Wallpaper #8 – Reflection of perfection is always perfect!


Imperfection always reflect imperfection

while perfection reflects perfection

Leave the imperfections to us, lesser mortals

And perfections to the nature! 





48 thoughts on “Wallpaper #8 – Reflection of perfection is always perfect!”

    1. The fact is you missed this 😛 Really bad …

      You sure, you going to steal them? After telling me that you are going to steal them? hehee

      1. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Btw I was planning on doing the letter thing again but a bit early this time… do you have any plans of visiting home decemberish?

  1. You posted it on 8th October and I’m seeing it today 😥

    I need to work on my regularity (and you too with the blog)

    Anyway, Nature is something that always makes happy..it is sublime and perfectly perfect! Loved the pictures…partial about the first one… 😀

    1. Hey Mani,
      Glad you liked it and the pics could make you happy.

      I have been a lot lazy these days 😀 so regularity is missing.
      Hope to come up with something soon 🙂

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