trip I am sure of it..
    Too bad they painted the trees with white and black paints, replacing the traffic fences I guess.. I think they will be much more natural when having no paints 🙂

    1. Oh, glad you liked the scenery 🙂

      I am not sure why they are painted but then it’s good to see those trees there. It must have been a part of government campaign to plant more trees or something like that.

      1. Well… my Dad was a farmer man’s son. That place is a farmland…there is amazing view of mountain valley… we have sugar cane, rice, corn and things like that… my grannddaddy died 16 years ago… then my grand Mom was running the farm… there are loads of workers there who we seen as kids, they must be 75, 80 years and are still going strong. So my grandmum managed them the workers… after that my peripa from Singapore came down after his wife left him and renovated the whole place… its about 1oo years old that house… he made some modern home construction with lawn and stuff, walking path all that… soon grand ma passed away and uncle is alone… he has decided to sell the whole land and settle into the city where perhapes lifestyle and people of his kind are there… I think we grand kids do have memories of that place… cousins and things and nice sweets like grand mom’s tharathi pal… so it was part of our life though when I was young teenager and spent holidays there, it was boring at one time… now it’s a world there that is different… amazing mountain veiws and in the evenings if you sit down you can check out birds and stuff… and a truck load of stories connected to that land… we had cows so yummy coffe would come, tasty curd(: now no bafallous there, all sold… and Verappan the sandlewood theift lived nearby in the Sathy forests… this same place I thought boring is very different thesedays… all my dad’s siblings gone to city from the place and it’s gone the Sathy stuff… that guy who killed the snake must be 80 years old and little blind and was there working there ages ago… they all call us Swami there… and kind of cool only… the workers take bath in the open, and the men wear komanums so one can hangout easily with less clothes there…though thesedays all are covered…lungi and baniya… those guys love drinking beer as well and cool about it(: … i think they will like western way of life… I don’t go out of the farm house ever, last time I went I was followed by the lady who knows me as a kid so I be safe and all… that’s that… its fun going there by bus too… we pass through Mysore everything, the Mysore palace, the airport, Charajnagar, and some highway and the Dinbam mountain and the forest… its exciting… anyway(: …goodday. Might go there a last time, not that sure… only thing I hate the new house… its very hot and get restless there… but generally nice enough place to chill!!…

      2. Oh, you live near Sathy. I have been till Erode but not beyond that. Mainly I used to roam around in Tirpur, Coimbatore, Annur, Mettupalayam, Ooty.
        Maybe you should visit one more time if you have time that is. 🙂

      3. I have time… will see… yes Sathy is in the borders of Kerala as well… from here only went to Salem then Yercaud… I have not roamed around much… only travelling to catch bus or train something… I visit with family for together time generally… thats the only time we spend quality time otherwise all busy in rooms, and other activities… we get yummy festival food like adarisum, vada for the funeral puja of grand dad and all… so maybe this oct might go though not that keen… I am sure to see another dancing peacock if I go there and sit in the mornings…

      4. I hope they will plant more trees..I guess it is better than the fences 😀 btw, have you read the news about VW scandal on pollution emissions tests in the US? I thought you will write about it 🙂

      5. Yeah, Tamil Nadu is a state in India which takes some initiative.

        I did write about VW. I wrote about it the day I knew. hehehe
        you have a japanese car now, right? people say it’s a shame to drive vw around.

  2. Pleasant read(: … when was this trip or is that in the earlier write up… yes planning for a trip is very daunting and irritating and stressful… hotles, places and planning… Niligiris is in Ooty too… classic places right always(: with sweet weather…

  3. I did go to Kodaikanal as a kid… and Ooty in college excursion I guess… I don’t remember much of it… but nice place and cold it was… I remember the Kodai had high roads to climb and Ooty well lot of walking and some veiws now when I recollect … one place where everyone went to bycycle and there were markets brought a hanging purse… than chocolate delights at some popular market place… was fun actually… but no forest stuff… its overcrowed touristy place so not so much interested… there’s good white tea there I heard, some amazing treats…

    1. These hill stations are all crowded as you said. I don’t like crowd either but I like the weather and the roads. Very nice and good for photographers. 🙂

      There are a lot of things; home made chocolates, tea, lot of leather items etc to buy.

      1. that would be awesome… there is a waterfall there entrance to that these jutting hill trees you get close up of that… so close to those trees on round mountains… it’s paradise for views, greenery… though not all like it… it’s a place to relax rather than site see… btw I again got to see peacock dancing at my native place…its a colourful bird, keeps hopping too…

      2. yes it was rotating and dancing… so saw both back and front… it shakes it’s butt a lot too in the back… nice sight… I did go as close as possible… very blue and hoppy thing… it’s so different that its tail can be a fan too… don’t you think the chinese fan that ladies use was a inspiration from the wings of a peacock…

      3. Good you didn’t go too close 🙂 Peacocks can attack you right in the eyeball.

        Maybe Chinese took an inspiration from these peacocks.

      4. I remembered what you said last time so won’t go very very near… even if I go, t runs away rather than coming to attack, goes to the fields or jumps on poles and hut tops… I did not capture any of those movements on the camera): … there was another incident where a old farmer sleeps outside the house… a snake came, that guy without seeing killed it… that place will be sold off completely. soon…

    1. No jyaada, bas thoda sa fun 😛

      Thanks little one for the compliment. I could buy you ice-cream for being so sweet.

      I know, I haven’t been around too much. Too busy with life and I really hate being busy. I hope your novel is going well. Did someone die in that?

      1. That’s bad! For me, a road trip will always be a BIIG YASSS
        Still, thanks a lot for the ice cream but I try not to eat that rn! I’ve to look good in my saree for the farewell 😦
        Big people are always busy bodies, haven’t you heard that? 😛
        As for the novel, I’m thinking of a way to kill someone that is unprecedented, if you have any ideas, please do tell me 😛 (just kidding, I’ll have to write something else for murder, yeh vaali shareef haii)
        Best of luck to you 😀 Return to the blog soon 🙂

      2. This was not perfect re. Will do a perfect one someday, solo trip 😀

        Oh, farewell. So you are officially out of high school 🙂 Great. All the best.

        Big people and me. Hehe… Good to hear that, though it’s so untrue. 😛

        I’ll get back to reading your blogs soon. These days I’m struggling to complete the draft sections, but I can’t even get to do that.

      3. A solo trip is my dream too *high five*
        Not yet, three more months O.O How did time pass (sorry to be so cliched but it’s true) I was in class 11 just… yesterdayy.
        I know you’re busy. And as I said, big people. See, you don’t even have time to complete your drafts 😛
        Thanks a lot though 😀
        Aren’t you supposed to be working?? 😛

      4. *high five*
        Sad that time flies by quickly, but I already want this year to go by 😛

        Working? Naaa… working times up 😉

  4. Absolutely beautiful photos! What a gorgeous trip it is! The greenfield, trees and your new friend made the post incredibly interesting. This is definitely a place to relax! 😉 Thanks for sharing Anoop! 🙂

    1. It was my pleasure of course to have shared them with you all. 🙂

      Thank you so much Khloe for the warm comments…. Have a great day!

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