The blue jean jacket and RX-100 – A retrospect

Well, this night as I cough my sore throat out I cannot stop myself from thinking, what has life come to! After I had visited Ooty a month back, I haven’t been able to clear off my head. That is one place I started strong and finished weak. So weak that even walking was a big task. My mother saddened by the sight had to come to my rescue after my days in Nilgiris and it took her months to revive me to a better condition. I was like a 2004 Golf gti except from the fact that his mother thinks she is in Germany, but she is not. She might as well be reading this post… or does he have a mother? Was he thrown out of the sky because too many iconic cars were crowding up there? Too many questions, and no answers. So moving on…

The Nilgiris was no less of a struggle, as compared to these days but sometimes, just sometimes I wish I would have loved those hills a bit more than this. One of the reason was that beautiful blue jean jacket that I owned and I still have it intact at my parent’s place and another thing was those biblically mesmerizing and ever enchanting Yamaha RX-100.

My very first room-mate of those days, was an interesting chap. He was a guy who was much different that the other people around, a very innocent guy who didn’t know the meaning of the word cheat or getting cheated. I always feel that a person must be utterly heartless to cheat someone as naive as him.

We are deviating from the point here…

So the point is that, he was from Delhi and obviously we used to live in Ooty. That vacation he went to Delhi and one of my class-mate from other room was asking him if he could get a blue jean jacket for him from Delhi. I usually wouldn’t have money for shopping jean jackets or dresses as such, living on a tight budget but I loved the idea of blue jean jacket somehow. Later when he returned back to the room, I asked him for one as well.

Later that month, he bought me and the other guy a jean jacket. This particular other guy chose the hideous one of the two and I got the one I liked. My usual dressing now revolved around this blue jean jacket. I would put it over and fold my hand cuffs of the shirt underneath with the jean jacket to show the color of shirt I was wearing, collar of the shirt above the collar of the jacket, my shirt not tucked in, wearing a dark jean pant and a rough woodlands shoe. The perfect attire for me. If you ask any girl in my institution, they would most probably testify how ‘moronic’ I looked and after that they with take a brick and beat themselves on their heads for even thinking about me. But then, I didn’t care much. That was my way of going and pretty much sums up why I was single all those years.

Image taken from Google web search. Courtesy and rights to respective owner.
Image taken from Google web search. Courtesy and rights to respective owner.

The Nilgiris being mountainous terrain, the normal bikes would huff and puff to climb those steep hills. That’s why we students then had the iconic Yamaha RX-100’s at our disposal. This 2 stroke monster was such a rage then that youngster’s would buy this bike and probably all of the youngsters rode on a Yamaha RX. Even recreating it’s sound with my bassless pathetic vocal chord now would impart instant relief from depression.

Many of my classmates owned this motorbike called RX-100. It would be rare to get a ride of this motorbike, as the owners would be cautious. Everyone wanted to ride the bike, so they probably say no to everyone. One of the RX owner was a pretty good friend of mine. He had a properly maintained RX-100, a blue one.

On a good lucky day, I would get a ride of this motorbike. It would be rare but I have driven it quite a few times. Today I can just sit here and just think of the days when I would wear that dark blue jacket and ride the RX; the motorbike powering through those steep hills with amazing ease and leaving behind an irritating noise for the people passing by…. Oh what fun!

I wish I were able to put my blue jean jacket again this night and start that RX-100 and go for a longish journey to an unknown destination.

This night, with the sore throat I cannot munch on an ice-cream because no general stores or supermarkets nearby will be open at 2:12 am in the morning, which I feel like doing now. I also cannot ride the RX-1oo  because I don’t own one and I am unsure of the fact if I will ever own one.

On that sad bombshell, Good night!




31 thoughts on “The blue jean jacket and RX-100 – A retrospect”

  1. OM God, that sounds so awful! Are you take any medicine? I thought I read your post earlier that you said bought a bike with a picture after coming back home from…
    Get well soon, Anoop. Take care and get good rest. Not sure you should be eating ice cream while you are so sick.
    Let us know when you feel better.

    1. Hey Amy,

      I woke up strong and hence all is well 🙂 I was supposed to post a picture of my motorbike, but I couldn’t get all the works done.

      Thank you so much and I do feel better. Have a wonderful day!

      1. So happy to hear you are feeling better in the early morning, ANoop! 🙂 Thank you for letting me know. Take easy!!

    1. That’s classic mate. Leather jacket, jeans and boots. I wish to buy a good biking kit but before that I must buy a good bike.

      I have the pulsar at home though. The 12 year old one. 🙂

  2. Get well sooon buddy

    The rx 100 reminds me my cousin had it.. He lived with us for his college.. then when he went back to Ahmedabad. .The bike was left behind and what did we do… me and my other cousin rode the bike to ahmedabad from chandigahr.. 3 days of drive. ..

    Although I myself had a enfield.. and a Harley leather jacket.. :)..

    Enfield I still have in uk.. but the jacket has log gone..

    1. I woke up strong again. So had to edit my post accordingly 😛

      You have an Enfield in UK. That’s amazing. The Enfield is one of the best motorbike you can own. I am a great fan of Enfield as well, especially the vintage RE 🙂

      Glad to know a little more about you. I am sure those days, 3 days ride was pretty easy and traffic must never have been a problem. 🙂

      1. Yes got one imported from india. .and those 3 days did not go as well as we planned 🙂
        I have posted about that and pics too

        Hope you feeling good.. have a good day

      2. Oh, you imported one from India. Wonderful 🙂 So you have permanently settled in UK?
        I shall go back and read about your RX100 drive soon. 🙂

        Thank you so much Bikram. Cheers!

  3. My dear Anoopji, me the upcoming birthday fairy wishes you good health… I suppose it’s flash back… bikey dreams to you till then… life is beautiful or worth living for these experiences are they not the sound and feel of riding on your bike on a mountaneous terrain… I don’t have a song to dedicate to you except this one… (:

  4. “wear that dark blue jacket and ride the RX; the motorbike powering through those steep hills with amazing ease and leaving behind an irritating noise for the people passing by” – Looks like a classic scene in movies 😉 Glad to know you had a wonderful time back then! Get well soon and drink more water! We all want to see a healthy Anoop posting next time! 😉

  5. Sorry to hear about your sore throat – what a coincidence, I just recovered from sore throat and cold – terrible week 😦 I hope you are feeling better by now!
    I know nothing about motorbike, but for sure the RX 100 looks awesome 😉

  6. I often suffer from a sore thorat…actually pharyngitis 😦 It is my old friend. I’ve a penchant for drinking chilled water directly from the refrigerator and even after several bout of infections, the habit remains 😛

    Anyway, hope you are well now, it actually lasts for 2 or max 3 days (I’m a sore throat specialist, almost) 😀

    My hubby’s first bike was Yamaha RX100 😀

    1. I don’t drink cold water as such. But sometimes climate change affects me a lot.
      Sore throat is still there. Pouring hot water into my food pipe via throat. Let’s see if that helps, lol

      Oh, RX 100 is a beautiful bike. The noise itself would make me feel happy. 🙂

      1. Hehehe… It’s getting better. 🙂

        You know sometimes women are so much better than male friends. If my male friends were to suggest something, they would have told me to get a bottle of brandy and have a glass or two of raw (undiluted) brandy with sprinkled pepper in it. lol

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