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The Internet is a very tricky place. On one side there is information in abundance while on the other side you find a lot of junk that needs to be avoided.

‘How your life should be’, ‘How your boss should be’, ‘How your parents should behave’, ‘How your boyfriend/girlfriend should behave’ or even ‘How your pet dog should treat you’ are some of the most common quotes you will find on Internet. Seriously, I feel we have started getting to a point where we have unrealistic expectations from most of the circumstances and people involved in our lives.

This particular post is meant for one of the things that gets quoted on FB quite often-‘Jobs, careers, college, future’. All of them are mostly related to each other.

While people are often seen quoting about all these, where is something that guides and helps the youngsters reach there. To be honest, life is too short and it is really sad to see people taking up odd jobs just for the sake of money. It is a known fact that we are most productive while doing something that we love to do.  But not many are lucky enough to build a career in something that excites them. If everyone were to wait till they find a perfect job, more than half of the entire population would have been unemployed. So what strikes a balance between your requirement and job satisfaction should be the minimum requirement of every working individual or anyone who is looking forward to build a successful career.

To avoid this, students need to start strong and start clear. They need to know what they are getting into and where they are enrolling themselves. College life is one of the most important phase of any student; personally and academically. It is therefore important that you choose your college and course wisely rather than going for Engineering, when your passion is clearly in fine arts. It makes absolutely zero sense to do that. It’s like Sachin Tendulkar holding a mic and Lata Mangeshkar holding a cricket bat.

Recently, I came across this website called, which happens to be an extensive listing portal with info of say 10,000 + colleges in India; a platform developed with the intention that students can come and look up any institution they would want to go to, select different career paths, view what are the courses available in any particular institution and good things like that.

Apart from this, I also found that there is information about various entrance exams, events and college festivals as well. There was nothing like this during my time, of course not.

I was going through the website and just as a part of checking out the website, I searched for the top universities in Karnataka and I gladly found a big list describing various colleges, courses offered and ratings to show how good the colleges are.

For people who don’t know where Karnataka is, it happens to be a state in South India. It’s close proximity to Kerala has seen many of the Keralities moving to Karnataka. The reason why I chose Karnataka is simple; Karnataka is beautiful. Period.

The homepage of shows the search box to search for a particular college, if you have any in your mind.

Pic taken from home page of

In this above picture, you can see on the upper right side that there are various other options that I have mentioned earlier in the post on exams, colleges, news etc.

Once you scroll down, you can see various career options listed down and clicking on them takes you to a page with the names of all the top colleges in the business. Pretty useful.

Pic courtesy :

If you scroll down even below, there are three other thing which caught my attention

  1. The entrance exams in India were mentioned below. This sadly didn’t have any description when I clicked on it. Anyway we have Google for that.
  2. The top courses opted by students in India.
  3. The featured colleges list, where they review a particular college.

Scope for Improvement:

As with anything there is always a scope for improvement and this website also has some as far as I can see. Things they can do in the near future, if you ask me.

To start with

  • They can add a list of certification courses; which can be a good enhancement to the main course that a student might be doing.
  • They can think of rolling out career news bi-weekly or monthly, just to keep the students updated on the Market scenario.
  • They can include various top universities, courses and exams from abroad for students who wish to migrate to foreign land to do their further studies.

Before I end this post I must conclude by urging everyone to go through this site which I think is pretty helpful. I am sure that you might have cousins or friends struggling with decision-making process in regards to choosing a college and I am pretty sure this website can come to your rescue.

Last but not the least, FB says… having a bad relationship can hurt you a lot but trust me on this, having a wrong career step in a world which produces around hundreds of thousands of graduates globally  a year can burn you a lot more and turn your morale in to ashes. Career change has never been so difficult because the competition is high and the market is saturated. Choose what is best for you and stay on top of the game…. would be my advice to the youngsters.

On that informative bombshell, Goodnight!



19 thoughts on “The world of career and college- CollegeDunia!”

  1. Right ok there is this portal that tells everything BUT how can they assure that the person who is scrolling and going through their site is intelligent enough to know what he/she wants to do..

    Did you know exactly what yiu wanted…
    I did not .. I was tooo confused . I think it would be better to have people real people to talk to who can guide and then one can do a research and plan what they want to..

    Too many cooks spoil…. We have heard that saying.. Too much knowledge can also spoil:)..

    1. Hello Bikram,
      The person might hopefully get an idea going through all the list of choices he has.
      During my time, I didn’t know much on what I wanted, but I also didn’t know where to go as well.
      The kids these days are smart by all means I believe. Hope they are not like me 😀 😀

      Have a great day! Cheers 🙂

  2. Although I don’t have any relatives living in India, I appreciate you trying to help others out by sharing that website here. You are very kind to do so Anoop!!! ❤ Big thumbs up to you! 😉

    1. You are very kind with your words. Well, I think this is one good website with a lot of info. So might as well share it here. 🙂

      Thank you so much 🙂 Have a wonderful week.

      1. Now you are being very kind to say that!!!😍 I think a lot of people will make a great use out of it😉👏🏻. You’re welcome as always. Thanks and wish the same to you!💕😃

  3. Anoopji… First this is tooooo lateeee advice for career guidance…it’s for youngsters!! … I have a lot to add or had… first college and career are not the same (: , not anyone can be toppers… I would just say enjoy your college life and do maximum don’t waste it… projects, challenges, life don’t do everything from the book alone(: or from classroom… and think out of the box yaar… also youngsters engenearing may be not your cup of tea but you can do it and opt out of it to something else if it is really not for you… because it’s good for your thinking… if you do that other subjects will be easy … and anoop ji this song is not for you but for me ok because it used to be my favorite song, you may listen to it too… I think it’s for youngsters… another point do what you want to do…read some abdul kalam writting for insration, also Vivekananda and other great people if your at crisis… as for relationship… hmm ji it’s life… a good career should add to your identity(: … anyway… good luck youngsters…thank Anoop uncleji for this amazing tips(:

    1. Minty ji,
      It is meant as a help to the youngsters and it’s a commercial post. 🙂
      I meant that students can choose a better college from their list of options or see all the options and make their mind up. Changing careers is difficult at this point of time. Trust me. I have been trying for the same.

      I have listened to that song many times, listened to it again. Thank you for the song. 🙂

      Good day Minty mile’s owner, hehehe… 🙂

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